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674 Burn My Remains, Raging Fire! (Thanks To Ksg And Huanyu For Their Great Silver Cuteness)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

According to the assaulter mxey from Faze and the well-known YouTube video producer Kinguin, the two parties’ post-match interview memories.

     In that game moderate wind, beautiful sun, the two of them were basking in the sun by the tractor, and suddenly an outsider driving a sports car broke into the farm.

     "At the time we really didn't want to kill him."

     "We just want to tell him that this is our territory."

      These few words are the words that the two have repeatedly emphasized in the interview, but from their aggrieved and resentful tone, a strong depression can be heard.

     Time to return to the game at this time.

     When the two people covering the head and squatting's were shot a mouthful of blood by the sports car, they were suddenly slammed under the tractor.

     this moment...

     Mxey and Kinguin know they beep the dog!

     On the other hand, Liu Zilang jumped off before the car stopped, and immediately pulled out the M16 behind him!

     come on!

     It's just a man!

     Liu Zilang was preparing to Spear Departs like a Dragon, but suddenly he drew his gun and looked around at a loss.



     Holding the M16 cautious and solemn, he looked left and right, and finally found two people squeezed in between the tractor and the sports car.

     Liu Zilang: ...

     He stunned for a while and wanted to ask the friends inside, how are you? But I looked at the two people who were struggling hard inside and looked desperate...

     Liu Zilang thinks this problem is nonsense.

     Nima is the only thing to blame!At the same time, many viewers on the scene and in the live room saw this beyond expectation picture, and suddenly they couldn’t help but laugh out loud after a moment.

     "666, there is actually this kind of operation!?"

     "Handing tea to the boss, this wave of tail-flick drifting is so handsome to me!"

     "Puff haha! It feels like the two people stuck inside are really autistic this time."

     "Autism is OK 2333."


     During the game competition, looking at the two people stuck inside, Liu Zilang wanted to find out his mobile phone and ask for help online, how can he tenderly die the two inside without damaging the sports car.

     Wait online, hurry!

     But after opening the backpack and glanced at, Liu Zilang knew what he should do next.

     The next moment, I saw him take out a Molotov cocktail.


     The sound of the cork being pulled apart sounded.

     The two people stuck underneath heard the movement and tried hard to pull their vision upward glanced at.


     The two of them suddenly panic-stricken and desperate their eyes wide!

     This Nima... What are you doing?

     do not come!

     I want to call you again!


     Da Da Da—!

     In a panic, the two shot subconsciously, but at this time they were stuck inside and couldn't even move, let alone aim at the gun.

     "Man! Your gun hit my ass!"

     "Sao Rui, Sao Rui, I can't help but remember how much!"

     "..."Liu Zilang, holding the Molotov cocktail, saw that the two inside seemed to have a "self-harm tendency", so he quickly raised his hand and threw the Molotov cocktail in his hand.

     Let the flames purify you!



     The Molotov cocktail broke on the ground, and the raging flame spread and burned.

      Under normal circumstances, this version of the Molotov cocktail is not enough to burn people to death, because the individual will run away after encountering a fire, and no one will keep squatting in the fire.

     But the two people caught here can't even move, let alone run away. They can only let the raging fire burn their bodies and eat away their blood.

      Until the end, the two men who were emptied of blood finally stopped struggling, because they were already quietly packed into boxes.

     "4AM-Vic burned Faze-Mxey to death with a Molotov cocktail!"

     "4AM-Vic burned Kinguin to death with a Molotov cocktail!"

     Seeing this scene, everyone in the live broadcast room was silent...

     "This is too cruel, isn't Vic the boss of the FFF group?"

     "The key point is that Mxey and Kinguin are of the same sex! Even if they are in it, it doesn't seem to violate the doctrine!"

     "The previous one seems to make sense, then the truth is only has one!"

     "Uh...no! Vic turns out to be this kind of person!"


     In the game competition, Liu Zilang naturally did not know that he was kindly helping his opponent to get rid of it. He has been interpreted by the audience in the domestic broadcast room.

     At this moment, he looked at the two boxes placed in the middle, but he began to stir in his heart.There is a box not to lick.

     This is obviously against the laws of nature.

     After carefully observing the surrounding area, after confirming that no one could hit this position for the time being, Liu Zilang quickly moved his car, and then climbed into the manual tractor for a while.

     On the players watching the stage below the stage, Kotomi Misaka couldn't help but feel envy when she saw it. If I were still there, I would now be able to squat with the wet.


     She couldn't help sighed saying.

     At the same time, I secretly reminded myself.

     Impulse for one minute, OB for one hour, next time you must hide behind wet!


     After licking the bag, Liu Zilang became quite rested next.

      This aspect is because there are only three AM bullets left, and there is no place to supplement the Magnum bullets. Naturally, it is necessary to save a few shots;

     The other side is now the fourth wave of poison contraction, and it is at the most turbulent time on the field.

     If it is a normal game, it would be fine. Even if he is alone, Liu Zilang can make some accurate transfer judgments based on the terrain and the poisonous circle.

     But in this exhibition game everyone let go, all kinds of chaos and all kinds of blind girls.

     The swipe at the top right of the screen never stopped.

     In this case, even Liu Zilang can no longer use his previous experience to judge which place will be empty and which place is more suitable for entering the circle.

     Therefore, he can only go around the tractor first, wait until the situation on the field calms down a bit, and then make the next move.

     ......When the countdown to the fifth wave of the poisonous circle ended and the radiation grid covering most of the desert began to spread again, the gunfire on the field finally ceased.

     After a while...

     The boundary of the radiation grid coincides with the safety zone.

     The next lap is refreshed.

     When he saw this circle, Liu Zilang's heart finally grew let out a relaxed breath.

     It's not the scourge circle anymore!

     Although Liu Zilang was not in the circle at this time, he could enter the circle as long as he moved to the east.

     The only thing worth worrying about is which point is better to hide after entering the circle.

     Right now, there are two points that can be occupied in the safe zone closest to him. One is a long two-story building, and the other is a few cylindrical wheat piles in the wheat field.

     After thinking for a second...

     Liu Zilang decided to touch the wheat pile first.

     After all, it would be okay if it was a small single-story house, but like this small building with four doors on one floor alone, Liu Zilang was really uncontrollable.

     But the wheat pile is different. The size and surrounding matching are simply tailor-made for him.

     But when he got there, Liu Zilang realized that he was still too naive...

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