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648 Dark Flames!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:


     The Molotov cocktail burst on the ceiling.

     As if Taishang Laojun's alchemy furnace was overthrown, the scattered flames to drop from the sky suddenly spread.

     "Vulcan" Dragon God was the first to bear the brunt, was burned all the way and screamed and ran down.

     Wei Shen is to bring disaster to innocent people, almost from "pig head meat" to "roast suckling pig"...

     "Fuck it! You guys where did it go?"

     "It's not right! I just threw it on it?"

     "What is this on me?"

     "This... listen to me explain..."

     "I explain your brother-in-law!"

     Fortunately, this version of the Molotov cocktail has not been strengthened yet, and the two of them retreated in time, so they were able to survive...

     And countless viewers in the live and live broadcast rooms watched the two people's blood drop rapidly in the flames, and almost stared out their eyes in shock!

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "This wave... Dragon God, this wave... how to say it..."

     Lord Rong recovered his wits, he held back his wits for a while, and finally said with a sigh, "This wave is for Su boss..."

     Su Changming: ...

     What am I talking about?

     Unexpectedly, Ruofeng on the side suddenly looked thoughtful and said, "If I didn't guess wrong, this should be an ancient contract."

     "Contract?" Su Changming and Lord Rong were both taken aback, turning the head and looks to Ruofeng.

     In the next moment, just listen to Ruofeng sing with a solemn expression:

     "People surrounded by the pitch-black flame, let’s make a lover's contract with my pitch-black flame!"Su Changming:? ? ? ?

     Rong Ye:? ? ? ?

     "Ahahaha..." At this moment, Ruofeng suddenly laughed, "Just kidding, just kidding, let the atmosphere be active."

     The two of them couldn't help but the corners of their eyes twitched... Your active ghost atmosphere, this Nima is almost freezing, okay?

      At the same time, the audience in the live broadcast rooms of major domestic platforms heard the three people's commentary, and they all said they could not help but laugh!

     "Yes, yes... The second commentator is paying attention! The middle road kills the god! Instantaneous Explosion!"

     "However, this wave of Dragon God's operation is also very showy! It is indeed the legendary second command in Asia!"

     "Actually I think it's OK! The exhibition game, happiness is over!"

     "Puff haha... the more I listen to you, the more I want to laugh."

     "2333 Fortunately, this wave did not burn to death, otherwise this game of Wei Jiang will sacrifice to the sky."

     "Wei Jiang: Do you play me? Do you all play me?"

     "Don't be afraid of Wei Jiang, if you are acting, just blink your eyes and we will arrange someone to rescue you."


     The atmosphere of the audience at the scene and in the studio was joyful.

     But Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi, who were holding guns and squatting upstairs, were a little confused when they heard the chaotic footsteps downstairs!

      After a while, Kotomi Misaka couldn't help shouting quietly when he saw that no one came up below.

     "Wet~! I..."

     "Hush!" Liu Zilang said solemnly, "Beware of fraud!"

     "Oh!" Misaka Kotomi quickly nodded.However, at this time, only two layers of Wei Shen and Long Shenjue were searched. Although they had guns and armor, they did not find any medicine. There were only five bandages and a bottle of Red Bull on them.

     Originally they thought that this wave of a blitzkrieg strategy, succeed or die trying after rushing up, would not use these at all.

     But I didn't expect that "fire in the backyard", there appeared a little fire god who was rare in a century...

     Wei Shen put on two bandages, and after pouring a bottle of drink with tears, his blood volume just returned to one third.

     As for the Dragon God Jue with three bandages.

     Although the third bandage had to set up a pole and see the shadow in terms of recovery effect compared to the drink, his blood volume was still less than half blood at this time.

     In this case, if they still want to attack the building, it is speeding up the death process of the game.

     So when Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi were squatting upstairs, the two below had already drove quietly and sneaked away from the building...

     Liu Zilang had counts, but he didn't expect the other party to ignite the fire.

     At this time he thought unflinching!

     The following team obviously has a tendency to attack buildings but has not come up yet. It must be brewing some big conspiracy.



     After a little waited for a while, Liu Zilang greeted Misaka Kotomi, "Go, let's go to the room if you don't spend time with them."

     "Go to the room?" Misaka Kotomi asked blankly, but quickly reacted.

     So next, the two of them, just like when Wei Shen and Long Shenjue evacuated, also lowered their footsteps and crawled towards it quietly.Seeing this weird scene, many audiences waiting for the 4AM "Civil War" could not help but look at each other in dismay.

     What does Watt AreYou do?

     In the game, Liu Zilang took Misaka Kotomi all the way to the balcony on the fourth floor. He first opened the door from the inside, and then climbed up on the wooden board that lay between the balcony of the two buildings.

     Next, I saw him jump up the door frame along the edge of the balcony, and immediately climbed up to the top of the building with his hands up.

     When Misaka Kotomi saw eyes shine, she hurriedly climbed up likewise.

     "It's wet! What shall we do next?"

     "Get down!"

     "Get down?"

     "Next is our Happy Time!"

     Liu Zilang said in his mouth, but he had already taken out his in94 in his hand.

     Then I saw him lying on the edge of the building, not a word or movement, not a word or movement, to frame the row of houses in front of the casino, Misaka Kotomi also quickly hugged her M4 and lay next to Liu Zilang.

     But at this time Liu Zilang was looking at the casino and blue tall buildings in front, and Kotomi Misaka was in charge of staring at the boxing gym behind.

     As soon as the two opened the gun line on the roof of the tall building at this central point, there was an illusion in their hearts that held the entire Picardo...

     After a while, Liu Zilang found his prey in the row of two-story buildings on the west side of the opposite casino.

     He raised the sight of in94, like an "old artist" with a camera in sneak shots, noiselessly through the window and aimed at the person searching for something in the middle building.

     This scene undoubtedly tells us a truth.It is important to draw the curtains when searching for things or doing other things alone at home.


     The unique gunfire of in94 suddenly sounded!

     A sniper bullet smashed the window on the second floor of the small building, and the glass "crashed" to the ground.

     Of course, at this time, what is more important than glass. When the man in the building was shot by a gun, the blood bar suddenly became empty!

     But the man did not fall to the ground!

     Because in94 hits the second-level head and M24 hits the third-level head the same effect, both are 99 shots!

     So that person survived to the limit.

     But even so, the anchor from Titch who was nicknamed "Bearded" panicked!

     Wearing sunglasses, he suddenly raised his head to the north window, and then hurriedly hid behind the wall.