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616 Second Kick To Understand? (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Zilang's low-altitude thunderbolt, undoubtedly blasted all of Navi's people into a daze.

     They were never expected, and they had climbed into the room, but he was still bombed.

     And the most direct consequence of being forced,

     Just fly into a rage out of humiliation!

     On Liu Zilang's side, a thunder made up for one person, and after blowing up one person.

     Aruka and Xiao Diao Ming, who came from the puzzle building, just yelled in their voice, "Don't panic, we're here to rescue you."

     The next moment, there was a sudden gunshot from upstairs!

     After being knocked down, Wei Shen, who had half of his red blood, was directly replaced by the opponent.

     The three of Liu Zilang: ...


     This is bare naked revenge!

     In this scene, the audience in the live and in the live broadcast room couldn't help but their eyelids throbbed, and they could only sigh that fighting race is really strong and has enmity must avenge.

     When Wei Shen offered sacrifices to the sky, Liu Zilang and the others had nothing else to hesitate.

     The other person had just been rescued, and the blood had not had time to hit.

     The three of them rushed upstairs very quickly with a thunderous momentum!

     "Oh! The remaining two of Navi have very low HP! They are on the walkway above the swimming pool. This Carmen may bring some difficulties to the 4AM attack."

     "Yes, Pokam of Navi wants to throw thunder, but 4AM is playing very steadily. This flash bomb... has arrived!"

     "The angle and timing of Vic's flash bomb are so good! Now Navi is blinded alone, and there is only residual blood that has just been lifted up before he can fight the medicine.""Then this wave of 4AM is considered a success. At the start of Wei Shen's sacrifice to the sky, it doesn't seem to be a loss if one changes to four."

     Seeing the situation on the field, the three commentators on the stage couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief for the 4AM battle.

     After all, in the first three laps of 4AM in the last two games, three people were cut directly, leaving only one Liu Zilang left alone.

     Although two games were down, one was third, and the other was chicken, it seemed pretty good.

     But no one can guarantee that if this game starts again in school, there will be problems, such as complete elimination or substantial reduction of staff... They can still have such good luck.

     At this moment, I saw Aluka and the small eye-catching two march straight in unchallenged (military) from the left building rushing into the door, and the two of Navi were knocked out in an instant.

     At this time, everything on the court finally the dust has settled down, and then naturally it is the licking part of love to hear and see.

     But at this moment, Aluka, who was squatting on the ground, suddenly frowned, "By the way, when we just came in, there was a guy who didn't seem to have a gun, right?"

     "I don't know, I saw you knocked him down when I entered the door." Xiao Xing shook the head and asked in confusion, "I didn't take the gun, is this giving up treatment?"

     Hearing what the two said, Liu Zilang, who had not had time to enter from the other side of the stairs, had a sudden one shivers in his heart, and hurriedly said loudly, "Be careful! Come out!"

     The moment he yelled these words.

     A ball of fire and black smoke suddenly burst out from the door, and the ear-splitting explosion followed!Aluka and Xiao Diaomu, who squatted there licking their bags, were blown up and a "couple bowed down" on the ground...

     "Navi-Pokam used a grenade to blow up 4AM-Aluka!"

     "Navi-Pokam used a grenade to blow up 4AM-Cpt!"

     What a parting gift!

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the three people on the commentary stage couldn't help but twitch their eyes.

     "Navi team...really too violent." Rong Ye shook his head with emotion.

     "Well, but it's okay, after all, this wave of Vic is still alive." Ruo Feng said while looking at the game screen.

     Su Changming let out a relaxed breath and couldn’t help but shook the head said with a smile, “Fortunately, this kid hasn’t gone in yet. Now he can save the two of them..."

     Clinker Su Changming's hasn't even finished his sentence.

     A loud sound suddenly came from the huge speakers in the stadium!

     On the walkway above the swimming pool, I saw a flash of fire on the other person's box in Navi!

     Kneeling on the ground in the "Husband and Wife Couple Worship", Xiao Meng and Aluka were suddenly blown up soaring high into the air.



     The two kicked their legs, showing a "big" shape and fell to the ground.

     "Navi-Shade1 killed 4AM-Aluka with a grenade!"

     "Navi-Shade1 used a grenade to kill 4AM-Cpt!"

     Seeing this scene of many twists and turns, the audience around the scene suddenly let out a burst of exclamation that could not be suppressed!

     No one hadn't thought, Navi actually has a thunder!Liu Zilang was even more speechless when he saw this scene, feeling that these two buddies used two kicks and double guns...

     At this moment, the director gave the playback of the scene just now. The playback screen did not use the God's perspective just now, but directly gave Navi's first perspective.

     In the big screen picture, I saw that after Cheray was flashed, Pokam directly set the "GR cut gun without explanation" combo, and threw thunder pops the safety at his feet.

     And Shade1, which had just been pulled up and still had blood, didn't even hold the gun, and directly pinched a thunder in his hand...

     Seeing the thrilling scenes of one person and one thunder, the audience in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms were suddenly shocked. The whole person has a feeling of tingling sensation!

     "Fuck! This Nima is cruel too!"

     "Blast one area, I will take this wave!"

     "It's a fighting race! These old guys from Navi are really wanting to fight!"

     "Navi: I heard there is a Thor here? Second kick want to know more?"

     "Wait! Now 4AM is left alone with Vic...this is so poisonous!"

     Until this time, everyone suddenly reacted. The game actually started five minutes, and 4AM left the next person...

     The director's shot was again given to the competition table.

     Looking at the three men of Wei Shen who were unwilling to leave from the Asian game bench, and the man behind him sitting alone on the game bench for three consecutive "single four rows".

     For a while, the audiences in the domestic live broadcast room were all speechless, and Kefu had seen it... But how did this ratio feel like Ke's teammate!

     ...When the domestic audience was in pain, the director's perspective did not stay there for too long.

     The screen shot was pulled, and it was quickly given to the "Golden Zodiac" of West Bridge.

     But the team that was in sight suddenly made everyone feel somewhat astonished.

     Because they are actually SKK!

     The problem is that teams like SKK, at what time, have also become wild?

     On the scene of the European and American commentary stage.

     "God! I'm not mistaken, right? Those are our SKK players, right?"

     "I'm afraid so... It seems that SKK is playing very cautiously in this match!"

     "Well, after all, they already gnawed the ass of two games. He didn't allow himself to make mistakes from the start of this game."

     "Let's take a look, the twelve small wooden houses are still quite fat. After SKK searches here, do you want to enter the circle directly?"

     "No, they are waiting, they want to block a wave at the West Bridge."

     "Oh! Se7en at the airport has come out! Which bridge will they choose to take?"

     Accompanied by the commentary,

     The director's perspective suddenly pulled up into the air.

     I saw two bridgeheads leading from the airport to the northern land, with Liquid in the east and SKK in the west.

     No matter which bridge,

     It doesn't seem to be so smooth...