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683 Will Not Play The Series Without Residual Blood (2/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com






     Kotomi Misaka in the sea just surfaced and sank again, and then immediately warned Liu Zilang loudly in his voice.

     Seeing that Misaka Kotomi was in the sea, Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyes twitched and his face was full of black lines.

     At this time, he naturally didn't know that after Misaka Kotomi fell to the warehouse south of the game, his luck was as bad as Liu Zilang's and he didn't grab the gun. As a result, he was chased all the way with a revolver behind him.

     Finally reluctantly went to the sea.

     However, in this way, the revolver hadn't given up, just like hitting a mole, holding the revolver and let Misaka Kotomi "punished standing" in the sea.

     The man's teammate was holding an M16 in his hand. After hearing the gunshots from Liu Zilang's side, he couldn't help but sneaked over and was just seen by Misaka Kotomi out of the sea.

     Misakaqin naturally didn't know that Liu Zilang was disguising the corpse at this moment. Looking at his blood volume, he thought he was wet and fighting with people...

     The host commentary in Huaxia District.

     "Oh! It turned out to be K3 from AHQ and Wanwan female anchor bear."

     "Now the bear is beating the hamster... No, it's the seal, hehe, speaking of Menhera sauce, this game is a bit miserable."

     "I think Menhera should be grateful that it was the bear who had just chased her. If I switch to K3, she might be cold before she can go to the sea."

     "Now K3 is touching from behind, TS is still pulling people here! There is a chance in this wave!"

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.I saw the K3 (to move or do sth) of the M16 softly and quietly touching the back door of the middle warehouse. From the third perspective of TPP, he got stuck and glanced at from behind the door, and immediately found the TS who was helping people by the tree. Two people.

     The head that was picked up for nothing!

     K3 complexion turned happy, quickly raised the muzzle!

     Da Da Da—!

     A shuttle bullet screamed away instantly.

      kneels down on the ground Maxizor was shocked when he saw the fire behind him, before he had time to remind his teammate with his back to the muzzle, his teammate fell down!

     "AHQ-K3 used M16A4 to kill TS-Draedon!"

     "TS-Maxizor was eventually killed by TEXQS."

     In the double-row mode, his teammates fell to the ground, and Maxizor's field of vision naturally went black for an instant, and he was suddenly lifted into the air. A line of settlement interface popped up on the screen.


     It is said that people will look back on their life before death, and there is no such setting in the game.

     But when Maxizor died and was eliminated,

     He went back to pondered this game, always feeling something strange in his heart...

     Next, he was about to get up and leave with his teammates, and inadvertently glanced at the gray screen that was still in the perspective of death.

     Suddenly, he was struck by lightning, and the whole person was stunned on the spot, and his eyes became round in a flash!

     hatisThat? !

     At that moment, he clearly saw the left leg of the corpse lying on the ground next to the tree suddenly scratching his right leg.

     This is... a corpse?

     Maxizor was all bad at once!However, in the game competition at this time, a wave of K3, who shot directly behind TS, picked up a head for nothing, but his heart was full of joy.

     He quickly ran over and glanced at nothing, then quickly squatted down in the box and slid.

     "Wow! Brother Jianhao, you are so tired!" his teammate Xiao Xiong whispered.

     "It's nothing, exhibition games. Many people have poor consciousness." K3 waved his hand, indicating that it was all basic operations.

     "Come and help others! This person hides in the sea and can't come out, good or bad, good or bad!" Little Xiong Angrily said coquettishly.

     When K3 heard it, he patted his chest solemnly vowed, "No problem, watch him, hehehe, this time I want to let him know what cruelty is!"

     Next, K3 saw that the boxes of these people were basically novice costumes, there was no thing to lick, and quickly picked up two grenades and ran toward the beach.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang, who was lying behind the tree, watched the man licking a wave of bags under his eyelids, and even stepped on his own hand.

     But soon, he seemed to be what's the matter, he licked a few mouthfuls and left quickly.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

     Next, after holding the corpse for a long time, he didn't dare to move too much, but climbed up to the box in front, and saw that there was a handful of Victor inside that the other party hadn't looked at.

     Don't want the other party, Liu Zilang, who has only one Molotov cocktail on his body, has nothing to dislike. He hurriedly equipped him with elatedly and replaced it with his magazine with a click.


     Suddenly a loud sound came from the beach!Liu Zilang looked up and glanced at somewhat uncertain, guessing in an instant.

     as expected.

     The next moment, I just listened to Kotomi Misaka lose one's head out of fear and shouted, "It's wet! They're going to blow up the nest! Ahhhhh...!"

     Liu Zilang suddenly corner of the mouth twitch.

      This time his blood volume has been crippled, and there is no medicine on his body and in the boxes on the ground.

     At this time, the best choice is naturally to sell Misaka Kotomi, who lives in the sea.

     However, the two of the geese are sitting together right now, and from the corner of their eyes, she looks at her like a puppy in the sea lose one's head out of fear and flutter.

     In Liu Zilang's mind, he suddenly remembered the scene of teaching her to swim at the seaside of the river not long ago, and he suddenly couldn't bear it.

     Forget it!

     Let it be cold!

      Thought until here, he quickly said, "Swim into the sea quickly, try to attract their attention, I'll save you!"

     "Hmm!" Misaka Kotomi nodded quickly.

     Next, Liu Zilang didn't follow the route of K3, but sneaked into the main entrance of the middle warehouse from the front, and then touched the back door without a word or movement.

     At this moment, he was stuck behind the door and he could just see the two people on the beach.

     "Vic is trying to save people?"

     "But his blood volume... a bullet can take it away, right?"

     "And he doesn't seem to have many bullets left in Victori, let me see! Oh! There are 13 rounds left, this is exactly one shuttle."

     "Then this wave is overwhelming! I'm afraid that the master and disciple will become a box."The three commentators on the stage frowned upon seeing Liu Zilang even daring to touch it under such circumstances.

     The audience in the live and broadcast room also couldn't bear tense. Although Liu Zilang had brought them too many miracles, no one could guarantee that he would not die in this wave.

     By the sea, Xiao Xiong saw that K3 was throwing thunder again, so he shook his body and said coquettishly, "Brother Jianhao! Give this thunder to others! They want to fry fish too!"

     "Really don't know what to do with you, okay, here you are." K3 secretly glanced at the words, still feeling a little dizzy.


     The nutrition of rural people can't keep up.

     But in the game, he is very cool, throwing the thunder to the bear as soon as he raised his hand.

     Seeing this, the little bear hurriedly picked up the grenade, and pulled the lead "crankly".

     Looking at Misaka Kotomi in the sea, she suddenly said fiercely on her face, "Let you hide! Blow up your dead turtle!"

     Obviously, I didn't hit anyone for a long time with a revolver just now, which made Little Bear feel angry.

      At this moment, Kotomi Misaka in the sea is like a puppy thrown into the water by being abused, and quickly swims deep into the sea in panic.

     But at this moment!

     Before the Thunder in Bear's hand had time to shoot, a strong wind and swift rain-like gunshot suddenly spread behind him!


     In an instant, like rain hitting the beach, a cloud of blood burst out of the back of the bear.

     She suddenly softened her knees and knelt on the beach. Then she looked down at the slippery Q bullet grenade in her hand.