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609 The Last Hot Man! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After solving one of the martial arts fist knots, Liu Zilang did not take advantage of the victory. He ran a few steps forward, and after leaving distance in between the radiation behind him, he quickly fell down on the ground again in a tactical manner.

     Next, I saw him little by little moving forward, looking like a caterpillar on the grass.

     But the Underhood in the smoke is crazy snake skin, and the whole person is not good.

     They wanted to question SKK and C9, there was an old Voldemort lying there behind him, why didn't you beat him?

     But the reality is that they can’t speak,

     Can't say anything.

      At this moment, the smoke that was supposed to be a shelter has become the biggest target. While wearing auspicious clothes, Liu Zilang noiselessly climbed not far from the smoke.

     At this time, it was like a peaceful beautiful man, no one cared about him at all.


     At this moment, Alva in the smoke was accidentally shot, and he fell to the ground with only a trace of health.

     Evan on the side saw his teammate fall to the ground.

     At this time, who was also unable to get out, simply gritted his teeth, rushed into the smoke and squatted to support his teammates.

     In order to avoid the bullet attack, the two kept switching positions in the smoke, and finally found a relatively safe position.

     But at this moment, another stray bullet flew from nowhere, and it happened to hit Alva who was kneels down on the ground.

     Alva's red blood fell in an instant,

     Directly become disabled.

     It's cold!

     Seeing this scene, the audience could not help but feel a little regretful.However, at this moment, Evan slammed forward and slapped Alva's ass.

     Blood continued!


     The bullet hit Evan, but saved Alva, who was only a trace of red blood.

     "Oh my God! Touching brotherhood, this wave of Evan actually blocked the bullet with his body."

     "This scene seems to make me sense a strong feeling of old bull licking the calf."

     "Can you save it? Evan was shot again, and his health is less than half."

     Along with the commentary, the atmosphere in the auditorium in the stadium became tense.

     Whoops whoops—!


     Another bullet hit Evan, who was helping someone from the side, and his blood volume suddenly turned red!

     One shot!

     Just make another shot!

     They will all fall to the ground.

     In an instant, many Underhood fans in the audience clenched their hands and stared at the game screen unblinkingly.

     Three seconds, two seconds, one second!

     It's done!

     The moment the two stood up,

     The two European and American commentators on the scene suddenly raised their voices, and snarled with their hands on their foreheads.

     "Oh buy it! This is really an inconceivable death rescue!"

     "Underhood uses their invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable's friendship to create miracles for us!"

     "I think so, and they also showed what this game wants to tell us, it's not just killing! It's saving!"

     boom!As soon as the voices of the two European and American commentators fell, a loud sound suddenly came from the scene!

     In the white smoke,

     I saw a ball of fire suddenly rise!

     Immediately afterwards, everything returned to peace.

     Through the director's God's perspective, the audiences around the scene suddenly widened their eyes.

     I saw Alva and Evan lying quietly together, turning the box away together.

     At the next moment, two kill prompts suddenly appeared at the top right of the screen.

     "SKK-Vivian killed Underhood-Alva with a fragmentation grenade!"

     "SKK-Vivian killed Underhood-Evan with a fragmentation grenade!"

     One thunder double kill!

      At this time, the director's footage was given to the players in time, and Vivian was proud to blow the long sea-blue bangs on his forehead.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the domestic live broadcast could not help but explode.

     "Fuck! This young lady has something! I feel sorry for a wave of European and American oil."

     "Um...this thunder should be 70% of Vic's fire."

     "It's so overblown, Vic must be bloated than seeing it!"

     "By the way, don't you think this young lady miss Jinks very much?"

     "You really look alike when you say it, and they are all right to A!"

     "Too much to A, this young lady should at least...A+, right?"

     "Puff haha! I think A+ is okay."

     "Stop talking about it, thank Old Iron Jinks for a rocket... Oh no, it's a grenade."

     "..."During the game, Liu Zilang, who was lying not far away, shuddered when he saw the smoke.

     Fortunately, after throwing the thunder, SKK and C9 saw that the person in the smoke died directly.

     The attention was quickly taken back.

     This is actually very consistent with normal Logical Thinking.

     After all, they would never have thought that Underhood was actually four "interstellar players" who squatted at the same spot with Liu Zilang for a long time.

     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     Rong Ye said with great emotion, "It's not easy! I didn't expect this wave to let Vic survive."

     "But then in this circle it is not easy to say."

     Su Changming looked at the game screen and couldn't help but frowned slightly, "Now that Savage has just been knocked out by C9, then it should be 3V3V1V1. Vic and Savage, the lone wolf, will become the first choice on the court. ."

     Ruofeng is nodded, looking at the game screen and analyzing it, "However, it is about three minutes before the last wave of poison. I think the two three-person teams will check and balance each other before the poison shrinks. Vic probably is not too dangerous."

