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643 The Night Of The Championship, The End Of The World Has This Time! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

China, Jiang Hai.

     At six in the morning, not a sound to be heard.

     There is a ray of light on the east horizon, cautious and solemn infiltrating the light blue sky.

     Wearing pajamas wrapped in quilt, holding mobile phone in both hands.

     Half of his body hung outside the bed, Zhang Xiaotong saw that moment when he saw the picture on the computer screen. He couldn't help but waved his small fist in excitement, and then the whole person "gulu" dragging the quilt from the bed. Slipped down.

      boom sound!

     The sound of the head hitting the floor sounded.


     It hurts!

     Zhang Xiaotong shouted in pain and sat up cross-legged from the ground with her head in her hands.

     But when she turned her head and looked at the game screen on the computer screen, her face quickly showed the joy of unable to suppress, and her big eyes were shiny.


     \(≧▽≦)/! ! !


     China has two chickens in three games!

      In The last battle, the veteran Se7en "divided into three ways to encircle and suppress SKK", and everyone was full of blood!

      At this moment, the entire worlds and realms' PUBG Chinese players are boiling!

      thousands of words ...

      In this brief moment, it seems to be gathered into four words.

     Foggy grass! abuse!

     Of course, in addition to the Chinese players, countless European and American audiences on the scene were also shocked in the extreme.


     They originally only thought about this wave of Liu Zilang, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan who will die first and who will die later. They will assign two, three or four people, but never hadn't thought the situation has actually come to a reversal of sky and the earth turning upside down. !SKK, which originally occupied the favorable geographical and social conditions of the sky, was turned over under absolutely impossible circumstances!

     What's more, the one who eats chicken in this game is the Se7en who had "halved to the top", and Se7en who ranked third from the bottom in the first two games!

     Suddenly, after a while of surprise!

     Many overseas students and Chinese and overseas Chinese spectators at the scene even frantically waved the flag of China and shouted loudly!

     This moment is worth their excitement!

     This moment is also worthy of their pride!

     Infected by this fanatical atmosphere, European and American audiences around the venue stood up one after another to applaud the shocking reversal of Se7en!

     At the same time, they also gave their own applause for the tacit understanding of the three lone wolves who once belonged to the same team in a desperate situation.

     This is the charm of eSports!

     As long as you are strong enough!

     Just can obtain the cheers of everyone in the world!

     Immediately afterwards, the lights suddenly dimmed on the scene!

     On the four huge big screens on the stage, the total scores of the three games on the first match day were ranked!

     Suddenly, the cheers on the scene gradually calmed down, and all the audience stared wide-eyed, waiting for the final result with bated breath.

     The next moment, a line of golden fonts suddenly appeared on the dark screen!

     Champion: 4AM! Total score: 1640!

     Kill King: Vic!

     MVP: Vic!

     "Congratulations 4AM!"

     "Vic's cheating!!"

     "we are the champion!!!"

     A shout broke out on the commentary stage again!

     Bang bang bang!The igniting music sounded instantly, gorgeous fireworks spewed out around the stage, and countless golden ribbons floated down the sky above the stage.

     In an instant, countless spectators on the scene were also brought into a new round of climax!

     In the VIP audience.

     Gao Yunyang leaned back, lying on the chair in a daze, looking up at the top of his head.

     Suddenly, he stretched out his right hand, spreading his palm.

     A piece of golden ribbon fell to the palm of his hand, making him sensed a kind of raindrop-like warmth.


     These guys...

      At the same time, Kotomi Misaka, who is not far away, clenched the little fist, followed the ups and downs of the surrounding crowd and jumped and screamed!

     "Wet and wet! The best!"

     Wang Qianqian's face was also full of joy, and he looked at Liu Zilang on the stage with shining eyes, it looked like he had discovered a huge treasure waiting to be developed!

     Her mind was spinning at high speed, and she was already thinking about how to squeeze back...

     Next, the second and third places were announced on the stage, respectively SKK with 1420 points and C9 with 1110 points.

     But in eSports, only the first place can be remembered. Who cares who the second place is?

     At this time everyone on the stage has left.

     Standing alone in the middle of the stage, Liu Zilang looked up at the lights above his head, and suddenly found that he was not as dazzling as he had imagined, and he grinned.

     Immediately afterwards, 4AM's Dragon God Jue, Wei Shen and Aluka, and Xiao Ding Miao took the stage in turn.

     The first thing everyone comes up is to jump up and give Liu Zilang a bear hug!no way!

     They are so excited!

     Today, if it were not for Liu Zilang to take on a leadership role at a time of crisis, he would turn the tide and help the mansion.

     It’s hard to say the next game,

     But this time, 4AM may be destined to miss the world championship, and even suffer from the ridicule of countless domestic audiences!

     Therefore, Liu Zilang's performance in three games today is worthy of their embrace to express their inner excitement!

     However, after more than a thousand pounds, Liu Zilang almost became the first player in history to be crushed to death by his teammates on the championship podium!

      with great difficulty he breathed a sigh of relief.

     With a twitching corner of his eye, Liu Zilang suddenly missed his former teammate's body.

     I remember when I won the game for the first time that year,

     He was a "flying dragon riding face" and jumped directly on the neck of Su Bo...

     Next, under the cheers and sparkling lights of countless audiences.

     A European and American hostess with a backless dress and fair hair blue eyes with big waves and fair hair blue eyes stepped on high heels and walked onto the stage with a smile on her desk and microphone.

     After she took the stage, she raised the microphone in her hand and gestured to the people around the stage, "Wow! Let's first congratulate the champion lads tonight!"

     In an instant, the audience burst into cheers again for hiding the sky and covering the earth!

     Seeing that the atmosphere at the scene was mobilized, the hostess looked down at the desk and said with a smile, "First of all, I want to ask you what it’s like to get the Heart of a champion?"After the translator on the side translated this sentence, the people of 4AM looked at each other a few times and couldn't help laughing.

     "Who will come first?"

     "Wei Jiang first?"

     "The Dragon God comes first."

     "It's better for Vic to come first."


     Several people laughed and turned away, and finally the microphone was still inserted into Liu Zilang's hands.

     Liu Zilang didn't have much to hesitate.

     He took the microphone and said directly and straightforward, "Um... a little excited."

     Upon hearing this, the overseas students and overseas Chinese at the scene suddenly said "cannot help but laugh"!


     This is still so utterly unpredictable than on the stage!

     According to international practice, shouldn’t this time be grateful to water friends, family members, and various TVs for their vigorous cultivation?

     The hostess of with ample experience on stage is still waiting for Liu Zilang's long talk.

     It turned out that he was so short!

     She was slightly taken aback, and some unreconciled asked again, "Then after winning this championship, do you have any plans or goals next?"

     Plan or goal?

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but froze when he heard the translator's words. He was in a daze.

     This time he did not answer immediately.

     His eyes slowly passed the audience, former teammates and current opponents...

     Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning in Liu Zilang's mind!

     I saw that he took a deep breath!

     The gaze in the eyes looked at the audience, and it seemed to be further away...

     "my goal is...The champions who owed us in those years,

     I want to get it back by myself one by one! "