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652 Let's Get Thunder!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

ding ding dang dang —!

     The sound of gunfire was loud, and the bullet sparks scatter from the Red Mansion Rujia apartment hit the body, and the durability of the car dropped rapidly.

     On the road in front of the motel on the east side of the city, Liu Zilang and Kotomi Misaka who were being held by the baffling jumped out of the car.

     "Wet! We seem to be surrounded!"

     "Then there's no way!"

     "Huh? Do you want me to sell it again?"

     "How can you be that kind of person as a teacher, wait, your word is what's going on?"


     While speaking, Liu Zilang, who was squatting with his back against the pickup truck body, stood up suddenly, turned his head and raised his muzzle.


     A sniper bullet broke through the air!

     Unexpectedly, the other person's reaction was extremely fast.

     As soon as Liu Zilang showed his head on this side, he felt like a golden wind hadn't moved, and immediately drew back.

     And this person is not someone else, it is God Wei!

     In this game, Wei Shen and Long Shen Jue quietly came out of the red building. After finding the medicine in the low building next door and hitting the blood, the two heard gunshots.

     Then I saw Liu Zilang's screen, and then I realized that the team that I just met in the red building was him.

     At this time, seeing Liu Zilang taking the little apprentice to sneak away, Wei Shen and Long Shen Jue naturally did not to be shirked without dishonor and kept him.

     However, they knew the horror of Liu Zilang very well, so after a few shots, they quickly retracted as soon as the opponent got up.

     The reaction is so fast? !

     Liu Zilang, who missed a shot, couldn't help being heart trembled, thinking that he had met a master.

     But then...Liu Zilang quickly realized that it was wrong.

     When he showed up,

     The other party retracted instantly.

     He just squatted down,

     The other party came out again.

     After repeating it several times, he realized that the other party didn't even want to shoot him at all, didn't even want to hit him, just wanted to keep the two of them.

     Thinking of this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but tilt his mouth.

     Who is so wicked!

     At this time, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen are the enemy is in the dark but I am in the light. The other party knows who he is, but Liu Zilang doesn't know who the other party is. Thus, it is no wonder that he is depressed.

     This wave of Liu Zilang’s original plan was to elope with Misaka Kotomi... No, it was to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits, to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits.

      Thus, they can fight a final ambush on the hillside and tell them who is the real tyrant of Picardo!

     However, judging from the current situation, Liu Zilang's abacus is obviously lost.

     "Go! Let's go to the motel."

     Now the gunfire has attracted everyone's attention, and it is undoubtedly very unsafe for them to continue squatting behind the car.

     Hearing Liu Zilang's greeting, Misaka Kotomi hurriedly ran toward the motel with Liu Zilang.

     "It seems that Vic can't leave this wave, hehe, Wei Shen and Dragon God also show no mercy to their own people."

     "But there is something wrong with the motel, I remember the lone wolf who ran out of the boxing gym, right here?""Yes, this is Pink, a Mexican lady sister from the Titch platform. Her partner has been killed by Qiu Shen and Sloth in the boxing gym. She is the only one who ran to the motel."

     "But someone jumped at the start of the motel. It has been searched. Miss Pink still only has a P92 on her body."

     "No, she also has a grenade. Pink has heard the footsteps of Vic and Menhera, what do you say about this wave?"

     "Oh! My God! She pulled out her grenade! What a staunch young lady from Europe and America!"

     The tone of the commentary on the stage suddenly lifted, and the hearts of the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms also became tense.

     Because this wave of Pink is obviously planning to Perish Together, everyone can't help but imagine Vic being blown to death by a palm thunder...

     My heart was suddenly a little excited!

     Is this "evil-doing" animal finally accepting justice?


     Under the attention of everyone, Liu Zilang took Misaka Kotomi all the way to the door of the motel on the first floor.

     Hum! Hum!

     Hearing the sound of footsteps from far and near outside, Pink a pair of eyes stared at the closed wooden door tightly, and the thunder in his hand was already pulling the string.

     one two Three!

     In the next moment, Pink suddenly opened the door and rushed out in a stride!

      Without a doubt, at this distance, even if Liu Zilang cut the gun to kill him in time, Pink could launch "Death Talk" to take away two enemy heroes.

     This is a wave of life-for-life in a desperate situation. It's no wonder that the commentator will lament Pink's staunchness.At this time the script of the story has been written.

     However, the next ending was very unexpected, and even shocked everyone's attention!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that at the moment Miss Pink turned into a "blow infantry" and opened the door to rush outside.

     When Liu Zilang saw the door opened, someone suddenly rushed out of the room. His first reaction was not to raise the gun and sweep.

     But closed the door backhand again!


     On it!



     Pink, who banged his head on the door, was stunned, and blankly stood in place with a petrified look.

     And... this... operation?


     A violent explosion came as scheduled, the flames expanded, and the majestic wave of air tore the door into countless fragments!

     However, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi who stood outside were unscathed and did not drop a single drop of blood.

     Because Liu Zilang just closed the door too quickly, Kotomi Misaka on the side did not see what happened, only to see that the door was suddenly opened and closed.

     Then...the door exploded!

     "Wet... wet?"

     "Oh, it's nothing, someone blew it up inside."

     "Huh? Blew yourself? What about others?"

     "It has exploded."


     When Misaka Kotomi heard this, she couldn't help but stick one's head out and look around and glanced in the door, and she was stunned.

     I saw a person hanging upside down on the broken door frame with his legs split, his hands and feet still twitching...

     A box was placed peacefully on the ground."P1nk killed himself with a grenade!"

     Seeing this not expected at the outset scene, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms also fell into a stunned state!

     "Fuck! Can you do this?"

     "Emmm, this is death language that has been countered..."

     "Failed to blew up, I feel sorry for a wave of Miss Pink."

     "Let's ask the next victim... well, the next dream catcher."

     "2333 Waves and thunder, in fact, the ending is already doomed."


     After the door was completely blown apart, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi hurriedly sneaked in.

     Although their place is not in the circle at this time, it is the closest location to the safe area in the entire Picardo.

     Since those who haven't come out of Picador are not in a hurry, they naturally can't rush away.

     And just when Liu Zilang was confronted by Wei Shen and Long Shen, the passionate duo of Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang "ran into" a team of people in the north of the boxing gym.

     After a wave of battle of wits and bravery between the two sides, the two successfully rushed into each other's face to knock it off.

      Thus, in addition to the three "old acquaintances" of Picadory, there are only the Ace players from South Korea and Evermore of the Blue Tower team.

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     I saw Evermore on the top of the blue tall building, holding a handful of eight-fold 98K, sneaking at Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang to the north.


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