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658 The Return Of The Familiar Car
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The blood of all gods will end in a car!

     The first time I heard this sentence.

     Kim Doo-hwan doesn't believe it.

     He feels that these all are superstitions, and it doesn't have any scientific basis.

     But at this moment, Jin Dou-hwan's head couldn't help but be stunned by the sound of the rolling shock above his head!

     EscA on the side looked up at the smoke above. He hadn't encountered this situation before, and couldn't help but force him, "This is... a landslide?!"

     However, at this time, Jin Douhuan seemed to be struck by lightning, and his whole body was dumbfounded, and his lips seemed to tremble slightly.

     Because this scene is too déjà vu for him...



     "Run Ah!!!"

     The last three words seemed to pop out of his throat, calling out time of departure Jin Douhuan was a little hysterical!

     And just when he reminded his teammates,

     People are like being blown off by a cat with its tail, suddenly jumped out!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     At this moment, Jin Douhuan no longer ignored Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang, who were on the flanks, and rushed over in their direction.


     This time he can't die like that again!

     If there is a choice, Jin Douhuan would rather be killed by Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang at this time!

     But a pity...

     Many things in this world often have no choice.

      bang sound!

     As if Gonggong had knocked down Buzhou Mountain, a loud sound suddenly came from the smoke.At the next moment, stop the pickup truck above and let it go "Divine Dragon Tail Swipe"!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that the pickup truck's head was hit and slid in place for a half arc, looking like a windshield wiper. EscA, who was completely confused behind the car, and Jin Douhuan, who jumped out like a rabbit, brushed past. !



     Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang reached a close point with great difficulty, hiding behind a low slope waiting for an opportunity.

     But the next moment...

     The two of them were somewhat surprised to see that there was someone in each other, and they jumped towards them!

     What the hell?

     Is there fraud?

     The two were just a little dazed.

     Immediately afterwards, they were even more surprised to see the man jumping towards them.

      caught off guard ground...

     Suddenly flew towards them.

     This is... the catapult start?

     In shock,

     The two took a quick look!

     When I saw the bus that turned over to the ground,

     The two suddenly reacted to the pickup that was hit lean unsteadily from side to side.

     Now look at the two corpses rolling down the hillside...rolling...rolling down.

     The corners of their mouths twitched slightly.

     This Nima is poisonous!

     Almost immediately, their two people looked at Picardo subconsciously.

     Although the desert map is empty, in theory, besides them, there are other people who can hit here.

     However at this time,

     They didn't doubt anyone at all, and directly cast their sights on Liu Zilang!This,

     It is a kind of "trust" from teammates.

     They have enough reasons to believe that only Liu Zilang would be cheap enough to do such a debilitating thing.

     At this time, this kind of feeling is produced,

     Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang are not the only ones.

     Jin Douhuan waited so long before finally waiting for this opportunity.

     With great difficulty, he deceived and stabilised the restless and warlike heart of his teammate EscA, as if walking on thin ice, constantly groping on the road of eating chicken.

     But he never expected ...

     The great road of eating chicken had just taken its first step when caught off guard was ended by a bus!

     And it ended with this desperate, shameful, and similar way of death... This naturally made Jin Dou-hwan's heart subconsciously think of someone!

     That's right!

     That person is Liu Zilang!

     Next, Kim Doo-hwan ignorantly and EscA with a gloomy face left the player bench.

     When I came to the audience,

     He looked back at the big screen on the stage.

      At this moment, the director just gave a replay of the last wave of "mountain accidents".

     Jin Douhuan's pupils shrank instantly, his eyes staring at the playback screen!

     In the screen, only a figure with in94 in his hand appeared in the bottom of the lens.

     The ID on that person's head is 4AM-Vic!

     Next, I saw Liu Zilang fire three shots at the tire of the bus on the edge of the mountain!

     The car overturned!

     Go down!

     Everything next...

     It was the nightmare that Kim Doo-hwan just suffered!

     Creak!Suddenly, Jin Douhuan couldn't help biting his teeth, and clenched his fists tightly!

     It's him!

     I knew... it was him again!


     However, after a burst of anger, looking at the figure on the stage, a feeling of weakness suddenly rose in his heart!

     Is this my enemy and nemesis?


     Not reconciled! ! !


     In the game.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang was shocked when he saw the two kill prompts on the top right of the screen.

     This wave wants to say that he didn't mean it...

     That's shameless.


     Liu Zilang really didn't know about this wave. The two who stopped on the mountainside were Jin Douhuan.

     Thinking of the number of times this person was stabbed to death by his own car in various fancy ways, Liu Zilang seemed to sensed that a benevolent gaze was staring at oneself, in the heart cannot help shuddered.

     I'm sorry, brother!

     I promise you!

     You must be killed with a gun in the next game!

     He was muttering in his heart that there was something or not, and at this moment, the "crack rattle" behind him, Kotomi Misaka suddenly shot!

     The next moment, Kotomi Misaka almost jumped out of the chair excitedly, and said excitedly, "Wet~! Wet~! It hit! I knocked one down!"


     Liu Zilang couldn't help but heart sank.

     Isn't it?

     Can you hit this?He turned his head and looked, and he saw that a man with a bald head was kneeling outside the city at the northeast corner of Picardo, and another man had already taken the opportunity to slip to a low slope not far away.

     And kneels down on the ground that person...

     It looks a bit déjà vu.

     as expected.

     A kill prompt appeared on the top right of the screen!

     "Menhera sauce knocked down 4AM-Longshenjuezzz with M416!"

     Liu Zilang immediately trembled!

     At this moment, he just wanted to say that we were not busy making up for it, but he didn't have time to speak.

     Just listen to the three beeps!

     At the next moment, I saw the Dragon God Jue who was kneels down on the ground not far away with a few bloody flowers on his body...

     With a kick on both legs, he died on the spot.

     Misaka Kotomi was proud, head high, chest out, "It's wet! I knocked one out!"

     The corner of Liu Zilang's eyes twitched slightly, and said with some difficulty, "Then you are really Jier...Brilliant!"

     "Where is there, hehehe." Misaka Kotomi thought that Liu Zilang was complimenting her, and she couldn't help but somewhat shy, and said humbly, "Wetness is the most exciting thing!"

     She learned Liu Zilang's pronunciation.

     After speaking, he giggled and laughed, seeming to be amused by his non-standard pronunciation.

     Liu Zilang is also happy...

     I'm angry!

     Is this being humble with you as a teacher?

     He looked at Misaka Kotomi with some pain, and he could only silently mourn for the coach Dragon God for a second.

      with great difficulty last time,

     Say it's gone...After a second, Liu Zilang decided to lick a bag to relieve the sorrowful grief in his heart...

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