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646 Not A Family, Don't Enter A Family!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

There are huge electronic screens on all sides of the stage.

     A vast expanse of desert map, slowly leapt into everyone's eyes.

     The first game of the Double Row Charity Exhibition uses the desert map from the third perspective of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds TPP.

      "All right, the game has started. I believe everyone is also looking forward to the sparks of friction between our major broadcasters and players in this charity exhibition match."

     "Then first look at the route. We can see that the route of this game starts from the Military Base in the northeast of the map, passing through the villa area, the cemetery and Picardo, and the final stop is the Peninsula Prison in the southwest corner of the map. ."

     "Yes, in fact, the desert map is quite suitable for exhibition games. Because this map has a large area and rich resources, the transition points in the first and mid-terms are not complicated. In the later period, everyone no need to be worried. Yes, you can basically see people as long as you stand on the top of the mountain."

     "Well, let's take a look at the game first. The starting station of this game, Military Base, is very attractive, oh! There are already teams jumping. It is a team of Shroud and Chocotaco."

     "Yes, but there are so many people jumping here. God G and Liquid's Jeemzz also jumped here. I already feel a surge like a gathering storm."


     In the voice of the commentary, the plane came all the way from a high altitude in the northeast, passing by the villa mansion and the upper Saint Martin next to it, and teams jumped out of the cabin one after another.

     But not all of them jumped directly below, and many teams chose Gao Piao or looked for a car to go to the fat big E city on the left of the map.After flying past the mansion, the pickup is further ahead.

     As the big city in the center of the map, both material development and drug transfer have a huge advantage.

     If it is a race,

     Maybe many teams will hesitated a moment.

     But in this kind of exhibition game, this place immediately became a most popular spot.

     Huh! Huh! Huh!

     As soon as the plane arrived over Picardo, many teams jumped off the plane without blinking their eyelids.

     "Ready, let's jump!"

      At the same time, Liu Zilang also said to Misaka Kotomi in his voice.

     "Ah! Oh!"

     Kotomi Misaka looks below densely packed people, and she panicked, feeling like tingling sensation.

     You should know that these people are not the passers-by who usually meet, most of them are big anchors and professional players from various countries and regions!


     Don't be ashamed of being wet!

     The next moment, Kotomi Misaka squeezed the mouse tightly, and focused one's attention completely on the screen.

     I'm not afraid!

     I am not afraid at all!



     The two jumped out of the cabin one after another.

     Looking at Picardo directly under his head, and no fewer than ten players around him.

     Liu Zilang knows that time is life. In this chaotic situation, no matter who you are.

     A gun on the ground is a father!

     If you want to have a gun, you must fly faster than others!Thought until here, Liu Zilang immediately marked the two red homelike apartments in the middle of Picardo on the map.

     "Let's jump there, don't land, and go straight down the balcony from the top of the stairs."


     Ear wind whistling sound!

     Using the initial speed after jumping off the plane, Liu Zilang jumped off the plane before reaching the vertical distance and continued to fall in the vertical direction.

      Thus, his landing speed is undoubtedly the fastest group of people, in comparison Kotomi Misaka's speed is slightly slower than him.


     Places like Picardo,

     The more important points are the boxing gym, casino, motel, red building and blue tall building.

     Among these points, without a doubt, the most intense competition is naturally the boxing gym.

     But in such a place, Liu Zilang doesn't think he has a stupid disciple, and how likely he is to get out of there.

     So he retreated from this game and chose the Red House Rujia Apartment. After all, Picardo is in the center of the map, and the Red House is in the center of Picardo.

     Then this place is the heart of the center.

     So after they search here, they can choose more play styles and routes.

     However, when he landed, Liu Zilang found that there were quite a few people who had the same ideas.

     Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi chose the one in the middle of the two red buildings. As a result, not only people flew to the top of the building next door with them, but a group of people fell directly downstairs and opened the door from below and rushed in.

     So in other words...When Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi searched the third floor from top to bottom, they might have a perfect encounter with the people below.

     This is a bit painful!

     When Liu Zilang fell to the top of the building, he immediately reminded him in his voice, "We only search the third and fourth floors, and there are people below!"

     "Don't be afraid of getting wet! I will protect you!" Misaka Kotomi having high fighting spirit.

     Liu Zilang: ...

     You better protect yourself first!

     Next, the two people Left for males, Right for females.

     Jumped onto the balcony from both sides of the building to enter the building, and quickly began to search.

      At the same time, the team downstairs also realized that Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi were on the top of the building.

     The two people downstairs are not others, they are Wei Shen and Long Shen Jue from 4AM!

     At this time, seeing the two 4AM teams entering the same building, it was not only the audience in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms that they were confused!

     Even the European and American audiences at the scene were dumbfounded!

     What kind of fate is necessary for two players from the same team to meet just landed in such a big desert map!

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "Ahem... In this case, 4AM should really have failed before the game. It seems that our Huaxia District players are very professional!"

     "Did you know? Just now I saw Vic and Wei Shen and they dance Picardo together, and I felt a little bit in my heart, but I really didn't expect that they would choose the same building.""Hehe, this is called people who don't belong together, don't get to live together, now that the two parties are not on top of themselves are ‘own people’, it seems that this wave of Red Mansions is worth seeing.

     "Well, in addition, Qiu Shen and Sloth also jumped in Picardo, but they just went to the boxing ring. If they jumped in the boxing ring, they probably jumped four teams and eight people. I don't know if they can come out."

     "Let’s take a look at other Huaxia teams. Ze Shao took his little girl to the Grand Canyon next to the Southwest Peninsula Prison on the map. Hehe, it seems that Ze Shao pays more attention to the game experience of fans. I looked for a car and went to the jungle of Big E City on the left of the map."

     "Yes, there is also SSR and team manager A Zhuang. Tsk tsk... the road between these two people is a bit wild, and they went directly to the cemetery..."


     After scanning the whole picture, the director's shots quickly gave the most intense boxing ring to the ground fight.

     As soon as the camera came, I saw Gao Yunyang dropping his head to pick up the gun, and an afro black baby holding a spray came up on the stairs behind him!