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655 Boy, Do You Believe In Feng Shui? (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

At this moment, the picture on the coastal road is like a speeding car being chased by a falling policeman on a motorcycle.

     Immediately afterwards, the car stopped.

     However, the motorcycle police did not stop the car, and rammed the pickup straight into it!

     And at this time has to say is...

     After this wave of emergency braking, under the reminder of K3, the other two switched seats in great detail and got off from the back of the car.

     In this way, they can make full use of the car as a cover to start a match with each other, and if conditions permit, they can even fight a wave of medicine first.

     But the female driver Ke Xue hit her face!

     In an instant, all the previous ideas of K3 suddenly turned into bubbles that only existed in fantasy...

      bang sound!

     I saw the front wheel of the motorcycle slammed into the side of the pickup truck, making a heaven-shaking sound!

     In a moment, the strongest force motorcycle in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds once again showed its incomparable power!

     Just like pulling green onions on a dry land, he flew out the pickup that was side-stopped at its tail!

     K3 and Little Bear behind the car looked at the assaults the senses pickup truck in front of them, and they couldn't help but feel bad.




     The dull sound of the car hitting the flesh sounded.

      In the blink of an eye, the two were stunned by the body that slid sideways at extreme speed, and under the guidance of the force, they flew towards the distant air like a kite with cut string!

     It looks like a perfect curtain call for the Rockets traveling through the galaxy...


     Snap!After a while, the two fell one after the other one after the other, lying on the ground with wide round eyes staring at the sky.

     There are two boxes quietly on the side...

     Seeing the caught off guard scene before him, Shen Zeyan silently put down the gun in his hand.

     After a while...

     He said the second sentence of the game.

     "I'll drive."


     Then, with the passage of time, the radiation from all around the desert began to spread, silently covering the Gobi one after another.

      At this moment, the teams from various places on the map moved towards the first safety zone centered on the Lion City at the bottom right and began to migrate.

     Judging from the map, the teams from Big E City and L City on the upper left need to pass by Picardo when they are transferring.

     So at this moment, although the three teams of Picadori Liu Zilang, Wei Shen and Li Muqiu are holding each other, they all hold back one's troops without moving and are waiting for the right opportunity.

     This makes Picard more quiet,

     It's like no one's land.

     However, the roads around Picardo are unusually bustling with noise and excitement. From time to time, there are vehicles roaring past the surrounding roads, giving it a feeling of endless stream of horse and carriages.

     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     Su Changming said with a smile, "It seems that everyone is playing unrestrainedly in this game. Now that the first wave of poison has not been reduced, there are only 37 teams and 70 people left on the court."

     "Hehe, it's a double row exhibition after all. Everyone must be fighting and heading for people."Rong Ye looked at the game screen and said, “If you still use the game style of the game to find some development, then there is no What does it mean.”

     "But Picardo, the three teams stayed here for too long."

     Ruofeng touched his chin and said, "Although they are relatively close to the circle, the problem now is that most of the teams have already entered the circle."

     "I agree with the nose team." Rong Ye nodded, "If the three teams of Picardo have not entered the circle, then their biggest enemy will not be the poison circle, but stay in the circle from the northwest. Other teams on the edge of the safe zone."

     "Huh?! Wait a minute, there seems to be someone moving on Picardo."

     In the big screen of the game, the director's shot was suddenly shown below the blue tall building.

     I saw Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang who had squatted half a picture after licking their bags on the top of the building. At this time, they had already ran a few steps from the outer ladder behind the blue tall building and jumped down.

     After going downstairs, they drove the bus to Drove over the sandy land south of Picardo City, towards the Lion City.

      clearly and easy to see ...

     The fleet of people whizzing around has made the two realize the necessity of entering the lap in advance.

     However, they left without saying hello.

     How could Liu Zilang, who was waiting for his old teammate "fervor like fire", easily agree?

     At this time, he and Kotomi Misaka had climbed onto the roof along the second floor of the motel.The two of them saw a column of sky-blue buses arrogantly driving in their direction from a long distance, apparently they wanted to go straight into the circle along the road from Picardo to Lion City.

     After all, among the various vehicles in the desert map,

     The bus is the most difficult vehicle to climb, but it’s not too slow to raise the speed on the road. Sometimes it can reach a hundred yards, and at the same time, it is also very durable. Beat the car.

     Li Muqiu obviously wanted to take advantage of the two characteristics of this car, and went straight into the lap with a beating.

     He didn't believe it...

     Can Liu Zilang still use that in94 to knock him off the bus at this distance?

     It turns out.

     Li Muqiu's ideas are mixed.

     Although Liu Zilang's in94 is accurate enough, he doesn't shrink his head. It is still very lucky to hit a moving target.

     This wave of Liu Zilang did not knock the two out of the car, but he used AK to cooperate with Misaka Kotomi with a burst of fire, and both of them were beaten to a half-blooded appearance.

     "Fuck! This kid has a rifle?"

     "Nonsense... Do you think he is Shao Ze?"

     "Damn! I'm angry again!"

     "Really angry!"

     "No! I can't stand it anymore, do you want to fuck him? His stupid apprentice is not capable of fighting."

     "Stop here? What should I do when someone comes back?"


     Is Li Muqiu right?

     Who knows how many teams did not make the lap?

     So he quickly turned the front of the car and got off the road, heading to Drove over the hill to the south."It's wet! They're going to run!"

     Liu Zilang faintly smiled, "It's okay, just press and hit the butt."

      hail of bullets...

     Just listen to a sudden "pouch"!

     The bus that was about to climb to the top of the hill was short behind, and one of the rear wheels directly exposed a bare rear wheel.

     You must know that the bus was originally slow to climb the slope, and now it is knocked out of a tire, it is simply dead!

     "I will close the cigarette, get out of the car and go!"

     Gao Yunyang, who has been too lazy to drive, make prompt decisions!

     He quickly leaned out of the car window, raised his hand and threw a smoke bomb toward the top of the front slope.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     The smoke quickly dispersed in all directions.

     Li Muqiu flicked the bus across and turned into the largest shelter behind him in Banpo.

     The moment the car stopped, the two got out of the other car with all their seats through the smoke, and quickly ran towards the top of the slope.

     Almost at the same time, I saw a pickup truck roaring from the south of the city!

     These two were not Wei Shen from the city, but Jin Dou Hwan and EscA from Team Gold who just passed by.


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