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660 When Will I Be As Good As Wet?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

4AM-Vic used AKM to headshot Ferlyn!

     The person who got out of the car with a headshot was undoubtedly the female anchor girl who was brought by the contestant Navi.

     But seeing this kill reminder, let alone the audience, even Liu Zilang himself was stunned!

     Is this... just kidding?

     "Sri Lanka is so wet~!"

     On the side, Kotomi Misaka opened her mouth wide in surprise, yet countless small stars appeared in her eyes!

     The feeling of admiration in my heart is more like a surging river, continuously and uninterrupted, uncontrollable in one shot!

     She secretly said in heart, so wet as expected to be so wet, I thought wet was a big horse like me??


     Feeling the respect value +666 from the "loving disciple", Liu Zilang on the side quickly closed his chin, which was also about to be shocked.

     In the next moment, his whole body was filled with a kind of vigor, serene said, "Remember! No matter how fast a car is, it can't be fast. A real gunner can always find his own shooting method."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Kotomi Misaka couldn't help being nodded, half-understands her head,

     "Wet, I understand a little bit!"

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth crooked, and his heart said, I just casually teased what do you know!

     Do you know that you are under a lot of pressure as a teacher?

     At this moment, since someone was beaten down there, Liu Zilang quickly exposed the stubbornness and quickly chased Misaka Kotomi towards the person's fall point.

     As for the two cars that followed behind madly, they have already bypassed. Obviously, they are not going to provoke Liu Zilang, who is an eight times AK...However, others can go around, but Ubah, who just drove the sports car, cannot.

     Perhaps for Ubah, who is also from the "fighting race", it is far more shameful to leave the female anchor of Mao Mei and go alone than to make a box!

     "Watrefak, is this man's marksmanship too accurate?"

     "Don't move, I'll save you! It's that man!"

     "That man? ⊙?⊙!... it turned out to be him !"

     Obviously, even the Mao girl, who is far away in Russia, has heard about Liu Zilang's proverbial fame. At this time, there was a sudden wave in my heart!

     Ubah drove the sports car around the mountain, and then quickly turned around and drove back.

     He hurriedly blocked in front of his teammate with his car before the opponent could make up his teammate.

     However, Ubah’s full attention was now on Liu Zilang’s side. He didn’t even notice that there was a motorcycle parked on the top of the slope 300 meters further east, holding a Mini14 and looking back and forth here. .

     This person is Vivian who just passed by on a motorcycle!

     "Hehe, it seems that Ubah is very affectionate, in this case he even dared to drive back to save people."

     "But he didn't know that someone had been staring at the back, so now he has completely handed over his back to Vivian."

     At this moment, the shot of the director on the big screen gave Vivian the first perspective.

     I saw that the eight-fold quasi-center of the Mini14 in Vivian's hand had locked the second-stage head on Ubah's head squatting in the back of the car.

     At this time Ubah is still saving people, his body is motionless like a statue, this is undoubtedly the best time for a sneak attack.Although the damage of Mini 14 is not enough to kill, but with Vivian's marksmanship, coupled with the extremely strong stability of the Mini.

     She can play a "two in a row", and a Combo will take away the opponent directly!

     However, the reality is...

     Vivian kept aiming there with his gun, but he didn't pull the trigger for a long time.

     Obviously, Vivian is wine-lover's heart is not in the cup this time, and the goal is someone else.


     After the two people on the other side got closer, Liu Zilang glanced at the sports car parked on the slope opposite.

     At this time, the two sides already doesn't have any cover in the straight-line distance. Right now, although he can choose to spread the smoke and touch in, or continue to detour and pull the gun line.

     Both of these methods are relatively safe.

     But counting the time, the opponent is obviously helping almost there at the moment, in case they continue to pull the gun line in a detour, or the opponent just helps the person up when they are in the smoke.

     Then he didn't even take the medicine, and went straight to spur the horse to full speed.

     Then they have to be dumbfounded!

     So thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but opens the mouth to ask, "Is there any thunder?"

     "Hmm!" Misaka Kotomi nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice, and said cheerfully, "It's wet, I have three."

     "Throw it together!" Liu Zilang said simply.

     So the next moment, two grenades were quickly cut out of the hands of the two, and they immediately pulled the strings!

     Hearing the soft sound of these two fragmentation grenades when the insurance was pulled, the hearts of many audiences at the scene couldn't help being lifted!


     Zheng!Under the real-time tracking of the guide camera, the two fragmentation grenades were thrown out by the two one after the other!

     Crossed a parabola in the air and flew towards the sports car on the slope.

     "Wait! The thunder behind, was it Vic thrown it? This angle is a bit too strong!"

     "Hehe, it seems that even the'Thunder God' sometimes missed, Vic threw the thunder too high."

     "Well, but this mine of Menhera sauce is a bit remarkable! Tsk tsk! This angle...this arc...this strength...this thunder should fall behind the sports car, depending on the distance. ..."

     "It's a bit far."

     In the game, Liu Zilang looked at Misaka Kotomi's thunder and couldn't help shook the head.

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said,

     Kotomi Misaka, who keeps her eyes staring at oneself, throws out the thunder, she can't help but feel a sense of loss...

     Ugh! Can I be as good as wet at what time?

     But then, when she secretly turned her head and glanced at the thunder thrown by Liu Zilang, her eyes widened in surprise, with a Meow~ expression on her face!

     Wet this is... missed?

     Kang Dang—!

     Before I could think about it, Misaka Kotomi's grenade fell behind the sports car.

     In fact, as Liu Zilang inferred, Misaka Kotomi was indeed thrown a little far away.

     He flew directly behind the two people hiding behind the sports car, and rolled down the slope a few times.

     When you stop, the distance is farther.

     The fire is rising!

     Boom a loud sound!After the car, the blood volume of the two people was not blown up at all, and they couldn't help but grow let out a relaxed breath at the same time.

     "Huh! Scared me to death!"

     "Quickly! They haven't come, they can still get a medicine."

     "Strange, I heard that the guy is not called ‘Thunder God Thor’, this one is too watery."

     "Hehe, maybe it's the water god this time."

     After the car, the two people vomited easily, so as to soothe their tight nerves.

     What they did not notice, however.

     At the moment when Misaka Kotomi's thunder exploded, the thunder that Liu Zilang threw above also "clammed" to the ground, and then rolled all the way down the slope!

     And right below Thunder...

     It is Ubah and Ferlyn who are talking and laughing cheerfully while taking medicine.

     Seeing this very weird scene, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms suddenly couldn't help but stared in surprise!

     What kind of thunder is this...

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