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675 Asia's First Spray, Jedi Duo!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the wasteland not far from the housing complex, there are several cylindrical haystacks of varying heights.

     At this time, Liu Zilang subconsciously thought that he had a sports car and he could be one step ahead, but he missed those from the very beginning right here, such as this one Korean Pig King Sexypig.

     In this game, Sexypig and Ace's professional player highland teamed up, and the two started fishing in the Southeast Coast for a living.

     But as the poison circle shrinks,

     The more outsiders turned out to be, the peaceful and happy life of Sexypig and Highland was also broken.

     When it came to the third safety zone, Highland unfortunately left one's mortal frame in a wave of conflict, leaving behind one Sexypig alone in the barren wheat field.

     After a while...

     Sexypig met a person by the haystack that he never wanted to meet in his life!


     A smoky car hit the haystack and came to an emergency stop.

     Liu Zilang didn't feel much distressed.

     Because it is currently the third lap from the bottom, this car has basically completed its mission here. If you drive on the next lap, it is really unable to pass with yourself.

     After getting off the car, Liu Zilang was about to run to the middle of these haystacks, but he couldn't help but twitch his eyes.

     Because he was suddenly beside a haystack,

     Seeing a swarthy spear, it looked like a little black in the yellow bushes, so eye-catching!

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being speechless for a while!

     This Nima is too unconcerned! People who squat have to pay attention to the basic law, you can't learn from other people, Wei Shen! ?Host the commentary stage.

     "Hehe, Vic's luck in this game seems a bit bad. The next two transfers will always baffling people's faces."

     "But Pig King, who likes to be upright, doesn't seem to be very good at squatting. Look at his gun, it's too obvious."

     "Vic should have found out. The Pig Emperor doesn't seem to know yet."

     "Wait a minute! But Sexypig heard that his steps were wrong, and he reacted quickly!"


     In the game.

     Liu Zilang is holding a gun here, wanting to touch it (to move or do sth) softly and quietly to give that person a surprise from behind. .

     Unexpectedly, as soon as he showed his head, Sexypig quickly reacted, lifting the sprayer at Liu Zilang and spraying!


     Fireworks spit out from the huge muzzle, and strong gunpowder suddenly hit the face!

     Foggy grass!

     The one shivers in Liu Zilang's mind, who tilted his head, retracted his head to the extreme.

     But despite this, his third-level head seems to have scratched the shot, and his blood volume suddenly drops more than half!

     Liu Zilang was shocked when he saw this!

     The Nima finals are still wearing sprays, is this person crude?

     At this time, since neither party had exposed the ID, Liu Zilang naturally didn't know that the person in front of him was the Korean Pig King known as "Asia's No. 1 Spray".

     If he knew it, I'm afraid that everything in front of him would not be at all surprising.

     Not to mention that it was a spray in the finals.

     Sexypig is the man who used double spray to eat chicken in the competition and the finals!At the same time, Sexypig saw that the other party hadn't been blown down by himself.

     I couldn't help but feel surprised.

     This person's reaction...

     It seems a bit faster beyond expectation!

     However, the blood mist remaining in the air just now was caught by Sexypig keenly. He couldn't help narrowing his eyes, and his face showed a bloodthirsty look!


     Come and taste the big guys!

     The next moment, I saw him catching up like a cheetah!

     However, Liu Zilang reacted faster!

     When Sexypig next sprayed and raised his hand, he quickly hid on the other side of the haystack.


      interesting ...

     Sexypig licked his lips, and the playful look on his chubby face seemed to be a foreplay during a cat seizing mouse.

     So next...

     You chase me on both sides, battle of wits and bravery!

     Gradually, looking at the director’s God's perspective, the two of them are like the king of Qin around the column, and they seem to be playing duo around these cylindrical haystacks...

      after a while...

     The smile on the corners of Sexypig's mouth has gradually stiffened, replaced by a thick egg pain...


     This Nima...

     There is a kind of you stand and don't run!

     However, Liu Zilang had just been wiped his head with a spray, and his current blood volume was less than half. Since the other party didn't give him a chance to beat him, he was chasing him with the spray.

     Ha ha!

     Stop running?

     There is a kind of you, come here Ah!!!On the interpretive stage in Huaxia District.

     "Uh...Is the two of them playing as a duo?" Rong Ye said with a amused smile.

     Ruofeng touched his big nose and shook his head, "It's mainly because Vic's current blood volume is not full. Stopping and opposing Gang are too small to win."

     "Moreover, Vic is too slippery. He can always react before the Pig King catches up." Su Changming said with a smile, "You have to change someone. I guess you would have been caught up and sprayed to death."

     "What do you say now? Are they going to keep going around?"

     "It's hard to tell, unless..."

     The commentator was speculating about the next development, but at this moment, the sudden situation on the field suddenly changed again.

     Because of the building not far from the haystack, a team was stationed there at this time.

     At first, the opponent didn't seem to plan to shoot.

     But as Liu Zilang and Sexypig are making more and more noise here, there is still no result.

     Finally people can't stand the bird over there!

     Raise the gun ▄︻┻┳═一∵∴∷:∵ is a wave of shooting!

     Shoo! Shoo!

     One careless person from Sexypig suddenly burst out with two spheres of blood on his body, and the blood bar dropped by nearly half.

     Seeing this, he hurriedly stopped chasing, and found a corner behind the haystack that could block the opponent's gun line. While holding up Liu Zilang, he squatted on the ground and shot up blood.

     Liu Zilang heard the footsteps of the person on Haystack stop, and his heart grew let out a relaxed breath.

     This kind of high-intensity chase is really too testy and reaction, Liu Zilang's nerves have been tight.Because as long as there is a mistake in judgment, he will be overwhelmed by the opponent.

     But Sexypig can hide from that position, but Liu Zilang can't hide from this side. If he also goes there, it is tantamount to throwing himself into Sexypig's face.

     Snakes have snake paths and rats have rat paths.

     Liu Zilang didn't want to hide this time.

     When the opponent couldn't see Sexypig and pulled the gun line at him, a handful of dark green AM appeared in Liu Zilang's hand!

     Foggy grass!

     The person on the balcony upstairs had just pulled him over, but when he saw the sight in the quadruple mirror, he couldn't help but head tingling!


     A dull gunshot sounded, a sniper bullet suddenly broke through the air, the next moment the man fell!

     "4AM-Vic knocked down Underhood-Evan with an AM headshot!"

     After being knocked down...

     The man quickly crawled back from the balcony.

     After the teammates knew that Liu Zilang had AM, naturally they would save people inside first.

      At the same time, after seeing this kill prompt, Sexypig, who was hiding behind the haystack and spraying drugs, couldn't help but startled slightly, and quickly revealed a fiery breath in his eyes!

     It's him!

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang's hand cut out a grenade. This time he did not pull the string or warm up...

     Just throw it wordless and uncommunicative!

     However, after seeing the angle of his thunder, the audiences in the live and live broadcast rooms have a strange look on their faces!