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673 Seeing Vic Missed His Life!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Menhera sauce used a grenade to blow up 4AM-Godv!"

     "Menhera sauce finally killed herself with a grenade."

     In the vast expanse of white...

     When Liu Zilang saw the first kill prompt displayed on the upper right of the screen, he couldn't help but feel confused. He secretly said that Wei Shen Mingming had already come out of the toilet, why he was killed by thunder.

     Did he go in again?

     But when he saw the second prompt message, Liu Zilang suddenly became ill.

     What the hell is this?

     In fact, let alone Liu Zilang who is completely white in front of him, even the audience and the commentary watching God's perspective are all confused.

     "Fuck? How come there is thunder in that place?"

     "Could it be that Menhera sauce just held another thunder with a grenade?"

     "Blasted infantry? No way..."

     Amidst all doubts, the director quickly cut out the replay of the wave just now.

     There are huge electronic screens on all sides of the stage.

     As soon as the picture came out,

     It was when Kotomi Misaka squeezed the grenade, aimed at the crack of the toilet door and started throwing thunder.


     This time the director's camera moved with the trajectory of the grenade and got into the toilet together.

     next moment...

     A jaw-dropping scene appeared.

     I saw the fragmented grenade flew into the toilet from the small window, and it actually continued to fly in the toilet, and then flew out of the small window on the other side.

     Seeing this inconceivable scene, the audience suddenly became messy!

     This meow... is it poisonous?"6666, this thunder is so beautiful that my hair is gone."

     "Menhera sauce, is this also in your calculations?"

     "2333, I think in a sense, Menhera sauce thunder is quite accurate."


     During the game competition, after Liu Zilang recovered from the effect of the shock bomb, he looked at the two boxes on the ground and fell into a spell of silence...

     As a "blasting ghost" in the eyes of a domestic audience, "Thunder God Thor" in the eyes of foreign audiences.

     Liu Zilang pondered on the spot for three seconds, and then his brows gradually stretched.

      so that's how it is!

     At this moment, Kotomi Misaka, who was stunned for a while, suddenly turned her head and asked dumbfounded, "Wet...wet, how did I blow myself to death?"

     Liu Zilang: ...

     He was hesitated for a moment, but decided not to tell her the cruel truth first, so he said with relief, "It's okay, change one, we won't lose this wave."

     Misaka Kotomi's face couldn't help but relax a little.

     "You can go away in peace."

     Liu Zilang continued, "As a teacher, I will take this share and live together strong."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Kotomi Misaka, who had come out of the loss, did not forget to clenched fists with both hands and cheered Liu Zilang firmly behind his back!

     "Wet, come on!"

     "You are the best!"

     "This game will definitely eat chicken."

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitch, it seems that a steady flow of milk power came from behind...

     ......Next, after inheriting the inheritance of Wei Shen and Misaka Kotomi, Liu Zilang once again began his lone wolf journey.

     Currently there are 28 teams and 4 15 people left on the field. Obviously, there are not a few lone wolves like Liu Zilang so far in the double row.

     But those lone wolves mostly drift and live without purpose.

     The equipment is as luxurious as Liu Zilang, but it is really rare.

     After taking over the point where Wei Shen was squatting, Liu Zilang, who was holding AM, didn't know what low-key was, and soon started the hunting mode.

      has to say, the concealment of the silencer AM is second only to the silencer M24. Many people who baffling headshots by Liu Zilang have no idea where the bullet came from.

      Thus, if it is a lone wolf, it is fine.

     If you die, you die.

     But if it is a double team.

     One person is knocked down, and the other person will tell Liu Zilang's specific position because of Unable to Judge in a short time.

     When hesitated or blindly rescued, Liu Zilang was given another shot.


     Wait until the fourth wave of poison refreshes.

     There were three bullets left in Liu Zilang's AM, and all the others were squandered.

     His hands are bloody!

     Of course, there are some moving targets that drive the car into the circle at a distance, Liu Zilang will also try it.

     But it may be that Kotomi Misaka, the mascot, is already not in. The preview shot is no problem, but he lacks a trace of luck in moving the target.

     Liu Zilang somewhat unconvinced tried several shots in a vicious way, but only got one shot, and it was not a headshot.After discovering this, Liu Zilang was convinced even if he didn't believe it, so he quickly cherished the remaining three bullets of AM and began to transfer them.

     Fortunately, the next circle brushed a concentric circle, which is not far from Liu Zilang's position.

     Considering that the terrain in this circle is mostly farm wasteland, Liu Zilang still decides to drive in the car, so that even if he enters the circle and is beaten, he can still have a mobile shelter.

     And as a lone wolf, if you have a car, you can take the initiative to enter the circle.

     Especially in the last few laps, if you want to go in at what time, you can go in at what time, and you can even see the situation inside and then detour.

     Liu Zilang precisely because of this consideration, he decided to drive this car more brazenly.

     But he did not intend to blindly plunge into the center of the circle.

     That would be too much beating, and it's easy to baffling enemies from all sides.

     Liu Zilang's goal is very clear.

     That is the manual tractor in the farm wasteland of the next safe zone. This place is located on the edge of the safe zone and will not be easily noticeable.

      As long as his one person parks the car and the manual tractor together, he can form a perfect shelter for shelter from wind and rain.

      has to say, the plan is perfect!

     But in the process of implementation, Liu Zilang deadpan watched the bullet hitting the body from the tractor "ding ding dang dang".

     The corners of my eyes twitched slightly...

     Obviously the manual tractor has been occupied, and analyzed from the bullet point where the body flames are scattered. At this time, obviously also has other teams beating him together.The milk power of this silly apprentice is too strong!

     In a critical moment, Liu Zilang never admits that he has a dark face, and silently put a scapegoat on Misaka Kotomi's body in his heart.

     Seeing to continue like this, people will be beaten up.

     Liu Zilang quickly took the lesser of the two evils and drove the sports car in a semicircle across the wheat field.

     In a moment, the body drifted sideways on the wasteland for a while, and called to the two men of the manual tractor!

     After all, Liu Zilang is still more inclined to solve the immediate problems first than those enemies whose positions have not yet been discovered.

     The two people beside the tractor saw the sports car unexpectedly slamming it towards their faces.

     Seeing too late to avoid!

      During Life and Death Instant, one of them made a decision that made him regret for life...

     I saw that the two were actually covering the head and squatting at the same time!

     The next moment, the sports car "hula" patted it all at once, and slammed into the tractor.

     But the two people caught in the middle were not killed.

     At this time, they were actually inconceivable and got stuck between the manual tractor?? the gap below and the sports car??...