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645 Bring A Sister Big Time! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Too treacherous!

     After hanging up the phone, Liu Zilang's heart suddenly fluttered!

     Fortunately, the organizer of the event stipulated that "not a professional player of this World Championship", so this allowed Liu Zilang's double-row partner to have an alternate.

     That's right!

     That is the former Japanese professional player, the super vigorous beautiful girl and gaming mascot of the current vacation staff...

     Misaka Kotomi!

     After returning to the hotel where he was staying, Liu Zilang found Misaka Kotomi and mentioned it.


     Misaka Kotomi suddenly felt like being hit on his head by happiness to drop from the sky, the whole person was dizzy...

     She clenched her fists, both eyes shines excitedly, "It's wet! I... can I also participate in the World Championship?"

     "Ahem! It's not a world game, just an exhibition game." Liu Zilang said.

     "Hmm! Wet rest assured! I will definitely work hard!" Misaka Kotomi clenched fists with both hands.

     "No need, no need, don't have pressure, just hit it casually." Liu Zilang said.

     "Hmm! Wet feel relieved! I will definitely work hard!" Misaka Kotomi continued to make a fist.

     "..." Liu Zilang.

     With a twitch at the corner of his mouth, he looked at Misaka Kotomi, who was full of fighting spirit and was full of energy, and wondered if this silly apprentice heard him speak.


     The essence of human beings is a repeater?


     One night's time quickly passed.

     At noon the next day, Liu Zilang and his three team took the bus again and came to the Colt Arena in the center of California.Although there is no personal reward for this charity competition, there is a nominal 1 million US dollars.

     After the competition, the $1 million will be donated to charities that need help in the world in the name of the previous three players.

     Wait until there are a few long queues of spectators outside the stadium, walk in in a line from the passage, and gradually fill up the entire stadium.

     In a short while, anchors and professional players from many countries and regions will be on stage first!

     There was a burst of cheers and screams at the scene, because these people were all first-line anchors in Europe and America.

     For example, Najin, G God, Chocotaco and others including Big Beard...Also, Evermore and Sexypig, who were eliminated in the Asian qualifiers, and Kim Doo-hwan were also invited to participate, and there were even several well-known local actors in California. PUBG enthusiast was invited to join.

      So many people gathered on the stage, and the scene immediately felt like Starlight Radiance. It looked like the offline meeting of the world's largest PUBG anchor.

     The crowd on the stage.

     Kotomi Misaka, wearing a black hoodie, holds a backpack with peripherals in front of her hands, standing cautious and solemn among the crowd, looking inconspicuous at all.

     She poked her head and looked east and west, and after hearing the cheers on the scene, she couldn't help but feel silly!

      It should be noted, although Kotomi Misaka has joined the professional team for some time, but the sad thing is that he has never made it out of Asia...

     Uh... sometimes even Japan doesn't even rush out...

     So it was the first time she participated in a world game of this size.At this time, she was excited and proud, and secretly cheered herself on.

     Ok! ! !

     This time, I will not be ashamed of being wet! ! !


     After the players on the field finished their appearance and took their seats one step earlier, many professional players of this world competition also walked out of the backstage.

      At this moment, it was naturally that Liu Zilang and others, who had just won the championship yesterday, were at home.

     When a group of three Chinese teams stepped onto the stage, the scene suddenly burst into cheers of hiding the sky and covering the earth!

     On the stage, the invited guests who were connecting the devices heard the enthusiastic cheers, and they raised their heads somewhat astonished in their hearts.

     However, after seeing Liu Zilang and others, everyone couldn't help but suddenly start to feel.

     Don't look at it just one night. At this time, even foreign audiences were swiped by the news of "Se7en's lore SKK, 4AM wins" last night.

     And as they are going to participate in the charity exhibition today, how can they still not understand Liu Zilang?

     Especially Jin Douhuan, who was sitting in the crowd, looked at Liu Zilang with complicated eyes.

     Maybe he has only finally cleared it now. The gap between the two fingers Liu Zilang told him at the beginning, how big is the hit...

     But thinking of today's exhibition game...

     Jin Douhuan couldn't help gritting his teeth, his eyes faintly revealed a look of determination!


     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     "Hello everyone, I am Su Changming!"

     "I am 117!"

     "Hello everyone, I am your Messiah Ruofeng!"After the three of them said hello, Su Changming said to the camera, "All right, now our players are all seated, and today's double row charity exhibition match will begin soon."

     "Yes, today's game can be said to be unusually bustling with noise and excitement! Many new faces, familiar or unfamiliar, came to us."

      Spoke until here, Rong Ye turned the head and looks to the big screen and said, "Then let us first introduce the double-row charity exhibition lineup of our three Chinese teams."

     "Okay, the two teams on the 4AM side are Vic and Menhera sauce, and Wei Shen and Long Shen Jue."

     "Se7en is with Qiu Shen and Sloth, and SSR and their team leader A Zhuang."

     "There is also IG. Today, Ze Shao is teaming up with Ke Xue, an enthusiastic female fan who is studying in California. The illusion is that she also brought Xiaolou girls from China. Hehe, it seems that IG's game today is both double. Bring sister to eat chicken."

     "Wait?! How could Ze Shao team up with a female fan? Are you wrong?"

     "Um...According to our internal staff, I heard that Ze Shao was arranged by IG."

     "Yes, IG conducted an activity on the official Weibo to collect a lucky fan as a double-row partner for Ze Shao California Exhibition, as a fan benefit, and Ze Shao had been informed by Club's staff that the fan was a male just before today. of..."

     "Hi—! IG's hand is a bit cruel! Poor Ze Shao, feel sorry for him for a second..."

     "Well, we will introduce so much about the team first, and we will introduce the teams from other countries in detail during the game.""Speaking of our three Club's six double teams, which one do you think has the strongest Comprehensive Strength Evaluation?"

     "I don't need to say more about this. Sloth may not be well understood by some viewers. He is actually the strongest player of Se7en, who was called the "Thousand Armies" in the past. From the perspective of Comprehensive Strength Evaluation , I think Qiu Shen and Sloth are obviously stronger."

     "We still need to know if we are strong or not. I hope that our Huaxia team players will not have any pressure today, let go of their hands, and try their best to play their own style!"

     "That's right! Well, just received the news from the backstage, our players are ready, and the game is about to start!"

     As soon as the voice on the narration stage fell, the lights on the scene suddenly dimmed and the big screen gradually lit up.

     The roar of an airplane engine came into everyone's ears from far and near.

     The game has started!



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