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637 Words Exceede 5100
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Flirting and magnificent!

     Countless bullets converged from all around and gradually formed a firepower net, making it difficult for people to emerge.

     Liu Zilang, who had just been shot headshot, barely survived by relying on the third-level head?

     After hitting a medical kit, he hid behind the reverse slope, watching the flashing fire from the guns of the people on the opposite side.

     The bullet hit the turf and soil on the top of the slope, making a "rusty" sound, which made the atmosphere extremely depressing.

     Liu Zilang sitting in front of the computer sucked in a mouthful of air,

     The air slowly filled his lungs, allowing his brain to calm down in this critical environment.

      a more dangerous environment,

     The more calm!

     Anxiety and anxiety doesn't have any effect on his current situation.

     Three seconds later, after adjusting his state, Liu Zilang did not forget his mission.

     I saw that after changing a position behind the slope, his figure suddenly leaned forward again!

     But at this time, six or seven people are staring at him on this slope, Liu Zilang is naturally impossible to be like last time, the other party has not found where the others are yet

     Just complete a wave of flashing headshots.

     In fact, this time he just got together.

     At a certain point on the opposite side, there was a burst of gunfire that reacted extremely quickly!

     Da Da Da—!

     But he is fast,

     Liu Zilang's reaction was faster!

     Liu Zilang's 98K muzzle, who had just completed pulling the bolt to change the bomb, suddenly lifted. Before everyone on the field saw how he opened the lens, he burst out!


     Behind the front left slope.In indfall's three-person team, one heard the teammate next to him suddenly shoot.

     He subconsciously pulled his perspective,

     Immediately, it was the teammate who watched him shooting dumbfounded. His head was like a watermelon that had been burst, and the juice was spilled everywhere.

     Obviously he fired first?

     Seeing this scene, the man was stunned for a moment, and there was a panic in his heart unconsciously.

     The guy opposite... is too abnormal!

      At the same time, the third-level head on the head of Liu Zilang, who was considered to be abnormal, had disappeared at this time, and his blood volume had dropped by half again.

     Why is it headshot again?

     Speaking of which, this is really not how accurate the opponent's marksmanship is.

     It was because Liu Zilang almost revealed his head from behind the slope, and several people from the other side swept over with bullets from all around "Hula La".

     If you can't hit it, you can't hit it. Isn't it a headshot if you can hit it?

     At this moment, even if there is still a third-level armor on the body, Liu Zilang without a helmet is obviously the most dangerous time, a rifle bullet can kill him!

     Fortunately, two players from Savage just sent them a wave of express delivery, and the box was not far away.

     Liu Zilang quickly went over to change into a second-level head, squatted on the ground and took a shot, and then fought again.

     At this moment, his spirit is highly concentrated, and his body method reaction is even faster to the extreme.

     Under the director's God's perspective.

     The audience in the live and live broadcast rooms gradually found in horror that every time Liu Zilang showed up, whether it was 98K or sister control, he was always the person who could react faster than the other party.Get the first shot faster!

     Every time he pulled his heart in an instant, aiming at the person who reacted first, accurately and quickly, with an interval of no more than 0.5 seconds.

     In this "1V1" pairing between Lightning Spark, Liu Zilang was the first to complete the beheading.

     Next, he either took advantage of the situation to pull the muzzle and sweep again, or after pulling the bolt, he retracted very quickly.


     With passage of time.

     Gold fell to the ground with two people behind the slope on the front right, and indfall, the three-player team behind the slope on the front left, also fell to the ground with two people.

     In an instant, the opponent's firepower became empty.

     Liu Zilang, who had already exploded three helmets, felt the pressure on his body suddenly lightened.

     However, at this time, the European and American audiences and commentators on the scene were all stunned. They opened their mouths and exclaimed "Oumaika's"!

     Even if I just see with one's own eyes,

     But at this time, they are also hard to believe that in this kind of FPP professional event, how did one achieve it and how did he achieve it compete with two nearly full four-man teams?

     It seems vaguely... they seem to have seen the black figure that swept Europe and America with Se7en back then...

     Is that man back?

     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     Master Rong exclaimed with a high-five, "beautiful! Vic's cover is too good, it perfectly covers Aru and the eye-catching sneak in."

     "Is this a cover?" Ruofeng looked at the game screen and couldn't help but twitched slightly. "Maybe his so-called cover infiltration is to let his teammates open and aboveboard walk in after killing all opponents...""Aluka and Xiao Xingmu go a little further and enter the circle." Su Changming stared at Liu Zilang in the rear of the game screen, and said slightly worried:

     "But now there are only ten seconds left before the next wave of poison refresh, he must find a way in here."

     "Isn't there another Jeep? Drive around how is it?" Ruo Feng pushed down the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

     "I think it's difficult." Rong Ye decided to comment and shook the head. "Except for SKK's jurisdiction, the entire left half of the area is the hardest hit area with dense gun lines. If Vic drives around from there, it is most likely Was beaten down."

     "But now Aluka and Xiao Xingmu have passed, and 4AM still made it to the finals anyway." Su Changming smiled helplessly, "That kid...you can only ask him to seek fortune for oneself."

     Su Changming finished speaking Not long after, the next moment, the director's camera pulled abruptly!


     There was a burst of violent gunfire.

     I saw a cloud of blood mist burst out of a running person suddenly, and the blood volume dropped sharply!

     Fortunately, the person reacted and jumped sideways in time, and quickly rushed to the back of a low slope, which was able to almost survive.

     And this person is amazingly small!

     "Fuck! Aru stops, there is someone ahead!"

     In fact, at the moment Xiao Qiao exclaimed and reminded, Aluka reacted extremely quickly to find the cover and hide.

     At this time, the two of them were less than five meters away from the safety zone in front of them, but no one thought of right here. They unexpectedly encountered a wave of attacks.At this moment, the director's perspective was suddenly pulled into the air.

     "It's SKK! SKK shifted to the front of 4AM when it entered the lap."

     "This is very uncomfortable. SKK doesn't seem to want to give up these two people. They are still pressing forward!"

     "Crap! The small eye-catching blood volume is very crippled, and there are only two of them. This wave is difficult to fight!"

     Seeing this scene of Qifeng's emergence, the Huaxia District commentary stage also made a burst of exclamation. On the field, Aluka and Xiao Ming also quickly saw the situation.

     In crisis.

     Aluka glanced at the four people who spread out in the front and pushed over, and then at the two teams blocking Liu Zilang's road into the circle at the back right.

     He gritted his teeth and made a decision in his heart!

     A...decision about men!