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    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The old jailer who was guarding the prison took a look at Lu Shu and Carloer, and found that they were really handsome. No wonder the others had already been beaten up when they came, and neither of these two shit.

     At this time, Cheng Shou smiled at Lu Shu and Carlos: "We are also offended. If the two are by Cheng Shou in the future, we hope that the adults will not remember the villains, we are also our responsibility."

     Suddenly, Lu Shu, oh, this is planning to dedicate himself, and worried that he will give them to make sb wear tight shoes in the future.

     People's hearts are really complicated, until the end you don't know at all what the people in front of you are thinking.

     But Lu Shu couldn't stand this grievance, so why should he be offered up?

     The elderly cell boss led Lu Shu and Carol to walk inside: "Please, please, our city lord likes your tune, it’s not good for women. Of course, it may be that we can’t find a good place here. The female sex, forcibly changed my taste, maybe..."

     Lu Shu not to know whether to laugh or cry, is the prison head with such a broken mouth?

     He looked to the side, a bunch of ordinary people and the earth were living without hope's sitting in the prison. When they saw Lu Shu and Carol passing by, they were shocked. Why are these two people treated like this? Okay, how can it be done like the leader came to inspect! ?

     Someone unreconciled asked the cell boss, "Why are they not shackled?"

     The cell head disdainfully said: "Because they look better than you."

     The expressions of a large group of people in the prison looked like they had been struck by lightning. Where is the pure land in this world?The single room arranged for Carol and Lu Shu was bright, bright and spacious, with two beds and a pot of green plants on the table in the middle of the bed.

     This is a prison, it's a single standard room...

     It seems that some big figures in the ruins often come in this prison, otherwise there is no need to prepare such a one room.

     In fact, think about it, the identity of the cell boss is better kept under the table. There are too many people he can't afford to provoke and can only wait on them.

     Carol thought for a bit and said: "Are you going to kill the lord?"

     "Anyway, there is a native in this ruin who killed none of them unjustly," Lu Shutan said, "but I am not that murderous. Don't think of me as murderous crazy demon."

     "Well," Carol nodded and started to take out things from the space equipment, quilts, mattresses, food...

     Lu Shu leaned on the cell door and watched Carol peaceful clean up the house, like a virtuous wife.

     Carol turned around and asked, "Would you like to sleep, the bedding is all laid."

     Lu Shu was stunned for a while and suddenly recovered his wits: "Oh, I haven't slept for a long time. You can rest for a while."

     It didn't take long for Carol to decorate the cell into a cozy little room. The other party did not intend to live here for a long time, but the other party hoped that the space with Lu Shu would be more beautiful.

     "Do you usually do these housework yourself?" Lu Shu asked curiously.

     "In the past, I didn't do it in Northern Europe. There were servants," Carol laughed. "But it's different when it comes to Changbai Mountain. Everything has to be done by myself. I also learned to cook, Shredded pork in garlic sauce, hot and sour shredded potato!"Lu Shu lowered his head and asked casually: "What are your plans for the future?"

     "No plan," Carol shook his head: "Take one step at a time."

     "What if the ending is not the one you want?" Lu Shu asked.

     "You are not destiny, how do you know," Carol smiled brightly like sunshine.

     At this moment, someone in the cell nearby coughed: "Brother tree, there is no soundproofing here..."

     Lu Shu's face turned dark at the time: "Chen Zuan, have you also been imprisoned?"

     "Brother tree, it's wrong for you to say that," Chen Zuan was unhappy: "I was trying to break into the enemy's interior, but no one kept it here! I came in on my own initiative!"

     "How long have you been in...Wait, why are you also a single room?" Lu Shu was stunned. They are the Second Last room on this passage, and Chen Zuan is the First From the Bottom room, so just now Lu Shu has not seen the small room. Fat man.

     At this time, there is only the energy fluctuations of the little fat man next door, which shows that the little fat man is also a single room.

     "Ahem," Chen Zuan said awkwardly: "They said they would dedicate me to the city lord at night..."

     Lu Shu's face turned dark at the time. Although he had a bad face when he said that he was going to be offered, he was still very happy to be recognized for his looks.

     However, when he learned that Chen Zuan had also been arranged, he was a little unhappy...Is this aesthetic serious?This time Chen Zuan also became exhilarated and said: "I wanted to kill them. I saw that although this place has a first grade, it is definitely not too much. I heard that their city lord is just the pinnacle of the first grade. I heard that they are going to offer me up, I want to see first, who is it so insightful...

     Lu Shu sighed silently. This is so much more fun than children. Living in a prison will give you fun.

     Chen Zuan grabbed the room and asked, "Brother tree, why are you also this single room? I have seen your single room, it is the same as mine..."

     Lu Shu deadpan said: "I will also be offered..."

     "Ha Ha Ha Ha," Chen Zuan laughed: "Are they serious?"

     "Chen Zuan, you really have no desire to survive..." Lu Shu was shocked!

     With that said, Lu Shu directly broke open the prison door to beat Chen Zuan, and then returned to his cell...

     "The negative mood value from Chen Zuan, +666!"

     "It's careless," Chen Zuan wiped his nosebleeds.

     "Little fat man, have you seen Qiu Qiao?" Lu Shu asked.

     "No, but no need to be worried about him," Chen Zu Anhun said nonchalantly, "As long as Yipin does not encounter the old monsters in the sect in the city, nothing will happen."

     "Huh, it seems that you understand the situation well?" Lu Shu asked curiously."Of course, the first day I arrived here was in the wild, and I happened to catch a lot of people interrogating a lot of information," Chen Zuan said silently: "They are actually the most powerful here are the 7 sects, all of which are masters. With a more powerful technique, there are a total of seven cities, and each sect controls one city, and these cities are responsible for sending resources to the sect."

     "Wait, what do you mean by the old monster?" Lu Shu curiously asked.

     "Grand Master," Little Fatty said mysteriously: "Brother Tree, I am afraid you still does not know. The people here were all imprisoned by Lu Zhou's Divine King. They are all sinners. Some old monsters used to be big figures in Lu Zhou. I don't know why the old god king didn't kill them, but instead left his enemies behind."

     "Did you inquire about a place called Bulaocheng?" Lu Shu curiously asked.

     "Hey, I haven't heard anyone mention this, Brother Tree, what is Bu Laocheng, in this ruin?" Chen Zuan asked curiously.


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