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684 Happy Fire Man To Understand (3/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Looking at the smooth grenades with Q bullets in his hands.

     The little bear couldn't help but trembles slightly, seeming to be caught in some painful memory...

     K3 on the side was also taken aback, and quickly turned around, but after Liu Zilang knocked down the bear, his body quickly dodged back to the back door of the warehouse.

     "Brother Jianhao! Save me!"

      The little bear kneels down on the ground squeezed the grenade and crawled towards him, looking delicate and charming.

     I rely on!

     K3 was so scared that he hurried back several steps.

     Xiao Xiong was startled when he saw this, his face suddenly darkened!


     The blue men are really big trotter!


     This idea just came up in the mind!

     She was so blown up that she flew up, and after crossing a parabola in the air, she fell into the water with a snap.

     Seeing this scene, the corner of K3's eyes couldn't help but twitch, and then, before the bombed bear, he hurriedly said loudly, "Sister Xiong, don't worry! I will kill that person to avenge you!"

     After saying this, he glanced at the kill prompt at the top right of the screen, and K3 suddenly felt a little in his heart!

     Why is he?

     You know that after yesterday's game, Vic's ID can be said to be deeply carved into everyone's mind.

     So that when ordinary players meet him, they will subconsciously give birth to the idea of to retreat three day's march.

     But these people do not include K3.

     You know that AHQ was destroyed by 4AM a lot of times yesterday, especially the last one was blown down by Liu Zilang in the air.

      Thought until here, K3's heart suddenly hurt!Some red eyes!

     Obviously, this is the accumulation of new hatred piled on old, which has overcome the fear in his heart by far, and there is only one thought left in his mind.

     Kill this turtle grandson!

     However, on Liu Zilang's side, facing K3 who was gnashing one's teeth to cheer him up, he felt bitter in his heart.

     His current blood volume has always been red blood, and he basically got cold when he wiped a bullet.

     And if it's just like this, also just sufficed.

     But the problem is that he just hit the shuttle bullet, and in a blink of an eye there are the last five bullets left in the magazine.

     It happens to be a 98K load.

     But the problem is that 98K faces the opponent's second-level head, at least one shot and one kill kids.

     However, the .45 bullet in the Vector in Liu Zilang's hand, even if it hits the opponent's head, only has 36 points of damage at most!

     Looking at it this way, Liu Zilang's situation at this time can be said to be 100% dead...

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Hey, Vic shot too fast just now!"

     "In fact, I think Vic has been more restrained. If this were replaced by me, I would definitely be out of ammunition and no food left."

     "Uh...I agree with Boss Su's opinion. The main reason is that Vic has too little ammunition."

     "Another point is the amount of blood. To be honest, unless this amount of blood is changed to AM or 98K, both sides have a chance to kill the opponent with one shot, otherwise Vic won't be able to win at all."


     Just as the commentary on each airs his own views was on stage, Liu Zilang's situation became more serious during the game.At this moment, compared to holding a M16 K3 full of blood in his hand, perhaps his only advantage is that he can use the back door of the large warehouse as a cover to block the opponent's vision.

     However, facing a professional player, Liu Zilang naturally did not dare to underestimate the opponent's reaction and speed.

     Next, I saw him cautious and timid using the last five bullets left in Vector in his hand.

     A shot comes out from behind the door from time to time!

     Immediately, Shenfa retracted his body extremely quickly, and evaded K3's counterattack twice in a row.

     However, under this kind of shocking glance, Liu Zilang, who had no time to pull the quasi-centered, basically unable to force a headshot.

     The 0.45 bullet hits the opponent's second-level armor, and the damage per shot is pitifully low.

     Only about twenty o'clock.

     Liu Zilang hit with two shots in a row before he knocked out less than half of the opponent's HP.

     At this time, K3, who had been holding the big deal and died, also keenly realized that it was wrong!

     It stands to reason that when the opponent is occupying the bunker, shouldn't this time take the opportunity to shoot over?

     But the opponent shoots one by one every time. K3 not without I have seen players who pursue details, but Liu Zilang wants to elaborate...

     That's too detailed.

     K3 couldn't help but frowned, and instantly thought of two possibilities. One was that Liu Zilang was out of blood, and the other was that he lacked ammunition.

      Thought until here, K3's heart was overjoyed!

     Because no matter which possibility it is, it is good news for him.

     However, he never expected...At this time, Liu Zilang actually took both of them, and he was at a huge disadvantage.

     However, this does not affect K3's guessing of Liu Zilang's plight and changed his previous style of playing as if walking on thin ice with a gun and staring at the back door of the warehouse.

     Suddenly rush forward with big strides!

     Obviously K3 intends to take advantage of your illness to kill you, and a wave of direct faces!

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being surprised when he saw this!

     After flashing two shots with Vector in front of him, he just found a little touch and was about to try a headshot.

     Unexpectedly, the other party's reaction was so fast, so he rush forward directly.

     At the critical moment, Liu Zilang was not too flustered. He suddenly drew Lengzi and squatted to his side. He quickly shot out the last three bullets left in the Vector, and then quickly flashed back!

     Although his burst shot only exposed two spheres of blood on K3's body, it slightly blocked the opponent's step towards the face.

     At the next moment, Liu Zilang, who was full of magazines on his body, quickly closed his gun, took out the only Molotov cocktail in his bag with his backhand, and pulled out the cork directly with his teeth.

     So next...

     When K3 was holding the M16 in his hand and swept the advance gun all the way from the door to time of departure, Liu Zilang also rushed out from behind the door holding the Molotov cocktail!


     The two banged face-to-face at the door of Houcang!


      without omen...

     A fire suddenly ignited on Liu Zilang!

     The blazing bright flame quickly entangled the two of them like a poisonous snake.However, under the opponent's fire, almost only one met, and Liu Zilang fell directly to the ground.

     "AHQ-K3 knocked down 4AM-Vic with M16A4!"

     But when he saw the fire that was scattered in Liu Zilang's hands, K3 was completely ill in an instant!

     I have seen someone holding thunder in my hand,

     But he has never seen a Molotov cocktail in his hand!

     Isn't this a hot guy?

     Before he could complain, he hurried to the outside of Life Hangs by a Thread. However, K3 was shot four times by Liu Zilang just now, and his HP was only about one fifth.

     At this moment, although he jumped out quickly like a monkey, the flame on his body had not been extinguished yet, and he thumped and fell to the ground after two or three steps!

     "4AM-Vic burned AHQ-K3 to death with a combustion flask!"

      At the same time, Liu Zilang, who was burning with desire, hurriedly crawled outside at the moment he was kneeling, yelling to Misaka Kotomi by the sea in his voice.

     Hurry up!