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617 Siege Of Trapped Beasts! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Airport island.

     Se7en saw the circle brush in the north,

     After a wave of quick searches, several people soon began to run poison and transfer.

     However, because the route crosses the map from the L city side, the southern part of the place is all men's footprints are rare.

     Although they were vigilant, they really didn't expect someone to block the bridge so quickly.

     On the interpretive stage in Huaxia District.

     "We can see that Se7en chose to transfer from the East Bridge into the circle. This is bad. Liquid is staying at the gas station."

     "I have a question, why didn't they choose to sail into the circle from the sea?"

     "This...I think it might be that they are worried about going north in the next lap and don't want to give up the vehicle so quickly. Of course, the main reason is that they think no one should be blocking the bridge at this time."

     "Then it's a bit dangerous now, it depends on whether Se7en is cautious enough to cross the bridge."

     "Huh? Wait? Why does Liquid seem to be leaving?"

     "I understand! They squatted for such a long time without waiting for someone, thinking that the other party had left from the West Bridge, and a few of them had poor development in the jungle by the sea, and wanted to enter the circle to explore the way in advance.

     "Yes, we can see that Scoom has already stepped in a lap ahead of time on a motorcycle. They are using the '31 formation'. They want to take a look in the safe zone and collect information for the team so that the other three You can avoid blind tie during transfer."

     "Then this wave feels that Se7en has a chance to cross the bridge safely! It depends on the fate of both sides. How is it going."In the game, Li Muqiu, as an assaulter, led the team on a motorcycle, while the remaining three teammates drove two jeeps and a white car.

      has to say, the reason why Se7en dared to cross the bridge is that the number of cars is part of their confidence.

     Even if the momentum is wrong, it can disperse the enemy's firepower, and there will be a choice of whether to go directly or fight back.

     Sniper SSR glanced at the bridge and couldn't help but ask in his voice, "Autumn God? Is there anyone in front?"

     Li Muqiu, who was riding Juechen in front of him on a motorcycle, squinted slightly, but his eyes were cast towards the gas station and M Town.

     Then he shook the head and said, "There should be no one at the bridge, but we still have to be careful."

      at the same time,

     Qiaotou gas station location.

     The three of Liquid who were still at the bridge head just got on the jeep and suddenly heard the roar of the vehicle engine on the bridge!

     "Oh Shet! Someone is coming!" Jeemzz yelled quickly, "Get out of the car."

     The other two of Liquid also reacted and quickly jumped out of the car.

     At this time, the position of the three of Liquid and the car was behind the wall of the gas station.

     Therefore, the Se7en four roaring from the bridge could not immediately detect the Liquid three at the Qiaotou gas station.

     The moment when Li Muqiu rode a motorcycle and whizzed past the gas station.

     Da Da Da—!

     A burst of violent gunshots suddenly sounded!

     Fortunately, Li Muqiu had been prepared for a long time, and saw that he does not hesitate at all, turning the front of the car, and rushing straight towards the coastal slope opposite the gas station.After two clusters of blood mist exploded on his body, he in the end still is promptly disappeared from the sight of the four Qiaotou.

     However, as soon as Li Muqiu passed by,

     The cars behind are one after another!

     Liquid had already wasted a lot of bullets while shooting Li Muqiu in front, and the number of magazines at this time was simply not enough to support them.

     If you change the bomb, even if you have a quick clip, there will be no time at all.

     However, as a top professional team,

     After seeing a few cars coming on the bridge, they didn't need much voice communication at all.

     I saw that when the second car passed by the gate of the gas station, the three of Liquid did not continue to shoot, but instead stopped firing together, and chose to change bombs with matchless coordination.


     And just as they changed their bombs, another Jeep passed them by.

     Liquid didn't care about the car, but instead pointed the guns at the last Jeep!

     A thousand birds in the forest is not as good as a bird in hand.

     As a mature Professional Corps, Liquid always only does the most sure thing.

     In the jeep whistling.

     Se7en, who was in charge of the cushion, saw that neither of the two teammates' cars had been beaten, and he was slightly relaxed.

     However, in the next moment, when he saw three people and three black hole muzzles protruding from behind the gas station wall, all of a sudden the whole person was not good!

     Was it targeted?

     Labor and capital are targeted, right?


     Without waiting for his strong resentment to disperse,words exceede 5100Soon, the four of Se7en decided to fight back.

     For a while, the two sides separated the road and the Base, which was hiding behind the bombed jeep, caught fire.

     However, at this moment, the three Rong Ye on the Huaxia commentary stage changed their colors!

     "Se7en's position, this wave can't be beaten! You must be stolen by the TS of M City!"

     "Wait! Shouldn't this be? Se7en was looking for the car here, they must know that there is a team in M City."

     "Oh! I understand, Se7en must regard the gas station people as TS!"

     "There really is this kind of possibility, then it's awful! The TS guys heard the gunshots and already touched them from behind their ass!"

     With the words on the commentary stage, the hearts of many viewers in the domestic live broadcast room were suddenly lifted.

     Although everyone was scolding after the first two games,

     But after all, it is the Huaxia team. Who doesn't want them to compete for a bit of energy to show off their style?

     However, according to this rhythm,

     Se7en may die even worse in this game...