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659 Possessed By The Horse Monkey!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

There are two places in the box, one for each.

     Just when Liu Zilang brought Misaka Kotomi to the place where the Dragon God was killed in battle, Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang also licked the two people who were killed by Liu Zilang's car.

     At this time, the poisonous ring that had been shrinking from all around had covered half of the Picardo, and Wei Shen saw that the Dragon God would never be able to rescue him, he had already stepped a circle ahead of time.

     After Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi finished licking their bags, they soon chose to transfer.

     They used the low slope of the mountain all the way, avoiding the gun line of Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang, and fumbled towards the hillside just east of Picardo.

     Host the commentary stage.

      "All right, now the first lap is almost finished. At present, most teams have basically completed the lap transfer from all directions."

     "Yes, but the team from the Military Base in the north also played more intensely in this game."

     "Hehe, and what's more interesting is that they didn't fight in Military Base, but they chose to evacuate to find the car and run poison after the first lap. As a result, everyone encountered fights on the road. can be considered different routes to the same destination."

     "Well, it's mainly fighting, and other teams have also joined in when they see it. The result is naturally getting more and more intense."

     "If I didn't remember correctly, the Military Base also jumped at least seven or eight teams in this match? Now it seems that there are only three teams coming from that direction."Yes, I think everyone knows the rest of these people, they are Shroud and Chocotaco, God G and the sniper Jeemzz from Liquid, and the remaining lone wolf is Vivian, who is in line with her. Video producers from Youtube have already sacrificed in the battle just now."

     "What has to say here is that in today's double row charity exhibition match, the two players chosen by SKK to play are Vivian and Captain Karl..."


     With the commentary, the first wave of poison on the field has coincided with the border of the safe zone.

     Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi reluctantly carried the poison into the circle, and secretly found a toilet to start the medicine.

     However, after seeing the next circle, Liu Zilang was a little dumbfounded. He vomited with a dark face, "Are you not without washing your face this morning?"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Kotomi Misaka did not understand such thing, and thought Liu Zilang said what thing she said on her face.

     Her face was slightly red, she glanced at Liu Zilang secretly, quickly raised her hand and wiped her face, and then sat upright again.

     Shouldn't it be done now? !

     Seeing Misaka Kotomi's little action, Liu Zilang couldn't help but his mouth twisted...

     This is really a silly apprentice!


     At this time, the next safe area a journey due east, brushed a diagonal circle for them.

     The desert map is different from the island map. It is huge in itself. If there is no car, they might have to carry the poison into the circle even if they don't have a car. So the first thing for them is to find a car.

     But this barren mountains and wild hills...

     Where did the car come from?Standing at the door of a toilet at the top of the mountain, Liu Zilang felt melancholy.

     At this moment, there was a hum of motorcycle engines from the poison ring in the north!

     Liu Zilang immediately complexion turned happy, say sth without meaning it sighed, "What kind of motorcycle do you want!"

     In a short while, the roar of the motorcycle became louder and louder from far to near, and Liu Zilang seemed to have a motorcycle in his mind.

     as expected.

     The next moment, a motorcycle suddenly rushed out of the poison ring!

     "Quickly! Stupid apprentice, here to pick up the guests!"

     "Huh? Oh!"

     When the two men raised their guns, they quickly aimed at the motorcycle that rushed out of the poison. Unexpectedly, the person who rushed out of the poison reacted faster than they thought!

     The gunfire!

     The bullet has not arrived yet!

     I saw the man suddenly turned the front of the car,

     The direction was quickly changed, and the motorcycle marked a rather exaggerated arc on the undulating hillside.

     Whoops whoops—!

     Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi's burst of bullets that poured in the past passed all the bullets behind that person!

     The next moment, the motorcycle suddenly changed its direction, and it was about to overturn after rushing up the slope.

     Unexpectedly, the man riding the motorcycle was not nervous at all. It was Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light that forced the parking space. The whole car immediately didn't even stop at all, and then continued to drive forward.


     Although he didn't hit anyone, Liu Zilang didn't feel any upset in his heart. Instead, eyes shined and gave him a thumbs-up!Judging from the person's proficiency in driving a motorcycle, he shamelessly estimated the opponent's car skills in a shameless heart, at least he already has his 70% popularity.

     "Oh! The lone wolf Vivian who ran out from the Military Base in the north was riding a motorcycle. I didn't expect to meet Vic here.

     "But Vivienne's car skills shown in this wave are quite amazing! I didn't expect her to face the two shots without panic at all."

     "Hehe, fortunately God G is not here, otherwise I would have to cry when I see this wave!"

     "Everyday G sees tears, but wait, it seems that there are still two teams in Duli, it's ubah from Navi team and a Russian beauty anchor."

     "They came out from directly below in a sports car. This wave seems to be in Vic's direction. Didn't they hear the gunshots?"

     "No! They are being chased by another team, and now they can no longer control these!"

     In the game, Liu Zilang felt a little regretful when he saw the motorcycle slipping away, but when he turned his head and saw the sports car below, he suddenly raised hope again in his heart!

     "Don't worry about the motorcycle, take a taxi!"

     "Oh! Received!"

     As soon as Liu Zilang turned his gun, Misaka Kotomi followed closely behind sb or sth, and the master and disciple felt like one unity.

     The sports car is coming from the north and is in the mountains

     Whizzing galloping, the two men spit out fire snakes at their muzzles, splitting the head and covering the face at him.

      At this time, the director's lens gave Liu Zilang the first perspective without even thinking about it.

     As the Mvp and Killer King of the last game, Liu Zilang's performance in this game is also quite impressive.Therefore, he naturally has enough reasons to let all the viewers who are watching the live broadcast cast their eyes.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     At this time, Liu Zilang's AK did not know at what time, and he had replaced it with an eight-fold lens.

     despair! despair! despair...!

     clatter! clatter! clatter...!

     At this time, due to the extremely fast speed of the sports car, although the distance between the two parties is not far, it is not close.

     Therefore, this wave of Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi did not shoot with a fully automatic pressure gun, and they all fired a single point.

     The two of them clicked the shuttle bullet, and the people on the sports car not only did not move a single jot, but even just a little blood.

     "Haha, it turns out that Vic also had horses."

     "233 This wave of human strokes is probably possessed by a horse monkey haha!"

     Seeing that the car was about to get out of sight.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but cut a single point into full-automatically, and there was a wave of blind jealous sweeping!

     "666, Vic gave up treatment!"

     "Puff haha, What do you know, this is the legendary fly into a rage out of humiliation marksmanship!"

     The audience in the domestic live broadcast room was teasing and teasing, the next moment, the barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly stagnated!

     A kill message appeared quietly...