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639 Surface Brother, Family Bucket! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

With the ebbing of time, the gunshots on the field gradually became sparse and landed, and after the wave of poison contracted, there were only 6 teams and 14 people left.

     On the interpretive stage in Huaxia District.

     Rong Ye exclaimed and said, "Inconceivable! I didn't expect Vic to enter the circle in this way at the end of 4AM."

     Ruofeng nodded said, "Let’s take a look at the situation on the court. The current situation is 4V4V3V1V1V1, two four-man formations, one three-person team, and three lone wolves."

     "The key point now is that SKK once again occupied the circle of fate." Su Changming shook the head and couldn't help but said with emotion, "Speaking of which in the second half of the game, even if SKK is not in the circle, it is still near the circle. Really It feels like a Mandate of Heaven Returns."

     "So according to the current situation, SKK only needs to spread out the formation in the safe zone, and after the two main teams Faze and Athletico outside the circle play almost there, they can go in and harvest the endgame."

     "But Qiu Shen's wave seems to be a bit dangerous. Although his position is not in the safe zone, but he is too close to SKK. Once SKK is deployed, it is easy to be spotted."

     "Yes, there is Vic and Shen Zeyan. They are now under the noses of Faze and Athletico, and they are in a very bad situation when they are found."

     "But to be fair, our three Chinese teams are currently at least in the top six, especially in the game of Qiu Shen, which staged a "Lone Wolf Seeking Birthday". Being able to live here already belongs to blessing in disguise, everyone really It's not easy anymore.""Yes, although the result of the game has not been announced yet, but SKK's position is really good. I think our domestic audience can expect to have it, but not too much. Everyone wins together, and loses together. it is good."

     With the words of the commentary on stage, the atmosphere in the domestic live broadcast room gradually changed. Later, I didn't know that it was the leader of the "China Team Come On".

     All of a sudden, many friends who only watch live broadcasts and do not use barrage, can't help but follow.

     Just a blink of an eye...

     The full-screen "China Team Come On" suddenly rolled in like a Qiantang tide, and even the barrage became a bit stuck.


     In the game, the gun lines of the SKK four have all been opened.

      has to say, although there are many bunkers on the slope in the hilly finals, it is not easy to be knocked down.

     But it is easier to reveal your position.

     It can be said that apart from Li Muqiu,

     At this point SKK has fully grasped the positions of the remaining two teams, Faze and Athletico.

     They even knew the approximate location of the two lone wolves, Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan.

     So at this moment, the four of SKK can just watch the fires burning across the river.

     As for the lone wolf whose location is not yet clear,

     At the moment, the four of them are full of formations, but they are not worried about how big a wave he can make.

     The refresh time of the penultimate wave of poison is one minute and thirty seconds, and it will shrink within thirty seconds.As time passed by, the Faze and Athletico teams outside the safety zone began to agitate.

     One after another, smoke bombs still passed in the direction of the safe zone SKK like no money.

     This time, both teams were very smart in this wave.

     They knew that in this situation, instead of spreading cigarettes into the circle and losing sight of themselves, it would be better to take drastic action and toss the cigarette directly to seal the opponent's gun line.

     Another big problem between the two teams must be solved. If they don't know the threat of turning around, they can't run the poison at all.

     So the next moment... the gunfire suddenly fell like a drum, and there was a bang on the court.

     Under the director’s lens, it was not clear who fired the gun first, but the result was Athletico’s Linksy gain the upper hand by a show of strength,

     A wave of Mini14's rapid succession of dots instantly knocked out Faze's assaulter Mxey!

     "Oh Shet!"

     "Quickly! He is disabled! Hit him and beat him!"

     "Wait, I will pull down the gun line!"

     "There seems to be someone near us, be careful!"

     The voices of both parties suddenly became lively.

     The gunshots were intense and intense!

     And Shen Zeyan and Liu Zilang, who were lurking diagonally on the left and right, were even more quickly waiting for the opportunity!


     The first to wake up the two teams on the field was the AM shot in Shen Zeyan's hand!

     The moment the gunshot sounded, Faze suddenly headed broken, blood flowing and fell to the ground.

     On the other side, Liu Zilang also held up the eight times sister control, and directed a wave of fully automatic shots at the people on the court.The two teams reacted immediately,

     The two sides quickly leaving distance in between, and backhand threatened from behind.

     However, in FPS games in milliseconds, even if it could happen at any moment, the casualties on both sides are still very heavy.

     Especially when Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan caught it's just perfect at the time, they stole a wave of ass. At this time, Faze had one of the four, and Athletico also had only one person left.

     At this time, both sides wanted to save people, but they were worried about being attacked again, and the situation became very passive.

     "Pretty! Vic and Ze Shao took this opportunity to be perfect!"

     "I'll be honest in this wave. Faze and Athletico's previous wave of reverse cigarette sealing handled well, but the following wave was a bit careless."

     "Now there is no way, the rest of the two teams can only help others by closing cigarettes."

     "Let me see... there are still more than 40 seconds before the next wave of poison reduction. The poison circle is not far away. They should still have time."


     While explaining and analyzing the situation on the field, the director over there suddenly showed Shen Zeyan.

     At this moment, Shen Zeyan, who saw the other party closing the cigarette, had put away his gun, and took advantage of the "fog array" that Faze and Athletico had just put together and moved towards the safe zone noiselessly.

     And Liu Zilang just saw the kill prompt, after knowing that there was Shen Zeyan behind the two teams in the middle.

     He was suddenly excited!

     With Shen Zeyan present, he is confident that the two sides will wipe out the middle two teams in a wave of "superficial brothers".He held the fragmented hand and threw it into the smoke of the two teams. He didn't realize that Shen Zeyan had already "sold" him...

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the domestic live broadcast room suddenly said "Cannot help but laugh."

     "6666, there are not many people in society, but not many people are ruthless."

     "Distressed a wave of Vic, this wave of guarding the house is okay haha!"

     "Vic: What about the surface brother?"

     "2333 Ze Shao said nothing wrong!"


     The audience in the live broadcast room had a joyous discussion.

     I never thought that at this moment,

     Just listen to the "boom" a loud sound in the picture,

     The top right of the screen suddenly resembled flowing water, and three kill prompts appeared!

     "4AM-Vic used a grenade to blow up Athletico-Linksy!"

     "4AM-Vic used a grenade to kill Athletico-Heffaa!"

     "4AM-Vic killed Athletico-Neferhor with a grenade!"

     ? ? ?

     This is... family bucket?