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647 Double Spray And Vulcan!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Hum!

     In fact, when Gao Yunyang lowered his head to pick up his gun, he realized his footsteps at the corridor crossing behind him.

     But at this time, he didn't turn around, but lowered his head at a moderate pace and continued to pick up the S1897.

     It's cold!

     Suddenly seeing this scene, the audience in the heart cannot help on the spot and in the live room mourned for him for a second. This kind of gun-picking is the most annoying to be stolen in the ass!


     A gunshot suddenly sounded!

     However, this shot is not from behind, but from in front of you!

     Under the camera angle of the director.

     At the moment when the man in the corridor raised the muzzle, Li Muqiu, holding S686 in front of Gao Yunyang, happened to push two large 12-caliber lead bullets into the chamber.

     He suddenly jumped on the spot, over the back of Gao Yunyang's bend, and when he raised his hand, he blasted past!

     The Afro Heiwa anchor from North America hadn't reacted yet, only felt that the fire from above flashed, and found that he had fallen headlong in the corridor.


     At this moment, his whole person is not good!

     Is there such an operation?

     Li Muqiu, who showed off his hand, blew a whistle triumphantly, and he was not in a hurry to help.

     Instead, with a click, another large lead bullet was inserted into the spray, and he walked to Gao Yunyang.

     That look separately...

     praise me!

     Praise me!

     However, Gao Yunyang, who had just picked up S1897 from the ground and was bombarding one round after another, didn't have any to follow his thoughts.Li Muqiu was still unwilling to bump his nose, so he had to boast, "How is it? Isn't my shot cool? I've said that I was right. If you choose Alang, the kid thinks you are currently already. It's so cold."

     "I told you, I saved you this time, next time I..."

     "I will pay you back this shot."

     Suddenly, Gao Yunyang said something thoughtlessly.

     But while he was speaking.

     The S686 in his hand suddenly stopped loading, and then slammed and tilted his head very quickly, and the muzzle suddenly lifted!


     The fire burst out, and countless shots passed over Li Muqiu's side like Rainstorm Flower.

     He burst out behind him!

     Li Muqiu, who sensed something wrong, turned around suddenly, only to find that a person holding Ak was taken by the huge impact of countless shotguns and his body flew upside down!


     The man hung on the handrail of the aisle behind, his hands and feet were crazy in the air...

      At the same time, Li Muqiu also jumped out a kill.

     Obviously, the person Gao Yunyang killed was from the same team as the person who was sprayed to death by him earlier.

     Then the whole process is very clear.

     The two of them found the gun first on the second floor, so they touched it directly from the corridor on the left.

     In the end, I didn't expect to be successful...

     His teammate then walked quietly from the right side to touch it, just to see Li Muqiu who was beeping on his back, but this time the shot was replaced by Gao Yunyang...

     So the two went away.

     When the director presented this scene clearly before everyone's eyes, the entire worlds and realms' audience was shocked!A jump spray!

     A flash!

     This coordination is perfect too!

     "666! The quality of this exhibition match is a bit high!"

     "These two people are too tacitly in agreement, and they are all so beautifully used!"

     "Hehe, Se7en's two strongest breakthrough players want to know more, but these two shots are really handsome!"

     "Handsome ass! If you want me to see it clearly, it means you have base affection! No base affection how can it be to play so gay cooperation!"

     "You such a saying, it seems that it is not without reason!"


     At this time, Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang naturally did not know that their unintentional wave of cooperation had been completely misinterpreted by the audience in the domestic live broadcast...

     In fact, even if you know,

     They can't care about that right now.

     The boxing gym is no better than other places, with four teams jumping.

     Next there are two teams of opponents and glare like a tiger watching his prey outsiders, waiting for them to deal with it...

      at the same time,

     Red House Rujia Apartment is here.

     Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi left and right,

     After the two jumped from the top of the building to the balcony, they quickly searched the room.

     But then, Liu Zilang, who was in charge of the left, got darker and darker as he searched....especially when the silly apprentice next door exclaimed and exclaimed!

     Liu Zilang's face became even darker.

     When he searched from the fourth floor to the third floor and walked out of the room? Carrying a first-class bag on his body, Liu Zilang, who has no head or armour on his back, looked at a handful of S686 and a handful of in94 in his hands, and suddenly felt a pain in his heart...At this moment, Kotomi Misaka, who was searching a little slower next door, ran out of the room with a second-stage head, an M4 and a sprayer on his back.

     "Wet~! Wet~!"

     "I have an extra hologram here, do you want it?"

     Hearing her words, Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyes twitched!

     Being a teacher...I can't afford it!

     Seeing Liu Zilang's silent, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but glanced at Liu Zilang's equipment with curiosity, and immediately said somewhat astonished, "Ah! Wet you have no guns, mine...I will give you all!"

     While talking, she opened the backpack to throw the M4 down.

     "Don't! You hold it yourself, you are not a team tyrant as a teacher." Liu Zilang gritted his teeth forcibly.

     Kotomi Misaka opened his mouth, still wanting to say something.

     At this moment, there was a clear and audible sound of footsteps downstairs, and she immediately stopped talking, not daring to disturb Liu Zilang listening to her footsteps.

     Liu Zilang frowned and pondered for a moment, and quickly said, "The team downstairs should have also searched the second floor. Let's not get stuck at the entrance of the corridor and come back to the corridor."

     "Hmm!" Misaka Kotomi quickly nodded.

     In fact, according to the truth, the best way to guard the building in FPP mode is of course to get stuck at the entrance of the corridor.

     Someone came up from the other party,

     Just lift the gun and give him a spray.

     But the problem is that there are windows on each floor of the corridor in the red building, which is too wide.

     If you squat here, you are not only vulnerable to thundering by the people below, but also very likely to be beaten by people on the roof of the row of houses opposite the casino.on the other hand is the more metaphysical handrail of the corridor. When you squat on it and see people, there are many iron bars blocking it.

     It often happens that you hit a spray or a shuttle is completely blocked by the railing, but the other party is hit into the soul.

     Therefore, in order to completely eliminate this uncertainty, Liu Zilang decisively chose retreat in order to advance.

     Seeing some signs of "civil war" in the red building, the director immediately gave the camera here.

     The corridor entrance on the second floor.

     Wei Shen and Long Shenjue were carrying UMP9 and AK, but they didn't rush up immediately.

     Obviously they all heard the steps above.

     "Is there any thunder?" Wei Shen opens the mouth to ask.

     "Thunder did not." Long Shenjue shrugged, and took out a Molotov cocktail from his bag. "Only this thing."

     "This is fine, you can heat them up first." Wei Shen said with his small eyes narrowed.

     Long Shen Jue looked at the corridor and calculated his route, and immediately patted his chest and said, "This wave will show you what Fire God is."

     Raise your hand!

     Lean back!

     Throw it hard!


     The sound of broken glass bottles sounded!


     In the next moment, the Dragon God Jue standing on the corridor was all on his body...