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625 This Is The North American Spectre! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The bank of the inland river.

     A team called "North American Ghosts" crossed the river quietly and touched the north bank of R City.

     "Hey! Did you hear that? There seems to be a fight over there."

     "Hmph! Let them fight, we will go back after we get the airdrop."

     "Well, I have a hunch, most of the circles in this game are brushing north of the river."

     Several Ghost people talked, but their bodies had already sneaked into the village and came to the rear not far from the airdrop.

     What they obviously hadn't thought is,

     At this time, IG didn't have any more entanglements with 4AM. Instead, it quickly turned to airdrop.

     However, the landing position in the air is in the middle of R City, and the distance between Ghost and the airdrop is much closer than that of IG.

     Therefore, when IG descended a high slope, guarding the 4AM in the south all the way, and touching the airdrop box.

     A long way away, they saw the Ghost four who arrived near the airdrop box with red smoke first.

     When IG saw Ghost, Ghost naturally saw them.

      In the Professional League, the team and the team meet far away. Of course, it is impossible to stand still and just fight.

      At this moment, the reactions of both sides can be said to be quite consistent, and they flashed towards the nearby bunker almost simultaneously.

     Except for one person,

     That was Shen Zeyan, who was holding a sniper in his arms.

     When both parties were subconsciously looking for a cover, he suddenly raised his gun, and shot at Ghost!


     The crisp gunfire suddenly sounded!A sniper bullet shuttled past the city in an instant.

     There is a person on Ghost too late to dodge,

     There was an instant burst of blood on the brain of the second-stage head, thumped kneels down on the ground.

     "IG-olves used Kar98K to headshot Ghost-Pr0phie!"

     "Pretty! Ze Shao's timing of this shot is so good! He directly knocked out one of Ghost's players."

     "Now it's up to IG's choice. If they take the opportunity to touch it, then this wave of Ghosts will be a bit passive."

     "Yes, they want to save people on the one hand, but they also want to defend on the other hand. It's difficult to keep both sides."

     "Oh! The director cut us to the airdrop box, let me take a look at what's in the airdrop."

     In the game screen on the big screen, the material list of the airdrop box was opened in a row.

     Sister control

     7.62mm bullet;

     Tertiary head

     Sniper expansion;

     Fifteen times mirror.

     "Tsk tusk... this airdrop is a bit tasteless to be honest, at most 60 minutes."

     "Hehe, I think looking at the face of the 15x mirror, you can add ten more to him."

     "It's true, because except for the sister control and the fifteen times mirror, basically everything inside can be picked up."

     "And I think if the sister controls this gun, in this version, compared with SKS, they have their own strengths. They are the kind of weapons that can be used but without too many are necessary."

     "But the problem is that Ghost and IG have encountered each other. No one on the field knows what the airdrop is. I feel that they will probably fight for this."Oh! IG really took the initiative to play this wave. After Ze Shao downed one, they already watched for the 4AM in the south, and touched closer."

     "But wait! 4AM is also moving here, how do I feel that their speed seems to be faster."

     At this time in the game.

     IG and 4AM know each other’s positions,

     So when IG touched in from the city, it has been consciously guarding against 4AM sneak attacks.

     But for Ghost who had just "smuggled" from the north of the river, they didn't know the specific location of 4AM. At this time, all their attention was on the person who touched IG from the front.

     During the game match, Liu Zilang and Xiao Xingmu drew west along the reverse slope south of R City.

     Soon, they saw Ghost near the airdrop box at a distance.

     But the person Ghost who had just been knocked down by Shen Zeyan had already climbed behind a low wall at this moment and was being rescued by his teammates at this time.

     From the perspective of Liu Zilang and others on the southern hillside, the person kneels down on the ground was blocked by the gap in the low wall, and the teammate who was supporting him next to the low wall happened to be caught by the good low wall next to him Block.

      in a nutshell, that is, Liu Zilang and the others can see the gun behind the man who is kneeling on the ground, but they cannot hit them.

     This meow is a bit painful...

     "How do you say? How about I get closer to Xingmu?" Aluka cannot bear saying."No hurry." Liu Zilang glanced at the right side of Ghost. "IG should have touched it. They know our position. Someone should be staring. Now it's easy to get hit on the way..."

     "Then it's a bit uncomfortable if you don't see it." Xiao Xing said.

     Hearing the small eye-catching words, Liu Zilang's mouth suddenly raised, "Who said you can't hit it anymore."

     After he finished speaking,

     He directly held up the 98K in his hand.

     Open the mirror,


     A few seconds later, a clear and long gunshot suddenly came from the southern slope of R City.


     The Ghost side near the airdrop.

     Pr0phie had just been lifted by his teammates, his body unconsciously got up from the gap in the low wall.

     The next moment, I saw a blood mist burst out of his bald head!

     Pr0phie, who just opened his backpack and wanted to fight medicine, suddenly thumped and knelt on the ground.

     It looks like a person slipped and fell on the ice, climbed up flusteredly with great difficulty, and fell down again...

     "4AM-Vic knocked down Pr0phie with a headshot of Kar98K!"

     Walter Refak?

     In an instant, Pr0phie, who was knocked down by a headshot twice, suddenly became ill!

     "Oh Shet! It's south! There are people on the south slope!" Miccoy on the side could not help cursed, and quickly reminded, "Quick! You climb a little bit ahead of me."

     Pr0phie heard it and quickly crawled over.

     After all, he was already down, and the blood loss speed was much faster than the first time he fell to the ground.However, although Miccoy had time to rescue his teammates, the pressure on the other two of his Ghost suddenly increased.

     The two of them were prepared to resist a wave of frontally, and pressed IG's footsteps slightly.

     After IG touched it, Pr0phie was almost helped to get the medicine.

     At the time, even if the IG who touched it wants to play a frontal 4V4 with them, they are not in the slightest.

     However, although Liu Zilang's caught off guard stolen the cold gun, although it did not directly overwhelm the person, it suddenly dragged the two of Ghost.

     This led to Ghost once again falling into a shortage of manpower on the frontal battlefield with IG.


     Da Da Da—!


      With a burst of grenade sound, Ghost's frontal defense quickly collapsed!

     The other party goes further,

     They must take a step back immediately.

      in the blink of an eye, he retreated to the front of his teammates behind, but Pr0phie still had half of his rescue reading.

      If you still have to save it this time, it means that the two of Define and Austin must take the charge of the IG four directly.

     It can be said that a little carelessness,

     It is the end that the entire team will be ruined.

     As a professional team, determination is an indispensable quality.

     Seeing that things can't be done, the commander of the team, Austin, gritted his teeth and shouted, "Don't save, let go! Seal the smoke and prepare to retreat!"

     But before leaving, Austin threw a smoke bomb towards the airdrop box not far away.Between Lightning Spark, when he ran over, he quickly replaced the sprayer with his sister controller, put the three-level head on his head, and put the 15x mirror into the bag...

     Then he ran away with his sister-in-law at a speed that the boss owed 350 million yuan

     Taking advantage of the smoke to converge with his teammates, he immediately moved towards the west of R City like a ghost.