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661 The Life Of The Teacher Is Left To You! (Thanks Again To Ksg And Huanyu For Their Silver Cuteness)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After the hillside car.

     After one stitch went down, looking at the full blood volume of "唰", Mao Mei Ferlyn suddenly felt a sense of fulfillment that the whole person was filled, just like being reborn!

     Clang Dangdang!

     However, at this moment, a slight noise around them suddenly entered the ears of the two of them.

     what sound?

     The two turned their heads and glanced at subconsciously.

     The moment they saw the thing rolling down the slope, they became petrified, blankly stood in place with a confused face.


     The fire flashed, and the gravel flew!

     The violent explosion came as scheduled. Ferlyn and Ubah, who had just finished the bloodshot behind the car, were blown up all at once, and then rolled down the slope circle after circle.

      in the blink of an eye, there are only two boxes left on the ground.

     "4AM-Vic used a grenade to kill Navi-Ubah!"

     "4AM-Vic used a grenade to blow up Ferlyn!"

     Seeing these two unbelievable explosions, my eyes popped out of the live and live broadcast rooms!

     "Misty grass Misty grass! Can there be such a showy operation?"

     "Is this a remote-controlled self-propelled mine?"

     "No! I think it should be infrared tracking self-propelled rolling mines!"

     "Although I don't understand what the previous ones are talking about, Skr~ is over!"

     "Hahaha, Vic, this thunder really slipped and flew! It's a blaster!"


     During the game, he saw a thunder solve it perfectly. fighting race Liu Zilang couldn't help but snapped a finger and said with a smile, "Go! Let the teacher go and lick the bag!""Sri Lanka! It's wet!!!"

     Misaka Kotomi worshipped so much that his eyes were full of small stars, and eagerly followed.

     After the two ran all the way to the sports car, looking at the two neatly placed boxes on the ground, they couldn't help but smile, and then squatted on the ground quickly.

     What Liu Zilang opened was Ferlyn's box, he looked down, hey! Good guys!

     Really fat!

     Tertiary head!

     Level three!

     Pulling down further, there is still one fully equipped with silenced SKS. I don't know where the two people started searching for things. Only then were they chased into the circle.

     In the end, Liu Zilang was cut off by Liu Zilang, which is really a sad thing.

     At this time, although Ferlyn’s third-level head and third-level armor have varying degrees of damage, but fortunately, Liu Zilang’s eight-fold AK shot that fly into a rage out of humiliation is very strange and wonderful. The ground is covered with rain and dew, and his head and armor are both No damage was too serious.

     Especially the last grenade was painless, painless, and painless... perfectly solved the problem.

     The head and armour of Ferlyn, the hairy girl, were kept relatively well.

     After licking the bag, Liu Zilang quickly jumped on the side of the sports car, utmost feeling in the heart, that life is full of happiness.

     If you want a car, there will be a car.

     Although I missed a motorcycle in front, the old man lost his horse, but it all turned out for the best but it all turned out for the best.

     This is not...

     A sports car rushed to deliver to the doorstep, and it also pulled two boxes.

     Meidi is so awesome!

     At this time, Liu Zilang's mood is very beautiful, but Misaka Kotomi is not so beautiful...Liu Zilang licked Mao Mei, but Misaka Kotomi opened Ubah's box.

      It should be noted, although Ubah comes from "fighting race", but at the same time he is a gentleman's elegance man. In this game, whether it is accessories or equipment, he will come first with Ferlyn first.

     This has resulted in Ubah's body being still the first two first class, as for the accessories...

     Is that edible?

     I saw Kotomi Misaka licking her bag with a bitter face, turned her head and looked at Liu Zilang, who was sitting in the car wearing a tertiary head and wearing a tertiary A.

     Glanced at myself again,

     Then he glanced at Liu Zilang.

     Finally, she summons courage and said nervously, "It's wet...I want a third-level head too."

     Sitting in the car, Liu Zilang looked at her slightly surprised, and then said in a soft voice, "My boy, you don't need a third-level head."

     Meow meow meow?

     Misaka Kotomi looked at Liu Zilang dumbfounded. She has not yet passed Level 4 in Chinese. She desperately wanted to understand what Liu Zilang's words meant in her mind...

     However, at this moment, I only heard a sudden burst of gunshots from a distance!

     Whoops whoops—!

     Sitting in the driving seat, Liu Zilang was looking at a confused face's silly apprentice a little bit amused.

     He just wanted to say something more,

     Unexpectedly, two balls of blood burst out of his head, and the third-level head was instantly shattered under the impact of the bullet!

      Between Lightning Spark, Liu Zilang suddenly reacted with one shivers in his heart, and saw him press the "F" key, and he immediately got out of the car!has to say, Liu Zilang's reaction is almost to the extreme!

     However, the moment he got off the car,

     Before he could do anything, a bloody mist suddenly burst out of his body!

      In the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang left only a trace of blood afterwards, emptied out with the bloody mist.

     Then he fell to the ground...

     Foggy grass!

     Who attacked me!

     Liu Zilang was stunned!

     Immediately afterwards, a System Notification was displayed at the top right of the screen.

     "SKK-Vivian uses Mini14 to knock down 4AM-Vic!"

     After seeing the kill message, Liu Zilang felt a pain in his could it be that crazy lady!

     And what makes him more painful is...

     At this time, the map where he and Misaka Kotomi were suddenly turned red, turning into a bombing zone of red fruits!

     This Nima, isn't it playing me?

     Host the commentary stage.

     "My God! Vivian's Mini burst is so fast and accurate! Even Vic didn't respond."

     "Yeah, but when the guide was given, I seemed to see Vic turning his head and talking to Menhera..."

     "Ah?! Is that the case? Haha, then this is a crime you can't live without."

     "From the current seems really a bit, because although Vic fell behind the car that Vivian couldn't make up, the problem is that there is now a bombing zone.""Hehe, speaking of the bombing zone, the setting of our game server was cancelled by default, but today was the double row exhibition match to enhance the entertainment. It was adjusted again. I did not expect Vic's luck to be so good... At this time I encountered a bombing zone."

     "Then this wave only depends on whether he is Heaven Chosen One or the son of Heavenly Scourge."


     During the game competition, Liu Zilang quickly found a suitable angle behind the car, and immediately let Misaka Kotomi come to rescue him.

     In the end, I didn't expect that Vivian wouldn't give a chance at all, and even learned the reach perfection skill from Liu Zilang's side.

     I saw her lift the Mini14,

     A crackle rattle shot from a distance!

     Blow the front tire first, then the rear tire!

     The next moment, the car body suddenly became unbalanced, and it slid slowly along the hillside coldly.

     Seeing this turn pale with fright, Liu Zilang, who was hiding behind the car, hurried his hands and feet and used the slowly sliding car to climb down.

      At the same time, he shouted to Misaka Kotomi on the side, "Quickly! Close the cigarette! Quickly shut down the cigarette!"

     "The life of the teacher is left to you..."