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622 R City Toll Station!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw a team passing by the golden wheat field south of Y city and driving all the way to the west. They were the IG who started the game in L city on the right side of the map.

     According to the shortest route into the circle, IG should actually be inserted between the nursing home and Horseshoe Mountain.

     Then from the big factory above the air-raid shelter, turn straight to the puzzle building next to the school to enter the circle.

     But It should be noted that the course of this game was cut across from east to west from L City.

     If IG chooses the route above the circle, although the speed is the fastest, they are almost equivalent to advancing along the route of the plane.

     Needless to say, the danger in it.

     After IG learned the lessons of the first two games in this game, they also spent a lot of thought on the transfer route in this game.

     When the first circle was swiped, IG, who was not in the safe zone on the far right of the map, started their first transfer.

     That is the housing area on the field south of Y.

     They chose a highland housing estate to stay there, and then turned the wheat fields into their own "jurisdictions."

     Next, if this safe area is the corner chamfering circle on the IG side, they can undoubtedly use the housing area as a cover to control the entire wheat field south of Y City, and completely become the king of this cornfield.

     Because in the open wilderness, almost no team can touch them, they can be free from the outside, but they are always in the circle.

     But the sky is not as expected.

     In the second safe zone this time, what is brushed out is a chamfered circle on the upper left of the map.This is why IG landed in L city, but at this time it drove from Y city to R city.

     Of course in fact,

      This time is not just the IG team.

      It should be noted that in this game, teams such as nursing homes, prisons and Horseshoe Mountain and power plants in the east have jumped.

     In the early stage they can be stationed at the circle.

     But at this time, once the circle was swiped, they had to move toward the upper left of the map, that is, northwest.

     Then, in the process of transfer, Liu Zilang and others on the southern slope of City R will naturally become "border guards."

     In the 3 minutes and 20 seconds before the second wave of poisonous contraction, they already saw it two teams passing by the south slope of R City.

     However, unlike the previous SKK who was stationed at the western border of P city, Liu Zilang and others highlighted the word "gou" at this time.

     Because they are in a different situation from SKK.

     SKK was the first circle at that time. Behind it was P City. Everywhere around you can enter the circle. There is no worries about fighting people. It doesn't matter if there is a fish that escaped the net.

     But the circle that 4AM is in at this time is an inland river to the north. If they want to enter the circle, they must move to the northwest.

     There are more teams on the east side than on the west side. A three-person team in 4AM has one less firepower than SKK, and it is definitely impossible to fight one by one.

      This time if they are here to meet those arriving, to send of those departing places to "set off firecrackers", then I am afraid that the first thing these teams do when they enter the circle is to block them on this hillside.

     But in the face of so many passing teams,

     Not playing, nor is it 4AM style.So their goal at the moment is to either stop fighting, or just give you a nest if you want to fight, so as not to let the other party have a fish that escaped the net chance of revenge.

     Time goes by every minute and every second.

     After a while, the second wave of poison will begin to shrink.

      This time the eastern team finally stopped waiting. Except for some of those who made a long detour towards P City, almost the entire eastern half of the team passed through the school and R City, moving towards the water city and ruins.

     Of course, some teams directly crossed the river and went to the safety zone on the north bank of the inland river.

     After all, the second safe zone is a “yin-yang circle”.

     So whether the next safe zone will be brushed to the south or north of the river is still unknown.

     As a team on the field, they certainly have to block their hands based on their own experience.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

      "All right, we can now move the entire eastern half of the team, and many teams have had a little friction during the transfer."

     "Yes, but so far, there have been no casualties. It seems that many teams at this stage do not really want to fight, but are still in a stage of mutual testing."

     "Oh! IG already arrived at the vegetable garden east of City R. What did they say, do you want to go over the main road of City R?"

     "But 4AM is on the high slope next to it. If the IG wave walks from the middle of R City, I feel that 4AM is very likely to get a hand.""It's true, because the two teams don't know at all who each other is. Even if they are both Huaxia teams, there is no way. They can only be played when they meet."

     Accompanied by the commentary's words, at this time the director's shots were just given to R City.

     However, in the next scene,

     But it is not as the commentary guessed.

     After IG group of four came out of the vegetable garden on the east side of City R, they did not go to the road, but moved towards a few housing blocks on the high slope in the east half of City R.

     "Wait? No! IG doesn't plan to leave, they want to rob!"

     "Yes, they should want to go to the high slope to occupy a spot and rob the teams that want to pass through R City."

     "Then this is interesting. Now the high slope on the south side is 4AM, and the IG on the high slope on the north side. Those who pass by R City will be blessed."

     "Hehe, as long as the two teams don't fight each other, the teams of R City passing by are afraid that they will be caught in the flesh of the children next door..."

     After seeing this scene, the viewers in the domestic live broadcast couldn't help but cheer.

     Water tower on the south slope of R City.

     "A team from the north touched City R, what should I say? We won't fight?"

     Aluka, who was lying behind the tree, shifted his body. He hadn't moved for a long time, and now he changed to a more comfortable position.

     "It's a four-man team, and I should also want to get stuck."

     Liu Zilang looked at the other person's disappearing figure in the Gaopofang district, frowned slightly:"The opponent has all entered the room, so I shouldn't plan to come out for a short time, and now I'm just exposing myself. The position on the other side can definitely be pulled."

      He spoke until here, he pondered for a moment, and then quickly continued, "Let it go first, or enter the circle and pass the team on our face first."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Aluka and Xiao Xingmu naturally also have nothing about it.

     Accompanied by the continuous shrinking of the poison ring.

     Then they didn't wait for the other teams, but suddenly there was a roar in the air!

     It's an airdrop plane!

     At the same time, on the road next to the dormitory building, a four-person motorcade suddenly appeared on the horizon.

     At the beginning is a happy motorcycle riding two people at a fast speed.