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642 Three Flowers Gather Together, Se7en! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

On the stage in Europe and America.

     "SKK vs. Se7en? Oh Mika! This scene seemed to show me the finals six months ago."

     "I think you're right, but it's a pity that there is one Sloth missing on the field today. That player was the strongest breaker in the professional field back then!"

     "The situation for SKK is now very good. They only need to steadily fight and nibble their opponents one after another. It seems that this time, even if Se7en's'recombination', they will not escape the spell of failure after all!"

     "Oh! The situation of this wave of Lech players is pretty bad, our Miss Jinx Vivian thunder has been thrown over."

     "Huh?! Wait a minute! On Vic's side of the front battlefield, he jumped into the jeep! What is he going to do?"

     Under the director's God's perspective, every move of everyone in the finals is clearly presented in front of countless audiences in the live and live broadcast rooms.

     Because of the 98K exposure of the shot Liu Zilang just now, he was held up by the two SKK after turning the slope.

     At this time, under the attention of everyone,

     Liu Zilang suddenly jumped on the car that had smoked after entering the lap, and he looked at the Jeep that might be scrapped at any time.

     Start off if you make a difference?

      entire worlds and realms' Countless viewers couldn't help their eyes widening, their faces were full of surprise and surprise, their mouths slightly opened!

     The next moment, I saw the hardtop jeep slowly climbing up the slope amidst the harsh roar and roar.

     Suddenly rushed down from the side!

     On the opposite side of SKK.

     Almost as soon as the sound of the car rang, Satan and Billy were alert.When seeing the jeep rushing to the side from the reverse slope, Satan couldn't help raising the eyebrow.

     Do you want to play any tricks?

     Billy on the side didn't have that much thought.

     He saw the car emerge from behind the slope,

      Subconsciously raised the quadruple AK in his hand, and shot the jeep frantically!

     At this time, AK, the most difficult rifle to control, was in Billy's hands, but the pinpoint was firmly pressed in the front seat of the jeep, showing an amazing level of gun control!

     A series of bullets roared through the air!

     It hit the body of the jeep, bursting into countless sparks, ding ding dang dang endlessly!

     Just a blink of an eye...

     A flame suddenly appeared on the body of the Jeep.

     It will explode in the next second!

     However, at this moment, everyone hadn't thought that Liu Zilang got on the car and started, let the car climb up the reverse slope along the slope and rush out from the side.

     Others are in the second position,

     He jumped out of the car from the other side extremely quickly.

     The dazzling flame expanded!

     I saw the loud sound of the jeep rumbling, which turned into a ball of fire in the thick smoke.

     In an instant, this abruptly arising explosion suddenly made the car as if it had been hit by some heavy object, and the power of the explosion suddenly went ahead!

     Cars pass, people appear, guns out!

     In this short instant that was like a shock, three people on the court actually reacted at the same time!

     Perhaps for these top professional players, at this moment, the flow of time seems to slow down!However, under the director's God's perspective.

      entire worlds and realms' Countless viewers have their eyes widened, watching in horror as Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan on the other side raise their muzzles swiftly at the same time!

     And Satan, who has been holding back one's troops without moving in the middle position, lifted the M24 in his hand quickly!




     98K! AM! M24!

     The three bolt bolts slide at the same time!

     The fire from the muzzle burst out, three sniper bullets were blasted out, accelerating, spinning...

     I found my goal!

     The next moment, Satan, Billy and Shen Zeyan's heads burst out of blood mist at the same time!

     Liu Zilang▄︻┻┳═Satan!

     Shen Zeyan▄︻┻┳═Billy!

     Satan▄︻┻┳═Shen Zeyan!

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the audience around the scene couldn't help taking a breath...

     The next moment, the sound of exclamation was like ripples, and it spread wildly around!

     "Oh Maiga! What did I see!"

     "This kind of reaction is really inconceivable!"

     "My God! Are they all monsters?"


     Huaxia's host commentary stage.

     "Hard to believe! Unimaginable! This wave of Vic's is a tactical ghost!"

     "That's right! He used the jeep to attract the opponent's attention, then jumped halfway and shot a headshot, perfectly threaten the east and strike to the west!""The most important thing is Ze Shao's cooperation. The two are worthy of old teammates back then. It seems that they are not needed at all. Any communication, Ze Shao immediately understood Vic's intentions."

     "But Satan's reaction is also alarming, and his sense of crisis is even more terrifying. To be honest, I didn't even see that he just pointed his gun at Ze Shao at what time."

     "But it's a pity. It may have been that Billy and Satan overlapped from the perspective of Ze Shao. Otherwise, it would be better if this AM shot could hit Satan in the head."

     "But Vic's shot is quite accurate. Satan's third-level head was shot again by Vic, which is currently already lost."

     "Well, the current situation on the frontal battlefield is that Billy fell to the ground, Vic was full of blood, Satan and Ze Shao were shot heads respectively, although they were not dead, they have temporarily lost their combat capabilities."

     "Oh! Vivian from SKK is coming from rear support!"

     "Qiu Shen! Qiu Shen also rushed out of the bunker holding AK! He caught this opportunity very pretty! This time, Karl happened to be the only one defending on the back!"

