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644 We Are The Champion! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After the four people interviewed one by one, the next step was the highly anticipated awards session!

     PUBG designer Brendan Green and the head of TX game operations, one is wearing a casual short sleeve, the other is a neat suit.

     The two walked onto the stage hand in hand.

     Immediately afterwards, Brendan Green took a golden pan from the hand of the award-giving lady, personally received the 4AM people in front of him, and hugged each person afterwards, and then stood aside.

     The person in charge of TX game operations picked up two medals from the tray of another award-presenting lady.

     One is the MVP of the four-row finals!

     One is the killer of the four-row finals!

      Without a doubt, these two medals eventually appeared under Liu Zilang's neck.

     In an instant, there was a mountain cry out and sea howl cheers again!

     The director camera looked around the audience, and countless figures holding the flag of China and shouting and shouting appeared on the big screen of the stage.

     Tonight... not right!

     For domestic players and viewers, starting from this morning, it is destined to be a restless day.

     Because it was almost at that moment eating chicken at Se7en, the major domestic traffic media were suddenly maxed out!

     In particular, the last wave of old Se7en "Split the soldiers into three, successfully encircled and suppressed SKK" was made into a short video, which was madly forwarded and commented on Weibo.

     One minute is over a thousand, ten minutes is over 10,000, and one hour later, it is directly on the recommended homepage.As long as you open Weibo, the first one in the video recommendation column directly below is the wave of Se7en vs. SKK and the final 4AM championship awards. The audience cheered and thunderously floated China Red and other related videos...

     As for the title of the video of Se7en and SKK, it is very simple, only five words.

     "They are back! 》

     So on the road, in the subway, and on the bus...you can see some sleepy-eyed office workers everywhere. After wearing headphones and clicking on the video on the phone, the whole person suddenly becomes spirit trembling with excitement. Up!

     There are even many more excited people who clenched their fists on the spot and exclaimed, ignoring the strange eyes of passers-by...

     In fact additionally.

     On social-networking websites similar to Weibo, such as Ins abroad, and video and live broadcast websites such as Youtube and Titch, soon foreign netizens also set off a controversy!

     After all, SKK has always been a legendary top team in Europe and the United States, and the lineup is even more luxurious, consisting of five FPS "master god level" players.

     In the "The Godswar" game a year ago, they came with Style of King and personally subverted and destroyed another dynasty from the East, once again establishing their unshakable authority in the FPS world!

     Unexpectedly this time the game,

     The "Remnant Yu Yong" of the dynasty was actually entangled together, and even in a completely disadvantaged situation, a shocking upset broke out and the legendary SKK was destroyed!

     Just thinking about this kind of thing is very exciting!Putting these two teams together again is even more spectacular, attracting the attention of countless spectators all over the world.

     In a short while, this enthusiasm was circulated and discussed in the circles of FPS enthusiasts all over the world...


     At the California scene, after the awards, the four returned to the backstage with the pan and bonus.

     Liu Zilang looked at Aluka holding the golden pan elatedly. He saw that there was no one everywhere, cannot help ridiculing and said:

     "PUBG's designers don't know how to change a trophy? After the game, I went out holding a pan, and those who didn't know thought we went to New Oriental to participate in the competition.


     At this moment, Wei Shen's eyes rolled down, and he suddenly walked over with a smile, took out two coins from his big pants and threw them into the pot, smiling and joking:

     "This wave I'm here to throw out a brick and get jade thrown back, Alu, you will take this pot and squat at the audience exit here to ensure you make a lot of money tonight, the club is tender... "

     "Ahem..." Aluka immediately coughed twice, complexion turned stiff said, "Lug, am I that kind of person?!"

     At this moment, the little eye-catching beeped quietly, "It seems to be true."

     Aluka: ...

     Dragon God definitely watched the few people laughing and making noise, and his heart was refreshed.

     He said with a smile, "Now everyone is thinking about who will play tomorrow's double row charity exhibition."

     "The organizer's request is a professional player + a non-professional player. In other words, only two of the four of you can play. What do you think?""Give it to Vic, this one is a little bit better than today!" The three looked at each other and said with a smile.

     "Double row charity exhibition match? What does it mean..."

     Liu Zilang protested immediately, "Can't you give me a day off? I haven't publicly funded journey for a long time."

     Long Shenjue directly ignored Liu Zilang's protest and swiped the screen to hit the list on the tablet.

     Then he continued, "there is still one place, you three..."

     "Forget it, let's go on Wei Jiang, the last one will land to worship the sky, the game experience should be extremely poor." Aluka Chuckling said.

     When Wei Shen heard this, his heart suddenly hurt!

     For this proposal, the small eye-catching natural "Nothing else" opinion, anyway, there will be no prize money for the double row charity exhibition tomorrow.

     The day after tomorrow's singles is the final highlight of this world competition, and it is also a competition of individual strength!

     The last person to win the game is the strongest SoloKing in this world game!

     At that time, he was more willing to practice solo row more.

     After finalizing two places,

     The next step is the choice of a double row partner.

     Wei Shen and Long Shen looked at each other, and the two smiled lightly, and everything was silent.

     The three people around could not help but feel a chill!

     Liu Zilang touched his chin, "If you are a partner... does it matter who it is?"

     "Of course." Long Shenjue said with a smile, "If you want, you can pull a person on the road, provided that he is not a professional player for this world tournament.""This was originally so an entertainment game. You can relax tomorrow and treat it as a decompression."

     "So..." Liu Zilang was nodded, with a looking thoughtful expression on his face.

     He suddenly said, "The list will be confirmed and submitted today, right? You wait, I will contact the individual."

     "Do you still know friends in California?" Several people asked somewhat curiously.

     "Old friend." Liu Zilang said with a smile.


     "A big hunk!"



     After the call is made,

     A lazy voice came across.

     "Hehe, I know your kid is coming to me, is it about the double row exhibition?"


     Liu Zilang was taken aback, thumped in his heart.

     The other party smiled and said, "Sorry, Li Muqiu contacted me as soon as he finished the game. I have an appointment."

     "Ah? Brother Yang! Young Young! You think about it again!" Liu Zilang hurriedly said, "It's not that I said, Lao Qiu has to pick Jio for his technical skills! There are so many foreigners, and there is no game experience playing him."

     "Oh, tell him then." Gao Yunyang said suddenly, "I just drove the handsfree, and Li Muqiu was right next to me."

     Liu Zilang: ...

     Sure enough, an angry voice came from the other end of the phone the next moment!

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