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685 This Road Is My Drive! (1/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

On the beach next to Port P.

     Liu Zilang knelt on the ground and crawled forward with difficulty.

     And Kotomi Misaka, who was trying to swim back to the shore, also rushed toward this side at this time.

     "Don't be afraid of being wet! I'll save you!"

     Liu Zilang's buttocks were burned by the fire, and the blood volume was imminent danger.

     Seeing this scene under the director's lens, the expressions of the audience became extremely nervous!

     This is undoubtedly a race against death!

      bit by bit!

     A little bit!

     With the ebbing of time, Liu Zilang's blood volume is getting lower and lower. Seeing that the blood bar beats again, he will kick and belch on the spot.

      On the occasion of Life Hangs by a Thread, a pair of warm little hands suddenly pressed on his head!

     In an instant, as if everything was suspended, Liu Zilang's blood volume suddenly stopped flowing.

     The moist sea breeze around her face lightly, the sound of waves in her ears, she looked at the angel-like Kotomi Misaka before her.

     At this moment, he suddenly I want to cry a little.

     I must treat this stupid apprentice better in the future!

     Misaka Kotomi also exhaled, patted her chest and said, "I was scared to death. I thought you were cold and wet!"

     Liu Zilang's face went dark again, "It's okay, as long as you are still a teacher, you won't be cold."

     If you want to be cold, you are also cold first!

     After supporting him, Liu Zilang hurried to the warehouse door and licked the box of K3 that had just been rushed in and was cremated.

      Fortunately, there was still medicine on that person. After Liu Zilang slid, he dropped two bandages to Misaka Kotomi who was about half blood.Misaka Kotomi followed Liu Zilang's ass, and as soon as she opened the box, she found that it was empty.

     Seeing the bandage Liu Zilang had thrown on the ground, she glanced at his blood volume and waved her hand quickly, "I don't want me! It's all wet!"

     "It's okay, just take it for you."

     Liu Zilang waved his hand generously, then squatted on the ground and put a needle in his heart.

     Misaka Kotomi's heart seemed to be pierced.

     Being wet is so good to me!

     She elatedly quickly picked up the bandage, squatted on the ground and tied up the mummy.

     At this time, countless viewers in the domestic live broadcast room saw this scene, and also couldn't bear relaxed.

     "My God! Menhera sauce is simply Fairy Maiden descends to the Mortal World!"

     "If this wave were replaced by my teammates, it would have been cold."

     "I see! It turns out that the distance between me and Vic is only Menhera sauce!"

     "What can I say in this wave? I can only say that Vic is better than fated to escape death!"

     "I think it is a bitch who has a natural harvest, and it can be done by non-human resources!"

     "2333 It seems to make sense to hear you such a saying."


     Here has to say, in fact, most of the viewers in the live broadcast room are mouth may grumble but the body shows the truth. Although they often want to watch Liu Zilang being hammered to death, they can’t help but worry when it comes to the critical moment.. .

     Host the commentary stage.

     "This wave is really inconceivable!"Master Rong's eyes widened in surprise. "Frankly, in this game, I saw three teams jumped by Sancang and four teams in the restaurant across the road. At that time, I felt that this wave of guns is the master. ."

     Ruofeng laughed and teased, "Hehe, I'm afraid that Lord Rong never expected that in the end Vic and Menhera sauce, who hadn't picked up the gun, survived, right?"

      "Un." Rong Ye smiled bitterly and shook the head, "I just want to say two things in this wave, one is that eSports really doesn't need eyesight; another point is that you can try Vic Happy Fireman without thunder. Routine."

     "Hehe, I think you have to be cautious about happy firemen, mainly depending on the position of your teammates." Su Changming said with a smile, "Otherwise it's easy to be like Vic just now, accidentally almost playing with fire and get burnt. ."

     "That's true." Rong Ye nodded, "Oh! The first safety zone of our game is about to be refreshed!"

     The voice of Lord Rong just fell,

     The countdown to refresh the poison circle on the field is over.

     The next moment, a huge white circle appeared in the field. Seeing this circle, the audience fell into a dead silence...

      It should be noted, the positive course of this game is from the left side of the map, flying down almost vertically.

     But the first safe area in front of me is the location of Port N and the power plants in the lower right corner of the map, including a piece of Uncharted in the middle.

     At first glance, it seems that it is impossible to see whether it is the airport circle or the land circle next.

     But no matter which circle, it seems to be an "orphan circle" with no family!

     ...In the game match, after Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi licked a wave of packets, they heard the gunshots in the main city of Port P across the road, and they were thinking about a sneak attack.

     But as soon as he saw this circle, he lost his thoughts.

     "This circle is so far away!"

     Misaka Kotomi also opened her mouth in shock, and then continued, "It's wet! Where are we going next?"

     Liu Zilang glanced at the map and listened to the unstoppable gunfire in the direction of the main city of Port P.

     He pondered for a moment, and a smile soon appeared on his face, "Let's not go anywhere."

      "Ah?" Misaka Kotomi was slightly surprised.

     But then, when the gunshots in the direction of the main city gradually ceased, watching the occasional flashing of figures among the houses in the city, as if gradually moving towards this side, Kotomi Misaka finally knew Liu Zilang's plan.

     "Wet, are we blocking people here?"

     "Do you know?"

     "Ah! Wo...wo already knew it!"

     "Then you are really a little clever ghost."


     Just now, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi were licking packets, and they searched for two-story buildings on the opposite side of the road.

     At this time, the equipment and materials on the two of them are not rich, but they have all the rifles and basic mirrors they should have, the armor novice outfits are almost complete, and the blood volume is just full.

     But the horse has no night and grass is not fat.

     This equipment obviously hasn't reached Liu Zilang's expectation. Seeing that the people in the city are still in the dark after seeing a circle of peerless orphans, Liu Zilang's mind was halfway.At this time, he and Kotomi Misaka were hiding behind the front door of Okura in the northernmost part of Sancang. This position was just right to stop those who wanted to come over and sail by sea.

     But then, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi didn't wait, but they waited in a hail of bullets and waited for a small yellow car to come.

     I saw that the butt of the little yellow car was clinked by a bullet chasing behind, and the tire was blown out!

     At this moment, he was holding a thick black smoke, swaying left and right towards Liu Zilang and the others.

     Obviously, this car wanted to pass between the two large warehouses, and then set off directly into the sea.

     After seeing the car, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help raising the muzzle immediately, but Liu Zilang hurriedly stopped her when she saw the car, "Four four fools, you, we will be exposed as soon as the shot is fired, what about the people behind?"

     Kotomi Misaka heard that it made sense, and quickly put away the gun, and said somewhat reluctant to part with, "It's wet! Then we... just let the car pass by?"

     Liu Zilang frowned and looked at the little yellow car getting closer and closer, and then looked around.

     A bright idea suddenly occurs in my mind!



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