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626 Sniper Of God Killing VS Chicken King!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "We can see that Ghost's choice is quite decisive! They gave up the fallen Pr0phie and are moving towards the west side of R City."

     "Yes, right now, the west side of City R just happens to be in the safe zone. I don't think Ghost wants to escape without a fight, they still want to make a detour."

     "Well, IG has caught up here, Xiao Jue easily made up Pr0phie behind the low wall, they should have guessed that the other party chose to retreat."

     "What does IG say? Is it to quit while one is ahead or continue to chase?"

     "But wait, on the hilltop on the southern slope of City R, 4AM seems to have ideas for Ghost too."

     "Yes, they currently have a high point advantage and can see Ghost's retreat route more clearly than IG."

     "Then once this wave of Ghosts is out of R City, how do I feel that it will develop into a wave of 4AM and IG teaming up and killing..."

     Next, the explanation of the speculation was quickly confirmed.

     When the Ghost team rolled out of R City and headed west with airdropped supplies.

     Their original plan was to go to the fake garage housing area to the north of Water City to the west of City R and develop it into a stronghold for them.

     But they are still halfway,

     Suddenly a cold in my butt!

     Whoops whoops—!

     Up and down the mountain, two waves of bullet rain suddenly struck!

     4AM and IG were unable to deal with each other because of the obstructed view of the R city housing area. At this time, they even attacked Ghost who ran out of the city!

     "Oh Shet! Close the cigarette, close the cigarette!"As soon as Ghost's people were chased by the two teams, Nima's whole body was not good.

     Water Refak!

      With a burst of "chi chi" spitting sound, in a short while, a large swath of smoke will diffuse.

     Ghosts quickly rushed into the smoke,

     A tactic lying down, fighting drugs, spreading cigarettes forward, finally got a chance to breathe in the hail of bullets.

     Just before leaving, I grabbed the airdrop material Austin, but this wave was relatively lucky.

     After he threw two smoke bombs forward in the smoke, he couldn't help but sneered, "Let them be arrogant for a while, and wait until the front."

     At this time, the fake garage housing area near the bridgehead in the north of Shuicheng ahead was only two hundred meters away from them.

     And that place is closer to the center of the safety zone than R City behind it.

     Or to be more precise, only half of R City is currently on the edge of the second safe zone.

     Then when Ghost arrives at the fake garage area of Qiaotou, as long as the next circle is not painted into a corner circle, and it is still cut to R City.

     They can be the guest acts as host, and block the two teams behind 4AM and IG!


     With a goal,

     There will be a motivation to move forward.

     Next, when the ghosts' blood volume recovered to bits and pieces, they immediately filled the energy bar and continued to run.However, because the distance is not too close, the three people carry not enough smoke bombs, which prevents them from laying a "smoke corridor". They can only build a one after another springboard, little by little forward.

      Thus, every time they rushed from the last pile of smoke to the next.

     It’s 4AM and IG behind it,

     Time for crazy output.

     Whoops whoops—!

     A shuttle bullet in unbroken succession crossed the sky, but because the distance between the two sides had been stretched, the Ghost people went crazy with snakeskin.

     Although there are stray bullets from time to time, splashing scarlet blood, but in the case of unable to cause fatal or high damage, Ghost has a "smoke replenishment station" for them to recover every distance they travel.

     In a short while, Ghost, the "Ghost Team" from North America, forcibly moved a certain distance towards the fake garage.

     Seeing this situation, Liu Zilang on the southern hill of R City and Shen Zeyan on the edge of R City could not help frowned at the same time and realized the problem.

      has to say, at this time the two people's views and responses to the situation on the court are surprisingly consistent.

     That is the lack of lethal high damage, which causes the opponent to continue to use drugs to last after getting into the smoke.

     After realizing this.

     At the next moment, the two men put away their rifles at the same time, and pulled out the sniper rifles behind their backhands. Two 98Ks appeared almost simultaneously in their hands!

     You must know that in the God's perspective of the director, the guns held by the players will be displayed in real time in the forehead of the characters.As soon as the two of them took off their guns, all the audience in the live and broadcast room quickly realized this through the big screen.

     "I'm dripping tortoise, Vic and Ze Shao are out of anger?"

     "Um...I think the interval between the shots of the bolts is too long. If it is reasonable, it is better to use a rifle this time?"

     "You think they don't want to. The key is that the rifle is obviously lacking in damage, and you can also score people with a sniper. I am also very optimistic about Ze Shao's sniper."

     "Yeah, but I heard that Vic's sniper... seems to be taught by Shao Ze."

     "Hands? How does it sound like Gaygay?"

     "The focus of attention is not here, hey...have you not discovered that this wave is a duel between master and apprentice!"

     "Huh? It seems a bit like that. If the apprentice hits the master and misses it, it will be a bit embarrassing."

     "Haha! I have no brains to bet on this wave! Vic's Dogecoin is too unreliable."

     "Although there's nothing about it in our house, Alang is the second nickname of'God Killing', but No matter good or bad is also the betta fish looks like the king of chickens."

     "Precisely! Human body implant hanging want to know more?"

     "Who is the second? Believe it or not, I'll kick you to death by Jio!"


     For a time, Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan on the field had not fired yet, but the barrage in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms became lively first.

     As for Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan on the court.

     They don't have a God's perspective for the broadcast, so naturally they don't know that each other has chosen to change at this time.But the next moment, when the three of Ghost once again ran away from the smoke time of departure,

     The eyes of the two suddenly condensed!

     Whoops whoops—!

      At the same time, the other people in the two teams up and down R City once again tilted the bullet in the magazine crazy!

     But this time, in the hail of bullets, there are something different!



     The moment the crisp gunfire sounded, I saw two sniper bullets pierced through the air with a wave of bullets!

     But compared to the rifle, these two sniper bullets are undoubtedly faster, and the trajectory falls more slightly.

     So that they are sent together,

     And come first!

     At the moment when they heard the gunshots, countless viewers on the scene and live broadcast their eyes widened!

     The director pulled the angle of view extremely quickly, and quickly gave the shot to the Ghost three!



     The next moment, in the exclamation of countless European and American audiences on the scene, the two Ghosts who were running toward the next pile of smoke exploded a bloody mist at the same time!

     "IG-olves used Kar98k to headshot Ghost-Miccoy!"

     "4AM-Vic knocked down Ghost-Define with Kar98K!"

     Suddenly, they saw a stagger at their feet.

     Leaning forward suddenly,

     He fell to the ground.

     However, Shen Zeyan's shot was a headshot, while Liu Zilang's shot only hit the body.

     It's just that the stray bullet from the front teammate hit that person, which created the same visual effect.

     But this is not the time to talk about this.Because at this moment, this ghost team from North America, there is only one remaining solitary soul, unbound ghost...