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635 A Shot Dead End! (On) Second More
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

With the ebbing of time,

     When the countdown to shrink the poison on the spot fell to zero.

     The deep blue radiation net around him suddenly shook and began to spread toward the middle.

     From the director's God's perspective, it can be clearly seen that SKK, who occupies the best position, has eaten the Lminosity who is in the right half with them.

     Most of the teams that survived this time were stranded in the safety zone as the left half.

     And from a certain moment before,

     The gunfire suddenly sounded,

     Then it spread quickly, and never stopped.

     In this period of time, the gun lines of the SKK four have been opened. They clearly know that when the melee on the left side of the safety zone is over, precisely when they spread out their formation, one by one cannibalize these teams... .


     Da Da Da—!

     Listening to a violent gunfire not far away.

     Aluka and Xiao Xing watched as Shuicheng ran out of poison with them, but for various reasons, the team that chose to blindly plunge into the circle instantly collapsed and evaporated in the burst of gunfire, and couldn't help but swallow secretly.

     "The firepower of these people is too fierce!"

     "Fortunately, we went around the poison side, otherwise this wave will get cold!"

     "Put medicine first, take care of this point."

     Because the three of them took a detour, they started to eat poison halfway, and at this time only about one-half of the blood volume in the circle was left.

     Unexpectedly, after lying on the ground and taking the medicine, the three of them had just been together before observing the terrain, they heard a buzzing engine roar suddenly behind them!The next moment, I saw a hard-top jeep thrust straight into them diagonally behind them.

     Because the three of them all got down when they were fighting drugs, they blended perfectly with the grass on the slope.

     This led to a wave of "eSports" in this jeep, which didn't require eyesight, and drove directly towards Liu Zilang and their three people.

     For a moment, the three people lying on the grass were stunned.

     Is this really trying to drive us to death?

      At the same time, the two Savage in the jeep saw the hardest hit area avoiding the left half of the safe zone, and they couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     This team from Oceania, after hearing the fierce gunfire not far from the next door, felt like Aluka and the others were grateful for a while, and they also praised their wit!

     But the next moment,

     When they couldn't see the three people who suddenly got up from not far away, the expression on their faces suddenly froze!

     Areyou Faken KiddingMe?

     While the two people who were spraying medicine felt "foggy" in their hearts, quickly draw their guns flusteredly!

     However, at this time, how can they still have a chance to pull out their guns?


     Da Da Da—!

     A wave of unilateral shots that were almost face to face took away these two lost lambs in a blink of an eye.

     After the director’s camera captured this scene, the commentary on the stage could not help but look at each other in dismay.

     "Ahem... The 4AM wave is really people sitting at home with their heads coming from the sky."

      "Frankly, if this is not an offline match, I would have thought these two players from Savage are actors.""Hehe, I don't think the actors are good enough. I can only say that in this kind of circle, the two teams' thinking has sparked and they chose a similar way of entering the circle."

     During the game match, looking at the two boxes that were picked up for nothing, Liu Zilang and the three hurried up to chitter.

     The director's camera was given the direction of the ruins.

      At this moment, I saw a figure with a dark green sniper on his back, running out from the poison zone in the direction of the ruins alone.

     His blood volume is already less than one third,

     After entering the safe area, the man quickly found the bunker, lay down tactically and took the medicine.

     This person is naturally Shen Zeyan.

     Immediately afterwards, two or three warnings of death outside the safe area suddenly appeared on the screen.

     The players of the Knights and Gates teams.

     Shen Zeyan unexpectedly by the strength of a single person, with an AM, he abruptly stuck the two teams in the ruins!

     Seeing this scene, there was a burst of uncontrollable exclamation from the audience!

     "Hi! Is he the olves?!"

     "Oh, it's a man, you deserve to be a man called a sniper!"

      At this moment, Gao Yunyang, who was lying lazily in the Vip auditorium, saw this scene behind.

     He couldn't help chuckled, minding one's own business and said, "Ze Shao is really cool! Unlike that kid, who pretends to be cool all day long."

     Sitting on the chair at this time, he put his hands in his trouser pockets,

     Separating the two long legs, he looked up at the dome-shaped ceiling of the Colt Arena in a daze.

     In a daze, he seemed to see a golden rain falling above his head.

     ...On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     "Okay! This circle has been shrunk. It seems that the final round of the finals should be the hilly circle between the widow village and the water city."

     "Yes, the teams in the left half are still fighting, and there are only 9 teams and 26 people left on the field."

     "Oh! The Gold team has fallen again, but it can be saved. The total number of people on the field has not decreased."

     "Well, let's take a look at the third finals from the bottom. Although this is not a corner cut circle, it is still in the right half of the previous lap. Right now it seems that only the Faze players are in the circle."

     "Speaking of speaking, this circle is also very friendly to SKK. As the King Division of Gaopo in the widow village, they already have almost completely cleared the surrounding threats, and can complete a step circle very relaxedly."

     "Has it been completely cleaned up? Haha, you are afraid that you have forgotten someone."

     "Oh yes, there is Qiu Shen! Speaking of Qiu Shen, this game can be regarded as to sleep on brushwood and taste gall (like King Gou Jian of Yue, in order to recall one's humiliations), and I have lived for so long. , This seems to be the first time that Se7en has entered the top ten."

     "Yes, I hope Qiu Shen can continue the struggle and raise the rank of the team up."

     "But now in this circle, he will have a good time to consider. If he enters early, he will be discovered by SKK, and if he enters late, it will also be dangerous.

     "The 4AM game was pretty good, but the problem was that their way into the circle seemed to be blocked by the two teams. It was a bit difficult to play now."

     In the screen of the director.

     I saw the two teams, Gold and Indfall, one on the left and the other on the right, as if pockets were blocked on the way to the 4AM circle.In this case, if 4AM touches in advance, both teams will play together.

     If you enter a little later, then the problem will arise. They will still get stuck in the poison zone after the two teams enter the circle.

     Therefore, the problem facing 4AM at this time is undoubtedly a decision that makes two people advance and retreat.

     Ten seconds have passed now, and only a minute is left before the next wave of venomous hand contractions.

     4AM must make a decision as quickly as possible.

     Liu Zilang looked at the two fascinating slopes in front of him. He suddenly took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes slightly.

     "This wave of me is here to attract their attention, you continue to enter the circle next to the poison, is there a problem?"


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