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686 No Thunder Is Better Than Thunder At This Time! (2/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Buzzing!

     In the violent roar of the car engine!

     A small yellow car drove a long black smoke, swaying all the way.

      At this moment, sitting in the car is Jembty from the Faze team and the anchor Beard on Titch.

     They jumped to Port P with the same psychology as Liu Zilang in this game, but they did not expect to unintentionally start the "Big Fight Mode".

     After the poison ring was brushed, the beard immediately found a small yellow car on the road north of the city and called Jembty to get in.

     Thinking of the shame that Liu Zilang was killed by a "C-shaped Secret Skill Thunder" at the beginning of the game, the bearded heart couldn't help but feel a little aggrieved!


     We must not die in this one!

     "Xiete! The car is going on fire! The guys behind are still chasing us and fighting."

     "No problem! Don't worry if I drive!"

     "Hurry up! This wave we will go directly to the beach and sail."

     "Well, these damn guys! I'll make them look good later, and that damn Vic!"

     Just when the beard's mouth was foul-mouthed, suddenly, a black spot flew from somewhere in front of the car.


     Seeing the unknown object in front of them, the bearded man and Jembty in the car couldn't help but be stunned.


     After a soft sound, the eyes of Big Beard and Jembty were instantly white, and countless "buzzing" sounds filled his eardrums.

     Three thoughts suddenly appeared in their minds.

     who am I?

     where am I?

     Who threw this flash bomb! ! !But soon, they discovered a more realistic problem, that is, the bullets behind them kept on, and their car couldn't stop either!

     But in front of you, there is a vast expanse of whiteness, and you can't see the road at all. How did this Nima drive?

     "Go to the left! A little left! I remember there are two warehouses ahead!"

     "Yes, yes, yes! I remember! Just insert it in the middle!"

     "Wait! How do I remember what thing seems to be in the middle! Be careful!"

     "It's okay! They won't be able to hit us when they get to the beach!"

     "Ah! I to think of it, there is a tree in the middle..."

     Before Jembty's words could be spoken, the front of the car suddenly hit what thing with a "bang", and his body couldn't help but leaned forward.

     The big beard in the driver's seat was also taken aback!

     However, between Lightning Spark, before the two can recover his wits, the little yellow car's little durability suddenly fell to the bottom!

     A loud sound, a violent explosion arrived as expected, and the flames suddenly swelled up!

     The explosion from internal into external sent all the two people in the car away in a blink of an eye!

     "Drdisrespect detonated the vehicle and killed himself!"

     "Drdisrespect detonated the vehicle and killed Faze-Jembty!"

      in the blink of an eye, there are two more boxes under the "bone tree" at the beginning of the game.

     Looking at the tree before getting off the car from a gray perspective, the eyes of Beard and Jembty were dull for a while, and the whole person was very bad!

     Wait... that flash bomb!Suddenly, they thought of the flash bomb that had been shot halfway at the same time!

     The bearded suddenly flustered and exasperated and shouted, "Oh Shet! This is murder! This is murder!"

     "I know, calm down man... I think everyone knows it!"

     Jembty shrugged the shoulders helplessly, and he was quite slanderous about the teammate hitting the tree.

     In fact, at the moment before the car accident, the audience in the live and live broadcast room did indeed see Liu Zilang behind Da Cangmen suddenly throwing a what thing over.

     At that time, everyone could not help but was taken aback!

     Thinking of Liu Zilang's nickname, I immediately thought it was a grenade.

     Immediately after the shock bomb exploded, the bearded and Jembty in the car lost their sight instantly, and they realized that it was a shock bomb.

     Shock bomb?

     The incomprehension rushed to everyone's hearts...

      until the end that little yellow car swaying left and right swaying left and right, hitting the tree with one head swelled into a ball of dazzling flames!

     At this time, the stunned people suddenly realized that at the moment what happened, the bullet screen exploded in the domestic live broadcast room.

     "Fogweed! Vic is too shady than this!"

     "????????! I've taken this wave! It turns out that flash bombs can still be used like this."

     "Vic is a real blaster! You can even use flash bombs to blast!"

     "Puff haha! If Big Beard and Jembty watch the replay later, I guess they will even have the heart to cut people with a knife!"

     "..."In fact, of course, it is not only domestic. At this time, countless European and American spectators in the audience around the scene of the game were stunned, and they couldn't help but laugh together!

     This Vic is too much!

     After the two days of competition, the European and American audience on the scene expressed their expand my horizon.

     They finally knows the true meaning of the so-called "PUBG is not a pure FPS game, but a game that integrates ‘strategic survival and marksmanship’"...

     While the reaction of the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms was intense, Kotomi Misaka in the game competition was still somewhat dazed...

     Without God's perspective, her head just retracted, only to see Liu Zilang throwing a what thing out coldly.

     There was a "bang" in the ear!

     Then there was another "boom"!

     Two kill prompts appeared on the upper right of the screen.

      From start to finish, Misaka Kotomi is in a daze state.

      she cannot bear swallowed and asked in a low voice, "Wet... just... what happened?"

     Liu Zilang was stuck in the door secretly observing the outside, he couldn't help but smile and said casually, "It's nothing, the pig hit a tree."

     The pig hit the tree?

     Borrowing things to metaphor people? Borrowing scenery to express emotions? Kotomi Misaka scratched the head, saying that it was a little hard to understand when she was wet.

     But this is not the point.

     The point is that at this time, the people who were chasing Bearded in the main city of Port P saw the car hit a tree and exploded. At this time, they couldn't help but look at each other in dismay.has to say, without God's perspective, even Misaka Kotomi next to Liu Zilang is a little confused, let alone those who are far away.

     "Ax Q dead rice? What was the situation just now?" one person asked.

     "Uh...it seems that the car didn't drive well and hit a tree." Another person replied.

     "Puff! Are these guys here to be funny?" The man couldn't help it.

     "Perhaps, I saw that System Notification seems to be a big beard, isn't that a funny anchor?" another person speculated.

     The teammates immediately felt deep veneration for sb, "What a dedicated guy, I don't even forget the live broadcast effect!"

     "......"another person.

     But anyway, since they witnessed the car accident, they naturally don't have any reason for not licking the two boxes under the tree.

     After a while...

     Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi, who were hiding in the front door of Okura, saw two suspicious people in the main city, crossing the road in a slip, and ran towards the box under the tree.

     And looking at the two chuckles not far from the next door, Liu Zilang's mouth couldn't help but a little smile...



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