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612 Who Arranges Whom? (2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When you lose,

     Saying everything is like an excuse.

     In the contestants stand, when Li Muqiu saw Liu Zilang finally shot Satan to eat chicken, he was subconsciously excited and almost jumped up.

     But in the blink of an eye, after realizing his situation.

     The smile at the corner of Li Muqiu's mouth gradually disappeared, and his face suddenly dimmed.

     Because he suddenly realized,

      they already are not in the same team,

     This hard-earned victory,

     I don't have any relationship with him...


     When the SKK and C9 teams left the field one after another.

     On the upper, middle, and lower layers on the stage, only Liu Zilang was left on the long seats in the two rows.

     That was the last person to survive!

     At this time, looking at Liu Zilang alone, as if a new king was crowned, Liu Zilang was standing on the competition table.

     In a short time, after experiencing the shock and shock just now, the audience suddenly burst into a frenetic cheer like hiding the sky and covering the earth!

     "Haha! I knew it! Wetness is the most greasy thing!" Kotomi Misaka clapped his hands excitedly in the front auditorium.

     On the side, Wang Qianqian smiled and looked at Liu Zilang on the stage amidst the cheers of the crowd. His eyes turned slightly, not knowing his heart, but also thinking about something...

     And at the same time.

     China Jianghai,

     In an apartment building.

     At about six in the morning, Zhang Xiaotong looked at the familiar figure who was being interviewed on the screen, his red face was full of joy.

     Does my refueling work?


     It must be so!Thought until here, she took out the phone, and she was hesitating whether to give Liu Zilang another "(???_??)?"!


     After the usual interview, there was a short break on the court.

     In a short while, the The last battle of today's four-tier match began slowly.

     Amidst the cheers of countless spectators at the scene, 24 teams were seen walking in in a line from both sides of the stage, one after another one after another.

     When SKK debuted, the four of them were as quiet as water, and even Vivian did not have a smile on his face. The whole team gave everyone a completely different feeling, full of unspeakable aura.

     At this time, not only the team playing together, but even the surrounding audience, all sensed an assaults the senses of oppression!

     If in the first two games, the entire SKK team felt like an outing.

     So this game,

     They are like rushing to the battlefield, as if everyone is holding a fierce energy in their chest!

     On the scene of the European and American commentary stage.

     "Today our SKK is really a pity. We only won second place in both games. This must be an unacceptable thing for such a legendary team."

     "I'm afraid it is indeed the case, but this game SKK gave us a very different feeling. I believe they already boosted the morale, then the exciting level of this game will definitely exceed our expectations."

     "There is still one I feel a pity the team is Se7en, the team that was able to compete with SKK back then, but today it seems clear pearl covered in dust has lost all its brilliance.""I know there may be a lot of Se7en fans at the scene, but I am sorry to say that watching their performance today should be without too many. Hope, I can only hope that they can play their own style in The last battle."

     "Speaking of speaking, Vic Liu was the one who brought us the most surprise today. This player once made one feel fascinated on the world stage. I didn’t expect that his performance today was better than before. One person led the entire team. Moving forward!"

     "That's it, so good, our players are ready, and the next game will start soon."

     Accompanied by the commentary, the lights on the scene gradually began to shine.

     On the four big screens on the stage, the director's shots were successively given to the brighter teams in the last game.

     The players were either cold, casual, or funny, and greeted the camera.

     Suddenly drew cheers from the scene!

     Soon, with a burst of the roar of the plane.

     The last battle on the first match day,

     It finally started!

     The next moment, the scene lights dimmed.

     On the huge screens on all four sides in the middle of the stage, a plane came slowly from the sea level in the distance.

     "Well everyone, let's take a look at the course of this game first."

     "Oh! This route is interesting. It starts from the three o'clock direction on the right side of the map, and the route almost reaches the nine o'clock direction on the left side of the map horizontally."

     "Yes, it looks like the whole map was cut across the middle with a knife.""Well, then, except for the southernmost airport, which is more difficult, other points are almost reachable if you fly high."

     "Yes, so the resource utilization of the entire map will undoubtedly be very high, and it can also reduce the occurrence of early fighting."

     "Oh! A team has already jumped, let's take a look... it's IG! This team has chosen S City again just like the last game."

     "But wait, it seems that a team jumped into S City with IG. This is the rhythm of landing a fight."

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that when the plane passed S City by the coastline, a team of four suddenly dropped from the sky.

     And as they landed,

     Suddenly another four-man team appeared beside him, and this team was TSM.

     Speaking of TSM, as a North American giant club, its strength cannot be underestimated.

     But in today’s two games,

     At present, their ranking is only one higher than Se7en, ranking fourth from the bottom.

     In fact, this fully shows that in the PUBG competition, under the premise of the competitive nature, there are also all kinds of contingency and uncertainty. You can be among the best in the North American division, but in the world competition is also not at all impossible to fall behind Sun Shan (who came last in the imperial examination).

     Did they change their dishes?

     I'm afraid not necessarily.

     In fact, this is like a chemical reaction.

     If two groups of different teams are placed on Jedi Island, completely different results will occur.

     TSM met a team in the North American Division,

     Snap it!

     He arranged for them.TSM met other teams in the World Championship, such as 4AM at the airport in the last game.


     4AM arranged him.

      Thus, TSM mustn't speak of two things on the same day in the North American qualifiers.

     After two games, the atmosphere in the TSM team was also very depressed.

     What does it mean to be fourth from the bottom means that the top five teams in the last two games won no point in this game, and they have to kill all the way to eat chicken, maybe they have the opportunity to touch today's championship trophy.

     So this match is not a fight with one's back to the river for them, but a fight after being sunk into the Mariana Trench which is more than 30,000 feet deep.

     Looking at the IG team next to him at this time, TSM did not evade or retreat.

     But in a posture without hesitation,

      standing upside down,

     He plunged his head in a very fast speed!