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657 Boy, Do You Believe In Feng Shui? (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

As the "mascot" of a Professional Corps, Misaka Kotomi's marksmanship Liu Zilang couldn't be more clear.

     Can't say exactly,

     Nor can it be in doubt,

     It is between a kind of accuracy and inaccuracy.

     It may be a little awkward to say that, then give a chestnut.

     Even before she shoots, no one can guarantee that she can hit even if it is a must.

     On the contrary, there are some that seem impossible to hit, but she may not be able to hit empty.

     Perhaps in the latter skill, Kotomi Misaka and Zilang Liu are traceable to the same stock, and they have similar skill points.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang is very relieved if this task is handed over to Misakaqin.

     If in this situation, Wei Shen and Long Shen Jue were still killed, then it can be said to be God’s will...

     And the person who killed them does not belong to oneself...I shouldn’t blame myself for not being loyal, right?

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but elatedly turned to the south, and handed over the two people in the city to having high fighting spirit, the energetic Misaka Kotomi!


     Behind the rock on the mountainside.

      At this moment, Kim Doo-hwan’s face was full of thoughts about life.

     I am kind, but how am I crazy?


     A sigh!

     At this moment, their pickups were horizontally above, and it happened to travel an angle of ninety degrees with the stone, blocking the fire on the top of the hillside and the gun line on the side.

     Whoosh whoosh—!A violent rain of bullets poured down, and the pickup truck blocking it "clanked" and made a metal tremor that sounded a little overwhelming.

     Jin Douhuan squinted slightly, not a word or movement, and figured out the 98K behind him.

     The card field of vision previews, and people shoot out!


     The crisp gunfire suddenly exploded!

     A Rapid Spin sniper bullet suddenly roared from the mountainside toward the top of the mountain!

      has to say, Kim Doo-hwan’s shot is really fast and accurate!

     And at this distance up and down one hundred meters,

     Basically, when the two at the top of the mountain heard the gunshot, one of them would fall down.

     Because the initial velocity of the bullet has exceeded the speed of the gunshot, and even the ballistic trajectory is straight at such a short distance!

     As long as you aim accurately, you must hit!

     However, after the gunfire,

     No one fell to the ground on the top of the mountain.

     Because when Jin Douhuan fired this shot without omen, Gao Yunyang happened to be staring down.

     Between the moment of life and death,

     He realized that faint flash of fire!

     You should know that the year in, year out practice and experience of the previous FPS career has already made Gao Yunyang a muscle memory. When he saw the flash of fire, his body immediately reacted to his brain.

      subconsciously ...

     Gao Yunyang tilted his head.

     In fact, at this moment, Gao Yunyang's index finger thought about squatting, but he quickly rejected it with his middle finger.

     too slow!

     In the screen of the director.At the moment when Gao Yunyang turned his head, a stream of light swept past the edge of his bright second-stage head.

     Accompanied by the screaming sound of bullets passing by, there seems to be a hint of gunpowder remaining in the air...

     Seeing this not expected at the outset screen, the instantaneous Explosion in the live broadcast room!

     "My God, is this a Matrix?"

     "Crafts and frauds, give the big guys a lot of ice!"

     "Sloth's head tilted is so handsome!"

     "Coach! I want to learn this too!"


     During the game game, Gao Yunyang, who had nearly avoided the catastrophe, was stunned. He slightly squinted and looks below. The drowsily expression on his face was already sweep clean.

     At this moment, Jin Douhuan, who was confidently retracted with a shot from the back of the mountainside car, saw that the upper right of the screen had not been killed for a long time.

     The shock in his heart is even worse!

     As a sniper at the pinnacle of his profession, Jin Douhuan clearly knew what kind of gun must be hit, so he was even more shocked by how the opponent had just avoided it?

     Just now he finished a shot and immediately turned around confidently. This is a sniper habit of Jin Douhuan.

     In addition to being handsome,

     At the same time, it is to avoid the opponent's counterattack.

     But at this time, he who was puzzling by Bests couldn't help but regret it, and couldn't help but sigh that pretending to be realistic is a habit of indulging people!

     But with this wave of temptations, they also have a general understanding of each other.


     Both sides played very vigilantly.I saw that both sides were throwing cigarette holders and guns, and running to pull the gun line. Various small two-person tactics were used.

     Although the scene seems hard to untie, hard to separate, in fact Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang have been constantly drawing closer and shortening the distance with each other.

     Both of them are the best in the world's super-class assaulters, and naturally there is no need to play with each other.

     The principle of the two has always been the same, as long as they can rush up and directly rush the person, then they will never force you too far away.

     98K warning?

     That's something that women would do.

     At this time, Jin Dou-hwan's EscA two, they also gave all their attention to the two people on the top of the front mountain.

      This aspect is because the two parties are in a direct conflict relationship between entering and clamping;

      on the other hand, it was because the gun line on the side of Liu Zilang was completely blocked by the big rock on the mountainside.

     As long as the gun line is not drawn elsewhere.

     Unless he can beat the stone through, it won't pose any threat to them at all.

     It was precisely this point that Jin Douhuan and EscA had gotten right, and they gave all their attention to the positive Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     "Qiu Shen and Sloth are very decisive in this wave! Now the distance between the two is only fifty meters."

     "Yes, but Golden Player and EscA sealed the cigarettes on it. They seem to want to protect the car."

     "Um...I guess they want to wait for the other person to get down and drive away directly from the smoke."

     "Then this wave depends on whose speed is faster.""But wait...Why do I listen to Vic shooting all the time, what is he doing?"





     In94's unique sniper rifle sounded one after another, and soon attracted the attention of the live broadcaster.

     The lens on the big screen was pulled, and it was first given to Liu Zilang standing on the top of the motel.

     Then he followed his gun line and gave it to the bus near the top of the mountain where the tire had been unloaded.

     Seeing this strange scene, many viewers in the domestic live broadcast room were taken aback!

     Liu Zilang, Che, Jin Douhuan, does this Feng Shui pattern look familiar?


     The other side tire of the bus on the top of the hill suddenly burst, and suddenly sank, and the tall body instantly became unbalanced!

      kuang duang'ed!

     The bus overturned on the hillside, and slid down the hillside quickly!

     At this time, on the mountainside not far below, there was a hazy cloud of smoke.

     Under the smoke, is a pickup truck.

     Below the pickup, Jin Douhuan and Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang were fighting hard.

      At this moment, this situation and this scene...Countless domestic audiences who have watched the Asian qualifiers are collectively confused!

     Sao Nian...

     Do you believe in Feng Shui?


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