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634 He Is Like A Pigeon Killer! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Have you tried visual inspection?

     and many more! You were here last night... ah, yeah, you didn't say that on the tower just now!

      At this moment, Aluka and Xiao Xingmu were both shocked. The two who had pulled a first aid kit looked up at Liu Zilang on the top, and even had the urge to leave him and run away.

     This meow is a beast!

      at the same time, on the commentary stage in Huaxia District.

     "My God! Did you just jump right down?"

     Rong Ye called out in alarm and sighed, "The 4AM wave of processing is really too decisive! It really shows us an eclectic way of thinking and strong tactical quality!"

     Ruofeng also nodded, "Yes, from the current situation, the 4AM option is really like quick sword cuts through tangled hemp, cutting the road to life and death with a single knife!"

     "Then what do they plan to do with the Shuicheng team? Do you want to continue to stand?"

     Su Changming looked at the game screen and frowned slightly, “In that case, I’m afraid I’ll waste too much time. If I run with poison, I will eat poison and enter the circle at that time. If you encounter it, their combat effectiveness will be greatly weakened if you encounter it with dissatisfied blood volume!"

     In the game competition, Liu Zilang waited until Aluka and Xiao Xingmu had finished the blood medicine, and also a "leap of faith" from the top of the tower.


     Seeing his blood volume falling into the bottom like a roller coaster, Liu Zilang couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     It's really a little exciting!However, Aluka and Xiao Xingmu helped to set up a gun to respond. The people on the water city side swept a few shuttles when Liu Zilang to drop from the sky,

     There was no more movement at this moment.

     Aluka leaned out of the smoke slightly sideways, glanced at Shuicheng again, and said somewhat skeptical, "Isn't this gang slipping away from the south of Shuicheng?"

     After Liu Zilang finished playing the first aid kit and looked at the time to shrink the poison, he couldn't help but said, "Whether he slips or not, we have to slip too."

     At this time, there was only one minute left to brush the poison, but they were the farthest divine scourge.

      It should be noted that the diameter of this circle can be close to one kilometer. Excluding the 500-meter range of the next safe zone, theoretically they would have to run 500 meters away to reach the safe zone.

     But this is only a theoretical straight-line distance.

     In a real game, due to various factors such as terrain and enemies, the road they have to walk right now is likely to be more than 500 meters.

     Realizing this, they no longer hesitate immediately. After the three of them filled the energy bar, they chose a route close to the poison side and ran towards the safe area.

     The advantage of this is that the three people only need to look at one side, which can avoid accidentally blindly getting into the crowd, on all sides, the songs of Chu.

     When Shuicheng takes action here,

     The battle between Knights and Gates in the ruins was also coming to an end.

     The two teams from Europe and the United States did not let anyone stay behind. They first launched an offensive with grenades, and then their teammates opened their guns and directly beat each other.Right now the Knights had the upper hand, with two remaining fighting, one of whom was kneeling and supporting.

     Gates has only two people left, because the two teammates they fell have been replaced.

     However, at this time, people from both teams a little bit did not want to play again.

     If you continue to fight this special meow, it is estimated that the survivors will have to stay here!

     However, they did not want to fight, but some people disagreed.


      without omen...

     A dull and heavy gunshot suddenly sounded!

     The moment they heard this gunshot, the two teams in the ruins suddenly felt one shivers in their hearts!

     This gunshot... is AM!

      At the same time, I saw Knights squatting on the ground while supporting his teammates, and a cloud of blood suddenly burst out of the head of the third-level head!

     "IG-olves knocked down Knights-Krama with AM headshot!"

     In an instant, the director's shot immediately cut to Shen Zeyan!

      At this moment, after a shot, Shen Zeyan did not hesitate at all, put the gun away, turned and rushed towards the safe area in the direction of the widow’s village.

     Is this stealing a shot?

     The European and American audiences at the scene were stunned when they saw this scene.

     But then,

     They found that they had guessed wrong.

     Because of the first angle of view in FPP mode, Shen Zeyan could not lock his vision behind his back when running.

     So when he was running poison, his whole person looked like a crab, he was walking forward, but his body was sideways.This scene looks like a ghost, but it is also a common technique in FPP mode, which can lock the field of vision to the rear to the maximum.

     So next, when the two of Gates took advantage of Knights' weakness and wanted to take the opportunity to leave the ruins and go outside while running poison and hitting a backhand...

     Never thought they had just left the bunker here.

     Shen Zeyan, who was in the "Overbearing Riot" in the distance, suddenly stopped forward!

     Stop, draw your gun!

     Open the mirror, aim!


     A familiar muffled thunder exploded again!

     In an instant, Gates had just got out of the bunker, and the helmet on his head was instantly torn to pieces!

     One more person at Gates was taken aback!

     He quickly retracted behind the bunker, and the person who was knocked down by the headshot quickly crawled towards the back of the bunker.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Shen Zeyan suddenly cut out a quadruple M4, and directed a burst of fast hand shots.

     "IG-olves finally killed Gates-Mossy with M416!"

     Shen Zeyan's face, who had made up for one person, did not fluctuate. After he switched back to AM again,

     Pull the bolt while moving back.

     When the next Magnum bullet was pushed into the chamber, he calmly carried his sniper.

     Turning to maintain the position just now, continue to run toward the safe zone.

     Next, whenever someone came out of the ruins behind him.

     Shen Zeyan would do not hesitate at all, and then he drew his gun and shot out!

     Hit the head,

     Just cut them into rifles and make up.

     The opponent whose blood volume suddenly lost most of the hit in the body was naturally suppressed.Seeing this scene of Thrilling Stimulation, everyone on the scene couldn't help but breathe in air!

      Clearly and easy to see, Shen Zeyan is the rhythm that he wants to kill the rest of the ruins alone!

     At this moment, the director gave Shen Zeyan a face shot of the player, seeming to want to see what kind of belief this person is fighting.

     But at the moment of seeing Shen Zeyan, everyone in the live and live broadcast room was silent...

     He is like a pigeon killer!

     He has no feelings!

     Also, Mod expression...

     And seeing this picture, the audience in the domestic live broadcast room almost laughed out of nowhere!

     "Puff haha! No more, LMAO!"

     "These foreigners also want Ze Shao's emoji, naive! Too naive!"

     "2333 Ze Shao's emoticon package can not be said that there is no, but only has one limited out-of-print emoticon."

     "But Ze Shao's AM is really awesome! It's just like nothing!"

     "By the way, if Boze doesn't get into the circle...should it be in time?"