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668 Your Show Will Eventually Become A Knife! (4/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

not good!

      in a flash, Gao Yunyang suddenly remembered something, a sense of crisis like a mans back instantly rises in the mind!

     At this moment, gunfire sounded in the back.

     The fire snake spit out from the muzzle, and countless bullets suddenly hit like a rustling rain!

     Puff puff puff -!

     In an instant, a burst of scarlet blood burst out from Gao Yunyang's body, and his blood volume dropped sharply!

     However, as the world's super-class top assaulter, Gao Yunyang's reaction is so fast, he is usually beaten back and backhanded in the passerby game, and he does not know how much he has completed.

     At this time, it was obvious that his blood volume had fallen to the bottom, and it seemed that he might fall to the ground at any time, but Gao Yunyang was panicked without too many.

     He is confident that even if this wave will die in the end, he can definitely kill the person behind the attack!

     Because Gao Yunyang had obtained the information he needed from the opponent’s back shot, and at the same time made his own judgment...

     This is a "big horse monkey"!

     If this wave were replaced by him hitting someone on the back, the opponent would definitely not even have the chance to turn around!

     Right now the other party gave him this opportunity, so Gao Yunyang naturally did not fail to grasp this opportunity, and raised his gun extremely fast.

     Da Da Da—!

     Fire from the muzzle burst.

     Countless bullets screamed away!

     At this moment, those bullets seemed to form a line, a Death Beam full of Ruin Aura!

     Puff—!Ke Xue was shot in the head with the brunt, in the blink of an eye, the blood volume of the whole person showed a cliff-jumping plunge!

     "My god, Sloth's reaction is too fast!"

     "Hiss! This wave feels like Miss Ke Xue is going to be cool!"

      At this moment, the audience seemed to have already saw it the upcoming Jedi anti-kill scene.

     However, at the moment when Ke Xue’s blood stick to drop a thousand zhang in one fall, at that moment, standing on the side of the road holding Scar-l Gao Yunyang, a cloud of blood burst out of his head coldly!

      In the blink of an eye, Gao Yunyang, who was about to complete the counter-kill, leaned back.

     Suddenly fell to the ground!

     He stared roundly at the sky above his head, like blue sky and white clouds, clear and boundless sky, suddenly storm...

     A System Notification swiped from the upper right of the screen.

     "4AM-Vic killed Sloth with a headshot of SKS!"

     Seeing this scene, at this moment, Ke Xue couldn't help but feel his heart pounding. After all, she experienced more changes in this wave than everyone else.

     First, Shen Zeyan smashed her out with a car, and then turned into a wave of premeditated sneak attacks, and then the sneak attack failed but she was killed...

     In the end, Liu Zilang's shot appeared in time, pulling her back from the brink of death.

     After seeing the kill prompt, I was stunned by the crashing sounds in Ke Xue's heart...

     "Brother Zeyan, Brother Vic is a good person!"

     Hearing this, the corner of Shen Zeyan's deadpan's face suddenly twitched...

     Good guy?

     Ke Xue's voice has not fallen yet.A mist of blood suddenly burst out of her head, and the last trace of blood was instantly emptied!

     In an instant, the joy on her face instantly froze on the corners of her mouth, and she fell to her knees on the ground.

     "4AM-Vic knocked down Kikrea with an SKS headshot!"

     Ke Xue suddenly felt bad...

     However, Shen Zeyan, who had always been not a word or movement, seemed to be prepared. Almost at the same time that Ke Xue was speaking, the smoke bomb in his hand had already been thrown over.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     Seeing the smoke that filled the surrounding area in time, Ke Xue was stunned!

     When she saw Shen Zeyan throwing cigarettes at her feet just now, she thought it was to cover her to fight drugs, and couldn't help but elatedly thought that Zeyan's brother was so sweet!

     However at this moment,

     There was a kind of enlightenment in Ke Xue's heart...

     The smoke bomb that Shen Zeyan just saw was probably not to cover her to fight medicine, but to do funeral for her.

      without omen...

     Finally she found out the truth, tears fell...


     Whoops whoops—!

     Upstairs unfinished, Kotomi Misaka finally got Liu Zilang's eyes to act, and began to squat up and shoot "biubiubiu" at the smoke.

     After clicking half of the shuttle bullet, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but said with bitter expression, "It's wet...I can't hit..."

     Liu Zilang touched his chin, and thought, "Um... maybe he crawled behind the car in the smoke."

     "Then what we do?" Misaka Kotomi asked.

     Liu Zilang has not replied.I saw him running a few steps back along the corridor and jumping on the happy motorcycle, "It's too late to explain, get in the car!"

     The advantage of Misaka Kotomi is that he obeys the leader of the wet, keeps pace with the wet, and obeys all actions.

     At this time, Liu Zilang had just jumped on the motorcycle, and she quickly jumped up and hugged Liu Zilang's midfielder.


     Amid the roar of the engine.

     The motorcycle whizzed down along the beam, and the speed quickly reached one hundred and four!

     "Vic is planning to take advantage of innocence to get between the sheets. Based on my understanding of Ze Shao, it is impossible for him not to save his teammates in this situation."

     "Yes, Vic is very fast now! Time should be able to arrive before Ze Shao helps people up."

     "Naze Shao is a bit dangerous in this wave, it is likely to be cold!"

     "But wait, a bus from the east of the city has entered the Lion City. It's very likely to meet Vic!"

     "Yes, I feel that when Vic gets down the beam, the bus should just meet Vic."

     "It seems that everyone is really playing today's exhibition game, even the bus dared to drive in the city."


     During the game, Liu Zilang looked at the blue bus coming from the left and couldn't help raising the eyebrow.

     The other party obviously wants to make trouble!

     In this case, the average person may stop or turn, but Liu Zilang's face shows a crazy look, he is unbiased and rushed over directly below!In the bus, two people from the North American Ghost Team were sitting, one was Austin, who was selected to participate in today's double row exhibition match, and the other by one was their Club's coach Trey.

     If it were a normal game, the two would naturally not rush towards this firepower transfer point.

     But in this game, coach Trey saw the screens and gunshots of Se7en, and he immediately urged Austin to come over like a cat smelling a fishy smell.

     Obviously he has not forgotten the shame of being led by Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan in the last battle match yesterday.

     Since the other party has started a civil war, they naturally have no reason to show up.

     But at this time, listening to the roar and roar in the ear, it gradually moved closer and closer.

     Coach Trey looking left and right in the car,

     When I saw that riding a motorcycle and rushing straight toward them on the beam from not far away, I couldn't help but shudder...

     What is this for?