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651 Wet You Want To Explain To Me!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Ding Ding Ding—!

     Footsteps from far to near.

     Jembty squatted at the entrance of the corridor on the second floor, listening to the steps ahead with bated breath!

     "It's wet, I'm a bit square."

     "Don't do anything! Wet you are behind you."

     "But it's wet, why not ahead of me."

     "Uh... of course to train you."

     At the entrance of the corridor on the first floor, Misaka Kotomi was in front, and Liu Zilang was behind. The two squatted quietly, observing upwards with their eyes on the corner.

     Here you can see the difference between the third perspective of TPP and the first perspective of FPP.

     If it is the FPP's first perspective, the vision obtained by both parties is the same, so Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi only need to directly attack with the crowd.

     But from the third perspective of TPP, above Jembty got stuck at the entrance of the corridor.

     When Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi went upstairs,

     He can see Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi, but Misaka Kotomi and Liu Zilang cannot see him. This is actually equivalent to opening a perspective in disguise.

     Therefore, in this case, it is very necessary to assign who is in front and who is behind.

     Taking all factors into consideration, Liu Zilang decided to delegate this task to Misaka Kotomi.

     "Believe in yourself! You can do it!" Liu Zilang encouraged her.

     "Yeah! I can do it!" Misaka Kotomisaki took a deep breath.



     The next moment, the two one after the other, their morale rushed up the corridor like a rainbow!

     Jembty, who was stuck at the crossing on the second floor, originally thought that the two of them were going to throw some thunder or something below, so let's try it out first.In the end, he never expected that after the opponent drew a little, he would brazenly launch a wave of death charges with zero cover!

     This wave has a chance!

     A ray of light suddenly appeared in Jembty's eyes!

     Holding the AK, he not saying anything further, suddenly tilted his head sideways from behind the wall, and the barrel of the gun stretched out to face the two people who rushed up the corridor. It was a violent burst of fire!

     Kotomi Misaka in the corridor naturally counterattacked immediately.


     Da Da Da—!


     In an instant, Dance of the Fire Snakes in the corridor!

     Countless bullets shuttled back and forth in the narrow space, and the dull sound of hitting the flesh continued to sound.

     Just a breath blink of an eye...

     Kotomi Misaka who rushed forward said "Ah" and staggered under her feet, and she fell to the ground uncontrollably!

     However, the bullet did not stop!


     Almost at the moment Misaka Kotomi fell to the ground, a wave of shotballs went away again!

     At the entrance of the corridor, Jembty's head was half exposed, and a cloud of blood burst out suddenly, unconsciously a confused face fell down!

     His spray...why is it so fast?

     The next moment, I saw two lines of System Notification on the big screen!

     "4AM-Vic used S686 to knock down Menhera sauce!"

     "4AM-Vic killed Faze-Jembty with S686 headshot!"

     I witnessed this wave of direct and straightforward attack on the building and Liu Zilang's two "direct and straightforward" attacks.

     All the viewers in the live broadcast room were stunned. Could it be that they are going crazy and even hitting their own?"Fuck, this man is a beast! It's so human!"

     "Precisely! Let our Menhera sauce go ahead also just sufficed, and even just sufficed myself!"

     "Report it! Menhera don't be afraid! Let's report it for you!"

     On the stage of the game.

     Misaka Kotomi was also stunned, she bulged and looked at Liu Zilang with aggrieved expression.

     That appearance is clearly saying...


     You have to explain to me!

     "Cough cough cough..."

     Out of the corner of Liu Zilang's eyes, he noticed Misaka Kotomi's bulging and couldn't help being coughed dryly.

     Then he earnestly said, "Actually... just as a teacher was just to protect you!"

     "Protect...protect me?"

     Misaka Kotomi tilted the head ignorantly.

     "That's right, that person almost beat you out of blood just now." Liu Zilang spoke until here, and suddenly mentioned in his tone, impassionedly said, "But being a teacher will never let others kill you, my apprentice can only die if he wants to die. Under my gun!"

     My apprentice...

     You can only die under my gun!

     Hearing Liu Zilang's heart-rending "confession of heart", Misaka Kotomi's dumbfounded cheeks suddenly blushed, utmost feeling in the heart like tens of thousands of fawns ramming.


     Wet...wet what are you talking about! ! !

      Thought until here, her heart was suddenly embarrassed, and she was suspicious of being wet just now. This is really not right.Because it was an entertainment charity exhibition game, the director saw this "teammate accidentally injured" scene, and soon harbored evil intents gave the shots to the two people at the competition table, wanting to have some fun to add some joy to everyone.

     He originally thought that at this time, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi were sure that the atmosphere in the team was tense, and even fought in the same room, but he never expected that when the shots arrived.

     On the four big screens behind the stage.

     Liu Zilang's face was calm and composed, his hands-operated keyboard and mouse licked his bag quickly in the game.

     On the other hand, Kotomi Misaka on the sidelines is both cheeks blushing. She glanced at Liu Zilang secretly from time to time, then quickly retracted her gaze, looking like she was eating honey...


     Seeing the live footage from the real-time broadcast, the viewers in major domestic live broadcast rooms will not be able to!

     "Fuck... It's not right!"

     "Menhera sauce is... was beaten stupid?!"

     "Ouuuu, Wa is not convinced, this is unscientific!"

     "That's right! Every time labor and management accidentally hurt a roommate by accident, they are put on the bed for a mess, and then can't get out of bed for several days!"

     "The one who can't get out of the bed in front, please stay and tell your story."


     In the game, after licking the bag quickly, Liu Zilang's conscience hurt a little.

     So he reluctantly gave Misaka Kotomi, who was silly on the side, a bottle of painkillers.

     Next, he took Misaka Kotomi to lick the bearded bag in the building next door, and thus the two of them were living together in novice costumes.Liu Zilang is the second-level first class A, with left hand AK and right hand in94; Misaka Kotomi has first class second class A, left hand spraying and right hand M4.

     At this time, the first circle of the game has been refreshed. The center point of this safety zone is the largest city in the desert map-Lion City.

     At the moment Picardo is not in the safe zone, but the range of a circle is very large. The people of Picardo can enter the circle as long as they get out of the city and climb the slope to the east. The distance is not too far.

      Thus, the rest of Picadory's team naturally did not rush away.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

      "All right, we can see that there are only six teams left on Picardo, and one of them is a lone wolf from the boxing gym."

     "Yes, the fight in the boxing hall just now is already finished. The'boxing champion' of this game is Qiu Shen and Sloth's team. This is within expectation. When the two landed at the beginning, they showed an extremely tacit understanding. Cooperate."

     "Well, there is Vic and Menhera sauce. Their cooperation... is still a tacit agreement..."

     "Hehe, you are a bit dark now, but wait, Vic and Menhera seem to want to get out of the city with their car, but their car was intercepted!"