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654 Fast And Furious X!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"We... are we robbed?"

     "Perhaps it seems... so."

     "Is that kid a beast?"

     "This must be!"


     Seeing the cooked duck flying up and being caught, Gao Yunyang and Li Muqiu were speechless for a while.

     At this time, the people on the blue tall building were killed, and Picardo was left with only three teams. For a while, it was a three-legged situation.

     Although the countdown to the first wave of poison is almost there, the contraction speed of the first wave of poison is very slow, and Picardo is in the center of the map. Basically, the first circle will not be too far no matter where you brush it.

     So now the three people in the city are not in a hurry to run poison, but everyone knows the location of each other, and each other is just holding each other in the building.

      In comparison, at this time, people who jumped to the Big E City in the west, the Military Base in the north, and the Peninsula Prison in the south, have had to start running drugs at this moment.

     The Grand Canyon south of the peninsula prison.

     "Brother Zeyan! Brother Zeyan!" A cheerful and lively girl's voice sounded.


     The girl continued without hesitation, "I found the car! Hey, don't move there, I will pick you up!"


     These two are naturally Shen Zeyan and Ke Xue, an enthusiastic fan drawn by the club.

     Although Shen Zeyan didn't say anything in this game, in order to take care of the fans' gaming experience, he specially chose the desert map with fewer people and relatively fatter resources as the grand canyon as the landing development point.But halfway through the search, after seeing the first circle in the Lion City, Ke Xue immediately volunteered and ran to find a car.

     Shen Zeyan naturally there's nothing about it.

     Unexpectedly, there were too few cars on the prison island in this game. Ke Xue trot eagerly along the road, and finally found a "happy motorcycle" on the side of the road.

     She was excited for a while, and quickly mounted her motorcycle and hurried towards Shen Zeyan's position.

     But when Ke Xue was talking,

     Shen Zeyan, who was searching for something in the building, moved his ears slightly, and suddenly heard the sound of a car. He quickly judged the direction and took a look from the window on the third floor.

     I saw a desert pickup coming from the corner of the road on his right downstairs, and rushed over the long bridge along the road to the east.

     Card wipe!

     The muzzle of all UMP9 that Shen Zeyan had extremely fast hand shot at that pickup truck.

     Da da da-!

     The flames of UMP9's muzzle bloom!

     A wave of bullets rained down like water, and ding ding dang dang splashed countless sparks.

     However, the UMP9 gun is obviously not enough to drive a car, and it is a bit less capable than desirable without the expansion magazine.

     In addition, Shen Zeyan's wave was high and low, and the bullets basically hit the hard top of the pickup, so one shuttle did not have the effect of set up a pole and see the shadow.

     At this time, the two people on the pickup truck were AHQ's K3 and a female anchor bear from Wanwan.

     Although Shen Zeyan didn't sweep the two off in this wave, they were shocked.

     "This person is really annoying! It's scary to death.""It's all right! I'm here."

     "Brother Jianhao, you are so good, why don't we beat him?"

     "Don't worry! If you dare to scare our little bear, I won't let him go."

     "Seeing the bridge in front, let's go there to block him! Hmph, I don't believe he doesn't run poison."

     "Wow! Brother Jianhao, you are great!"

     "Don't shake, don't shake, I'm a little dizzy."


      Di! Di! Di!

     As if to demonstrate, K3 frantically honked a few horns at the time of departure.

      At the same time, Ke Xue also rushed forward on a happy motorcycle and stopped downstairs in Shen Zeyan.

     "Brother Zeyan, I just seemed to see a car passing by."


     A dark shadow suddenly to drop from the sky!

     Shen Zeyan, who jumped out of the window on the third floor of silent, squatted slightly, his hands slammed on the ground!

     The man was already like a vigorous cheetah, rushing to Ke Xue to ride the motorcycle.

     Under Ke Xue's somewhat astonished gaze,

     Shen Zeyan jumped on the motorcycle direct and straightforward, and Deadpan said the first sentence of the game.

     "Catch up with the car ahead."



     Countless little stars appeared in Ke Xue's eyes!

     But she quickly reacted, and said in a somewhat playful voice, "Yes! Sir!"


     The next moment, amidst a harsh roar, the motorcycle's horsepower was instantly pulled to its maximum, and it rushed onto the road like a stray dog.

     The female driver went on the road......

     After a while...

     Under the director's God's perspective.

     On a winding road, I saw a pickup truck and a motorcycle chasing at a speed one after the other!

     Seeing this scene, the two European and American commentators on the scene suddenly froze!

     "Wow! Is this The Fast and the Furious X is in theaters?"

     "Hehe, I am afraid so, these two teams really showed us a start sth new or original chase."

     "We can see that the speed of the motorcycle is very fast! The distance between the two sides is quickly getting closer!"

     "Oh! Olves is holding a UMP9 in his hand. He slightly turned his body sideways, as if he wanted to shoot in the back seat of the motorcycle.

     "Yes, a single-handed weapon of the micro-punch type can be shot in the back seat of a motorcycle, but the speed of the two sides is too fast, this kind of distance is basically unable to aim!"


     With some passionate commentary from two European and American hosts on the stage, the atmosphere of the scene suddenly rose.

     Everyone's eyes widened, staring at the game picture on the big screen without blinking.

     In the game, the ear wind whistling sound.

     Shen Zeyan squinted his eyes slightly and looked at the pickup truck that was getting closer and closer obliquely in front of him.

     Ke Xue, who was riding a motorcycle, had a look of excitement, and the only words of Shen Zeyan in this game echoed in his mind.

     Catch up with that car!


     If brother Zeyan can't even do this little request, then what a true fan! ?Ke Xue couldn't help biting her silver teeth, and Happy Moto immediately resembled a wild donkey, biting the pickup truck in front of it tightly!

     In a short while, the distance between the two parties was getting closer and closer, and it was already about ten meters.

     Sitting in the back seat, Shen Zeyan suddenly leaned out of the back seat, and suddenly raised UMP9 with one arm with his right hand!


     A shuttle bullet screamed away!

     This time, most of it was poured in from the rear window of the car, and a burst of blood burst out of the two people in the pickup truck.

     At this distance, the stability of the UMP9 submachine gun was brought to the extreme by Shen Zeyan!


     "Aaaaaaahhh! I'm running out of blood, what should I do with Brother Jianhao!"

     "Stop, fuck them!"

     Originally, K3 was going to stop at the bridge head, but at this time he was forced to stop without any choice.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     Suddenly, there was a harsh rubbing sound of tires against the road ground!



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