     The following is just as Ruofeng analyzed.

     In the finals, if there is only one full formation and even four lone wolves left.

     Then this full formation will rush before the last wave of poison refresh, little by little sweeping people around.

     However, when there are two teams with similar numbers remaining on the field, the situation is different.

     The enemy won't move, I won't move.

     Although SKK's Comprehensive Strength Evaluation is better than C9,But in this kind of finals, the bullet has no eyes, there are still two others lurking.

     They had already "lost a good chicken" in the last game. Naturally, what we have to do in this game is to seek stability.

     If C9 were to eat chicken accidentally, even if they were able to eat chicken in the third game, their total score would be a bit hanged.

     For a team like SKK that only sees the first place, they have to be more stable in this game.

     So next,

     Time goes by every minute and every second.

     After a while, there were only ten seconds left in the three-minute countdown.

     As if only for a moment, the atmosphere in the Nuovo Stadium suddenly became tense.

     On the European and American commentary stage at the game site.

     "From the perspective of the situation on the field now, SKK and C9 are the two most promising teams."

     "I think so. Vic Liu's position is a bit poor. Although he was not found, he was basically unable to run poison."

     "Sorry! I even have a hunch that he might be poisoned directly later."

     "Hehe, I think there is indeed this kind of possibility, because everyone knows that the last wave of poison is too painful. If you run slowly, you will suddenly fall to the ground."

     Accompanied by the commentary,

     The countdown to the last wave of poisonous contraction on the field is over.

     In an instant, the blue radiant sky from all around almost covered the entire Jedi Island suddenly shook!

     Wrap a strand of Aura of Ruin, once again hiding the sky and covering the earth, swallowing the last piece of Safe Zone on the Jedi Island.

     Just a breath blink of an eye, all kinds of gunshots on the field are connected instantly!Da Da Da—!



     The two European and American commentators on the scene immediately raised their voices, shouting oneself hoarse.

     "Oh! Savage's lone wolf was first defeated by SKK! Satan's sniping is indeed just as in the past accurate!"

     "Yes! So now it's time to watch the duel between SKK and C9! C9's Chappie fired a gun line to the right! He wants to get closer!

     "We can see that a wave of C9 is very active! Shroud and Moody are shooting guns in the front, this shot! The two of them fell on the ground at the same time!"

     Accompanied by passionate words of commentary.

     The countless audiences on the scene seemed to experience it for oneself, there is a kind of adrenaline secretion to accelerate the tension!

     In the surrounding audience, many fans from both sides even stood up.

     They waved their arms vigorously, shouting cheering for the team they supported!

     "Oh my god! Chappie rushed up, he rushed up with a grenade!"

     "But Captain Karl's reaction was quick! He knocked down Chappoe and the blood survived."

     "This position can't be saved, wait! Vic Liu on the flanks is here, but SKK has set fire to him! Vic Liu should be gone!"

     "Oh wait! C9 seized the opportunity again and they defeated Captain Karl!"

     "Now the terrifying drug ring is pressing behind everyone, there is no way to save! There is no way to save!"

      in the blink of an eye,

     SKK and C9 each fell one person.

     And the two sides were also pressing on the poison ring behind them step by step, and in vain doesn't have any bunker and frankly met in the open space!to meet face to face on a narrow path, the brave wins!

      Between Lightning Spark, a wave of 2V2 started instantly!


     Da Da Da—!

     While the two sides were shooting, they kept shaking their bodies up and down, and even jumped wildly.

     The first to be knocked down was C9's Moody,

     Then Vivian of SKK...

     And then...

     After Satan emptied the rifle bullet, he unexpectedly drew out a shot in the waist and shot the bolt!

     In the next moment, he turned into the soul with an extremely limit, and directly took Shroud away.

     And at the moment Satan killed Shrou,

     The picture on the screen suddenly changed!

     A line of yellow English fonts appeared simultaneously on the huge LCD screen on all four sides of the stage in the venue!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

      Aaaaaah —!

     In an instant, the stadiums of Novosibirsk University cheered!

     Those SKK fans who just yelled for cheer were so excited that they jumped their feet and screamed!

     The European and American commentators on the field also shouted hysterically, "SKK won the second game! Let us...Congratulations SKK!"

     "Congratulations...cough cough cough!"

     The clinker was just halfway through the other explanation, and suddenly he was stuck in his throat and coughed violently.

     Almost at the same time, the enthusiastic cheers around the scene gradually subsided and declined...

     To the end,

     The surrounding audience suddenly became silent!

     In the game screen on the big screen.I saw the players who jumped out after the line "great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight" just now.

     The ID of 4AM-Vic,

     It was unexpectedly jumping above the screen!

      at this moment, in his hand is holding a dark green sniper.