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656 Boy, Do You Believe In Feng Shui? (Middle) Thanks To Ksg, Huanyu’s Silver Moe
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In this exhibition match of "Thousand Crowds", Kim Doo-hwan and Gold's EscA unexpectedly chose the jungle.

     And the one who made this decision was Jin Douhuan who was invited.

     There is no other reason.

     As one of the "Three Sniper Gods in Asia", Jin Douhuan was originally full of confidence and met Liu Zilang, the "destined enemy" in this Asian qualifier.

     In the end unfortunately lost...

      of course not in his heart,

     I have been holding a depression in my chest!

     Therefore, in an exhibition game, everyone can wave, and all can go crazy.

     But Kim Doo-hwan alone can't.

     He waited until this exhibition game with great difficulty, waiting for this opportunity, not to entertain, but to tell all the audience around the world.

     The strongest sniper in Asia!

      who is it!

      Thought until here, Jin Douhuan took a deep breath, his eyes became more determined!

     At this time the two passed by Picardo.

     Hearing the gunshots from the motel, EscA couldn't help but feel hot, and both eyes shines said, "Madan! I finally found someone, let's fuck him!"

     Obviously, this double row entertainment game of EscA is completely a mentality of playing passersby. It is a bit uncomfortable for him to be dragged to the jungle by Kim Doo-hwan. Of course it is difficult to suppress the excitement when he sees people at this time.

     However, Kim Doo-hwan had a great plan in this game. Hearing what EscA said, he immediately persuaded him not a word or movement:

     "It's still the advanced circle. They are not in the circle. We can directly get them in the circle."

     The situation in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in an instant a myriad changes, as to whether it gets stuck after entering the circle, how to get stuck...That is another story.

     Of course, if you really encounter two "Lengtouqing", Jin Douhuan wouldn't mind taking it away.

     After all, to eat things like chicken and human heads, it is best to grab both hands and both hands are hard.

     If you really eat chicken at the end,

     Thinking of him as the No. 1 sniper in Asia, he did a zero kill or one kill to eat chicken...

     Then he can't afford to lose that person.


     On the top of the hillside.

     After abandoning the car with smoke and climbing up the top of the slope, Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang quickly found a small toilet and got in.

     After the two of them finished taking the medicine, Li Muqiu suddenly gritted his teeth and said bitterly, "This kid is really too vengeful!"

     "Hold grudges?" Gao Yunyang was somewhat uncertain.

     "Yeah! Didn't you realize that he was actually jealous and revenge on me."

     "Jealous of revenge for you?"

     "Envy that I am handsomer than him! I will take you away from him in revenge!"

     "Wait... I'm listening to you... a bit familiar."

     "Don't worry about it, I also just sufficed someone, and even just sufficed our car! We will not be able to bear this wave."

     "Sure! Then you are right with him." Gao Yunyang shrugged indifferently, drowsily said, "If it's a small close-range battle, I'm sure. In this distance, apart from Ze Shao, standing here is right with him. Is it just being played as a target?"

     "do not!"

     Li Muqiu panicked as soon as he heard it, and hurriedly said, "Let's go together, his one person can't beat four hands with two fists, I don't believe it, I can't turn him!"

     Gao Yuanyang silent for a split second, suddenly said,"You said the same last time. Did the two of us win against Ze Shao?"

     "..." Li Muqiu choked suddenly, then quickly said, "That's different! It's not the same game."

     "Wait! You won't be afraid anymore?"

     At the end of the story, Li Muqiu started again. He can see through the "kindergarten" level radical generals at a glance...

     But when he still wanted to continue the struggle, a pickup sound suddenly came from below the hillside.

     A car is coming!

     The two looked at each other, and immediately picked up their guns and groped them out without a word or movement.


     The roof of the motel.

     Seeing that Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang were beaten to abandon the car and fled, Liu Zilang couldn't help chuckled, but also quit while one is ahead.

     Of course, the main reason is that he remembers that there is still a team in the low room next to the Picador Red Mansion, and keeps Misaka Kotomi paying attention to the movement there.

     To prevent them from hitting upright on the top of the building, they were touched close to throw two thunders up, and just now Misaka Kotomi suddenly reported that the two had slipped out from behind the low house.

     Because Wei Shen and Long Shen had never opened the meat before they landed, Liu Zilang and them still belonged to the enemy is in the dark but I am in the light.

     Wei Shen knew that Liu Zilang was Liu Zilang,

     But Liu Zilang didn't know that Wei Shen was Wei Shen.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang, who was standing on the roof, saw that the two of them were about to slip away. There was no reason why he had just been beaten up by the opponent in the car.

     I saw that he quickly changed the AK in his hand to in94, and directly previewed an advance position, keeping the red heart and the ground at the height of one person.When someone came from behind the wall, that moment appeared in his vision again!


     In the flames of guns and fire,

     The yellow orange orange sniper bullet burst out!

     Passed over the gas station extremely fast, and immediately hit a person who came out from behind the wall.


     The man who came out from behind the wall had a green first-stage head on his head instantly shattered.

     A staggered foot,

      thumped to his knees.

     "4AM-Vic knocked down 4AM-Longshenjuezzz with in94 headshot"

     The director’s angle of view was quickly given to this shot. The viewers in the domestic live broadcast room saw this abruptly arising scene, and they were all dumbfounded...

     Killing teammates can also understand.

     But killing the coach... that would be too much!

     In this game, Liu Zilang first killed his teammate Kotomi Misaka, and then the coach Dragon God Jue.

     It can be said that they are all at once...

     Seeing this "fighting in the same room", the three commentators on the Huaxia commentary stage couldn't help but shook their heads and smiled bitterly.

     "Uh... Vic's in94 accuracy is indeed a bit scary!"

     "Hehe, I guess this is very probably may be the first time a coach complained that his team's players were too accurate."

     "It's a little stiff now, it seems that Wei Shen and Long Shen were definitely held up by Vic."

     "Well, now the main god Wei and Dragon God do not have sniper in their hands. If you really want to fight the gun, the disadvantage of the non-sniper and the sniper is too big.


     During the game, the knocked-down Dragon God Jue quickly climbed back behind the wall.Dragon God said with a confused face, "Fuck! Is this kid so accurate?"

     "I told you to go around from behind." Wei Shen was also speechless.

     "I didn't think they were playing south...who knows we will be found so soon."


      At the same time, Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel slightly surprised after seeing the kill message.

     He subconsciously recalled the team downstairs when the game started, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

     I have to sigh the wonder of fate...

     But now that he knew that the opponent was Dragon God Jue and Wei Shen, Liu Zilang would naturally not chase his butt, otherwise he would lose more than a thousand catties after the game.

     He is here to play...

     Not here to kill.

     But right now he had already knocked down one, and suddenly let it go and stopped.

     Too fake...

     At this time, there was a violent and rapid gunshot from the south!

     Liu Zilang quickly turned his head and took a look, and immediately be pleased beyond one's expectations and found that a pickup truck was stopped by a person on it, behind a stone bunker halfway up the mountain.

     He immediately said to Misaka Kotomi on the side, "The last two have already fallen one, so I will leave it to you."

     Misaka Kotomi listened,

     My heart suddenly became excited!

     Then she hurriedly said seriously, "Wet and rest assured! Guarantee Mission Completion!"