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621 Are You Acting Me?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Zero loss to destroy the team!

     Seeing such a beautiful wave of raids from 4AM, the commentators on the field are stare blankly!

     "Inconceivable! The 4AM wave took the lead in the layout, and then used the gunfire to actually play ACE in the palm of the hand."

     "Yes, this wave is a typical threaten the east and strike to the west tactics, letting you ignore the past, the left and the right, and the end result is embarrassment on all sides."

     "It seems that after the training of the last two games, 4AM's tactical style has become more and more mature. It is no longer blindly blind. It seems that their overall synergy has been stolen in this wave."

     "But this wave is also pitiful for the ACE team. Four people painstakingly searched for an R city. As a result, they were cut off as soon as they hadn't thought the transaction. At this time, their hearts should be broken.

     "Well, I don't know if you found out. The ACE team is the second team to be wiped out on the field, which is equivalent to eating a chicken butt in the reverse direction.

     "Hehe, it's really like this. At present, apart from the Navi of the Dragon Gate Inn, whether it is the TSM who fought at the beginning, or the teams of Se7en and Liquid who have just been at the bridgehead of the East Bridge, although they have reduced their staff, they all stay The only seedlings of incense."

     "Haha, it seems that the 4AM game has evolved into a team killer. When we meet two teams, we will direct and straightforward them together.""I don’t know who came out of this 4AM routine. I saw someone walked to Aluka’s face, but Aluka still held back one's troops without moving. I still I thought they were a bit hesitant about three-on-four, but they didn't expect that their goal was to eat all of it. This appetite is really not small."

     "Well, speaking of Vic's sniper on the high slope tower, it is also very eye-catching. He directly moved the target to headshot. It can be said that he gave ACE a head blow and instantly turned the situation on the court into 3V3. "

     "Perhaps it is the true meaning of a sniper in the team, they will always be able to burst out the most extreme output in a short time."


     The three commentators on the stage were amazed by the excellent performance of 4AM, and the audience in the domestic live broadcast room was also very happy!

     This type of team battle, which relies on tactics and annihilates the opponents, is undoubtedly an excellent visual enjoyment for everyone.

     "Fuck! This wave of 4AM is awesome!"

     "Hahaha, I didn't think that all pigs would sacrifice to the sky, and 4AM started to cooperate."

     "Eating chicken is not terrible, and who is embarrassed, if this 4AM and three people eat a chicken, then Wei Shen is embarrassed by Nima.

     "There is a wave of my heart, Wei Jiang, played by three traitors, 嘤嘤嘤!"

     "Pig Tou Pig Tou, if you are played, you blink."

     "Wei Shen said that labor and capital had a pig-killing knife, and a traitor with a knife in his hand, blinking J2's eye."

     "Yes, yes... It seems that 4AM is about to clean up the sect after the game."At first, the audience in the live broadcast room cheered for the wonderful surprise of 4AM, but when they chatted and talked about the rhythm of the barrage, they were turned away. Everyone started to rant about Liu Zilang and Aluka's their three people in "acting" Wei Shen ..

     In the game match, Liu Zilang and the others already entered the licking state of cleaning the battlefield.

      has to say, ACE started the game in five minutes and went door-to-door throughout R City. The things in their box were indeed right.

     After licking the bags, Liu Zilang and the three dare to wipe their mouths and say, in addition to the airdrop box, even if they see a box on the main road,

     Neither of them would look down.

     At this time, the three people seemed to have already entered the sage mode, and maintained a dull attitude towards any box.

     Next, the three returned to the high slope of the water tower south of City R.

     This place is located in the center of the current safety zone, and the terrain is relatively high, so you can get a very good view.

     Liu Zilang's three people's current tactic is to gain a foothold here, and when someone comes to fight, they don't let other teams station nearby.

      In comparison, if they find a house and squat, even if it is safe, there's nothing about it too risky.

     But in case they go in a circle, they have to run poison with other teams, so it is easy to get into a melee.

     So what they are doing is clearing some obstacles on the road for the next lap...


     If 4AM on the high slope of the water tower on the south side of City R is Protector's, then the four SKK who also occupy the high slope of the church on the west side of City P are at present.They are the border looters!

     At this time, SKK is really showing all the audience what it means to occupy a mountain and become the king. They are not to expel the opponent, but to intercept and kill the opponent.

     Whenever a motorcade passing through P City from the west to enter the circle, when it gets closer, a few people who suddenly appear will blow the hammer!

     Karl's AK, Billy King's M4.

     Vivian made 17 shots of SKS in two seconds, and Satan was holding a nerve gun that was thrown around.

     When the guide shots were given, the four of SKK could be said to show a wave of personal shows of "master god level" players to the entire worlds and realms' audience.

     The shots of the director were switched back and forth on the four of them, but the audience in the live and live room felt too much for the eye to take in.

     "This wave... can this car be blown up?"

     "Oh! My God! This car exploded too fast! Avanger only survived a bouncing player."

     "Wait a minute! Satan, our World's First sniper, raised his sniper! This shot..."

     "Pretty! My goodness! Satan knocked out the Avanger last place players, they killed a team!"

     In this way, the four of them looked like death gods holding sickles, reaping the lives of passing pedestrians mercilessly.

     By the time the first lap was closed, SKK had already wiped out a team, and also dropped people from several distant cars.

     In this case, even if the opponent wants to save the person who fell, how can SKK allow the cooked duck flew away?As soon as the person was shot down, a teammate next to him would immediately pull the gun line to fill the gun. This tactical division of labor can be said to be seen by everyone dumbstruck.

     Even if other teams want to learn,

     Perhaps it may not be possible to learn.

     Because if you want to help people, you must be able to shoot people off the car with a gun...

     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

      "All right, now the first wave of poison has been shrunk, and we can see that the people from other places in the wave just now are fine, but the team that entered the circle from the west really suffered heavy casualties!"

     "This is no way. Who caused them to hit SKK's gun? I can only say that the strategic significance of SKK's selection is too high!"

     "Let's take a look at this circle, oh! He cut towards the upper left position. It is a'yin-yang circle' that includes the inland river."

     Suddenly, the southern slope of R City where Liu Zilang's three people were located suddenly changed from the central area near the safety zone to a border area.

     At this moment, the guide lens gave the map a God's perspective, and the audience on the scene suddenly saw a convoy with the prefix "IG" moving from the east toward the direction of R City.