     "Wait! How do I feel that Vic their three people have played together? Without communication, how did he achieve it?"


     Accompanied by the exclamation on the commentary stage!

     Li Muqiu, once known as the "Asian Killer God", "AK Little Prince", and "Asia's Number One Breakthrough Player" burst into the smoke!

     At this time, his mood suddenly became extremely calm, and he was already entered in a very focused state.



     The shrinking time behind...In the countless information that was constantly changing like a torrent, Li Muqiu found the light in the smoke!



     Two AKs!

     Two of the strongest assaulters in the world!

     The diffuse smoke isolated the gun line,

     But they couldn't cut off their bullets, and the dull sound of hitting the body continued to sound!

     Until a shuttle clip shot empty,

     It suddenly became quiet in the smoke...

     After a while, a two-message prompt was quietly swiped from the upper right of the screen.

     "Se7en-Lech used AKM to knock down SKK-Karl!"

     "Se7en-Lech used AKM to finally kill SKK-Karl!"

     However, without waiting for everyone to relax, even more violent gunfire came from the front battlefield!

     The director's camera suddenly everything!

     I saw it at a distance of less than 100 meters.

     Vivian, who came to support from behind, raised the muzzle of SKS and fired at the speed of howling wind and torrential rain, and Liu Zilang was not exposed!

     Seventeen shots in two seconds?

     Liu Zilang, who flashed back at this time, had 98K in his hand cut into MK14.

     He raised the eyebrow and raised the corner of his mouth slightly.

     too slow...

     You have 17 rounds in two seconds!

     Let's take a look at my fifteen times sister control!

     The next moment, Liu Zilang leaned forward from behind the slope!

     At the moment when the fifteen times mirror was opened, Vivian suddenly became clear in his field of vision!

     Whoosh whoosh—!

     The tongue spit out in the muzzle!

     Countless bullets shuttle back and forth between the two sides!The chests and limbs of the two men shot out bloody beams at the same time, and the blood volume of the whole person plummeted at the same time!

     In a critical situation, Satan, who had just been shot to the head by Liu Zilang, was lying on the ground and spraying medicine, and saw something wrong.

     He quickly interrupted the fight medicine, and raised the muzzle of the M24 in his hand quickly!

     not good!

     This is more than a sneak attack!

     The domestic audience was shocked when they saw this!


      without omen...

     The gunfire exploded like a muffled thunder!

     In the next moment, countless audiences on the scene opened their mouths in surprise!

     I saw Satan lift the M24 at the moment,

     A cloud of blood suddenly burst out of his head, and he fell down with a confused face.

     "IG-olves knocked down SKK-Satan with AM headshot!"

     The director's camera slammed everything to Shen Zeyan, who was not far away with the same blood.

     It turned out that he had just interrupted the fight medicine when a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, and blasted out this deadly attack!

     At this time, under the camera, Shen Zeyan was holding AM's cold muzzle. Even if he killed the biggest opponent in the game with a single shot, he still couldn't show the slightest expression on his silent face.

     At this moment, the shot of the director is everything!

     I saw in this wave of "SKSVs sister control", both sides did not evade head-on head-on shots.

     Before Liu Zilang's blood volume dropped to the bottom,

     Vivian in the end still took a step ahead of him and was taken away by a deadly bullet.

     Suddenly fell to the ground!

     "4AM-Vic used MK14 to kill SKK-Vivian!"Lore!

     All four of SKK are destroyed!


     In this final round, the legendary team SKK, which had an absolute advantage, had three lone wolves annihilated!

     Seeing this scene, the University of California’s Colt E-Sports Arena seemed to be muted. With the four screens in the middle of the stage as the center, the entire stadium gradually became quiet...

      At this moment, a mixture of consternation and shock was brewing in the hearts of countless audiences at the scene!

     At that moment when it reached the top!


     The exclamation of the audience burst out, almost overturning the entire ceiling!

     But at this moment...

     An even more shocking scene appeared!

     At the moment of the last wave of poison contraction, the screen jumped out of two safe areas and died.

     The bloody Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan didn't come into the circle in time, and they were not surprisingly taken away by the radiation that suddenly contracted behind them.

     But Li Muqiu was already in the circle because he cut into the enemy from behind.

     The next moment, the picture changed suddenly on the screen, and a line of yellow font appeared!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     The settlement of the third game pops up!

      ranked first: Se7en!


     At this moment, the three commentators on the Huaxia commentary stage were all stopped/stood excitedly.

     "Eating chicken! Se7en eating chicken in The last battle!"

     "Our Huaxia team, two chickens in three games today! We won The last battle!"

     "Congratulations Se7en!""ChinaNo.1!"

     Amid the excitement of the incoherent speech, the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms also boiled up.

     Numerous red barrage showed a blowout burst, which was swiped out from the screen grandiose.

     "Congratulations Se7en!"

     "The Huaxia team is cheating!"

     "Haha, Qiu Shen is also a chicken from heaven in the end!"

     "I don't care! The last battle is Se7en!"



     I don't know who brought a rhythm.

     So in the blink of an eye, the full-screen "congratulations" all become countless densely packed "777"...