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640 Three Flowers Gather Together, Se7en! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Looking at the three neatly placed boxes under the director's camera, the corners of the audience's mouths twitched at the scene and in the live broadcast room.

      Without a doubt, this team of Athletico was rescued by Liu Zilang...

     This scene not only scared the audience,

     Even Faze two teammates who had just been rescued from the smoke not far from the next door who were preparing to rescue again were shocked at this time!

     Isn't this poisonous?

     So here comes the problem... Can't it be saved?

     After looking at the 20-odd seconds remaining to clean up the poison, think about the "ticking time bomb ??"

     The two Faze made a decision immediately.

     After they were full of blood, they walked around for a while, and then they almost moved to the safe zone along the route of Shen Zeyan's circle.

     As for the two teammates who falls to the ground, they can only kill themselves...

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong saw the scene behind the scene and couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Hehe, Vic’s thunder just now is killing the chicken to warn the monkey. We can see that Haxete and Jembty have already It started to transfer, they sold their teammates decisively this wave, has to say, Vic has just this thunder is really scary!"

     "This kid's thunder is really evil, if I were Faze, I wouldn't dare to save it." Su Changming also showed a smile on his face.

     His tone was Pausing, and then he continued:"Of course, the fear of being bombed by thunder is only one aspect, on the other hand is time comes without enough time, don’t look at it, there are still more than twenty seconds, but you have to fight medicine when you save it? They are not close to the safe zone, this time just let go Running drugs is actually a very sensible choice."

     "Then there are five teams and nine people left on the court now. What about Vic, isn't he thinking about moving?" Ruofeng looked at Liu Zilang on the map.

     In the game, there are only ten seconds left before the countdown to shrink poison.

     But Liu Zilang still didn't move. He just squatted there, quietly watching the direction of the finals.

     After a while...

     The direction of the finals was shot suddenly!

     It turned out that the SKK four people fumbled out of the smoke, and both Shen Zeyan who had just entered the circle and Faze who were halfway encountered a wave of resistance!

     Shen Zeyan, who has already entered the circle, is okay.

     The moment the bullet hit, he immediately came to the reverse slope and escaped a wave of blasts.

     But Faze who follow behind is not so lucky. Although there are slope shelters on the road, the poison is behind the ass. They want to stop but can't stop!

     SKK's firepower is so fierce!

      In the blink of an eye, Faze's body was splashed with blood, and the blood volume plummeted!

     "Sheet! Damn it!"

     "Stop it!"

     Seeing that things couldn't be done, Faze and the two hurriedly found a slope to get down, and sealed a cigarette before spraying the medicine.

     At this time, the countdown to the contraction of the poison ring is over.

     The deep blue radiation net around, once again spread towards the middle.On the scene of the European and American commentators, the two European and American commentators also yelled frantically!

     "Oh! Faze is racing against time! It is racing against death!"

     "I hope our warriors can successfully enter the circle and have a fair contest."

     "Let's cheer for Faze! Cheer for Faze!"

     Driven by the commentary, many European and American audience members also yelled!

     After all, Faze, as a strong European team, still has a high popularity on the scene, and they are also the winning team that is more promising before the game.

     However, amidst the cheering shouts of hiding the sky and covering the earth around the scene, a disharmonious voice broke in abruptly...


     It's the roar of a car engine!

     The director's camera jerked back from Faze.

     Suddenly, the audience's eyes widened suddenly, the phrase "Faze Come on" was like being stuck in their throat, and they could no longer make any sound...

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw a jeep roaring, like a wild dog that has been running off, rushing into the smoke from behind.

     The next moment, the jeep whistled out of the smoke again!

     But this time,

     There seem to be two people hanging in front of the car...

     "4AM-Vic drove Faze-Haxete to death!"

     "Faze-Jembty was killed by a 4AM-Vic vehicle!"

     Da Da Da—!

     A rain of bullets is pouring!Although the two corpses in the front window blocked Liu Zilang's vision, they also helped him play a certain "defense" role!

     Liu Zilang in the driving position followed the pre-observed terrain route and slammed the steering wheel to the left!

     Immediately before the car was blown up,

     A drifting brake suddenly stopped the car behind the reverse slope near the edge of the circle.

     Successfully entered the circle!

     All of a sudden... there was a burst of cheers on the commentary stage in Huaxia District!

     Rong Ye slammed his fist vigorously, and exclaimed in excitement, "Pretty! Vic is a late starter! Successfully replaced Faze in the finals!"

     "Poor Faze's two little brothers, they were forced to take a medicine in the cigarette without any choice, and they would be gone if they didn't do anything." Ruofeng pretended to sighed saying helplessly.

     "Then there are only seven people left on the field, and only SKK has a full formation." Su Changming frowned slightly, "The other three are all lone wolves. At present, SKK has a huge advantage! The normal situation can be said to be stable. Eat chicken."

     "But!" Rong Ye suddenly raised his voice suddenly, "but these three lone wolves are all players of our Huaxia team! And I believe some viewers have discovered that they are still the three players of Se7en!"

     Ruofeng was slightly surprised, and quickly reacted, "It is true, and it is definitely impossible for Vic, Ze Shao and Qiu Shen to massacre one another at the moment. They must destroy the four that threatens them the most. The people team SKK can then consider the following questions."Rong Ye said with some overwhelmed by emotions, "It looks like it is very likely to evolve into the old Se7en that year and split into three ways to encircle and suppress SKK!"

     "But even so, SKK still has the advantage of numbers, and they are still in the same voice, their team coordination will do better." Su Changming frowned slightly, "Vic their three people...this wave of me Still not very optimistic."

     In fact, not only the commentary of Huaxia District discovered this point, but the European and American commentators and the audience on the scene gave Liu Zilang, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan the three IDs...

     But no stranger at all!

     Especially the SKK four in the middle of the circle.

     Looking at the scene of déjà vu in front of them, many old FPS audiences on the scene felt as if they had returned to the "The Godswar" scene half a year ago.

     Many SKK fans originally felt nothing else, but when they saw the IDs of these three people, they flustered for no reason.

     No one hadn't thought that Se7en would reunite again in this way!

     That time it was SKK's emergency effort.

     Cut off the road to the summit of Se7en sweeping Europe and America!

     This time the "Battle on the Top"...

     What will be the result?

     Seeing this exciting scene,

     The audiences who are watching this game all over the world are excited!