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694 Meeting Is Reunion (2/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Regardless of whether it is the will of God or the will of God.

     The most important thing at this time is!

     This wave of death bombing did bring a glimmer of hope for Liu Zilang and Kotomi Misaka to enter the circle.

     Among the three firepower points that had just attacked them, the Dragon God was definitely killed directly.

     After SSR fell to the ground, his teammates must have been busy helping him, only Karl and his teammates were still holding Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi.

     What Liu Zilang was carrying right now was SKS, who had just been eliminated from Li Muqiu.

     I glanced at the still-flaming small building in the safe area. The opposite is obviously because the house will not be blown down by sky fire, so it is so secure in the knowledge that one has backing.

     However, this seemingly dangerous moment is precisely the best time for Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi to break through.

     If they are still waiting here, once the SSR side is lifted up, they will definitely face the fire from the two teams!

      thought until here, Liu Zilang No More Hesitation, decisively said to Misaka Kotomi, "Wait for me to count 1, 2, 3 and run!"


     Kotomi Misaka immediately expressed obedience to the command.



     "Three! Run!"

     As soon as the voice fell, Misaka Kotomi jumped out like a rabbit.

     Whoops whoops—!

     A shuttle of bullets screamed and struck her, frightening her to go crazy with snakeskin. At this moment, Misaka Kotomi suddenly felt something's wrong in her heart!

     It's wet! ?

     She glanced at the map, her entire face suddenly bulged into a bun.At this moment, I saw Liu Zilang, who just said "Run one, two, three", but he didn't move even behind the tree.


     A stray bullet hit her behind, and Kotomi Misaka called out in alarm, and couldn't help muttering in a low voice, "I'm wet again! Humph!"

     But this time Liu Zilang did not explain.

     Although he seemed to sell Kotomi Misaka on the surface of this wave, uh... in fact it seems that he did sell her.

     But then, when Liu Zilang leaned out from behind the tree to hold up SKS and shoot very quickly, the situation on the field changed instantly.

     Karl and his teammates quickly realized that it was their enemy who was hiding behind.

     There is no other reason.

     Although Liu Zilang hasn't been exposed at this time, his wave of SKS is too fast and accurate!

     In the window, almost at the moment when the fire was flashing, his bullets shot away like a cannon.

     Suddenly, just listening to bang sound, the window in front of the two suddenly cracked!

     Liu Zilang was actually at the same time when SKS fired extremely quickly, a "Z" jittered and pulled the gun, which directly blocked the firepower of the other two.

     On the big screen behind the stage.

     Since Misaka Kotomi "summoned" Skyfire, the director's footage has been locked in this bombing zone.

     At this time, the audience who witnessed all of this in the live and broadcast rooms also turned from Liu Zilang's shamelessness of selling Misaka Kotomi into shock!

     "Let me go! SKS can still pull the gun like this? Vic's hand is so spicy!"

     "Although it is very rough, but I have to say that Vic is really the Almighty King!""Did we all misunderstand him just now, this wave of Vic wants to sacrifice himself in exchange for the safety of Menhera sauce?"

     "Woo, Jier is touching! Cry! I cry for labor and capital!"

     "Don't cry first, think about it, do you believe it yourself?"

     "Uh...it seems to be really incapable of believing."


     Behind the tree, Liu Zilang saw the gunshots of the opponent stopped, and was suppressed by a wave of shots by himself. Then he stopped paying attention to Kotomi Misaka, and instead held himself silently.

     I immediately held a big grass in my heart!

     He couldn't help being speechless for a while looking at the silly apprentice in front of him who was rushing towards the duck.

     This...this... you guys really don't care about her?

     She has no cover!

     She is running poison!

     And running so straight, so punctual, don't you guys really consider firing another shot?

     What if head exploded?

     However, Karl and his teammates on the second floor told Liu Zilang in silence.

     Their current goal is only has one.

     That's him!

     For a while, Liu Zilang wants to cry but doesn't have tears.

     You must know that if the opponent fights Misaka Kotomi, he can just help with the gun.

     But if the opponent is determined to hold him up, then he hiding behind the tree can only rely on an SSR, obviously unable to directly confront the opponent's firepower.

     What's more deadly is that if the SSR side is lifted up diagonally in front of him, he will have to face the fire from four people!

      Thought until here, seeing Misaka Kotomi running so peacefully, he suddenly regretted it!I ran with this stupid girl if I knew it!

     Liu Zilang was regretful in his heart, but at this time from the director's God's perspective, the situation in the bombing area had undergone new changes.

     When the red cloud dissipated and the bombing retreated, a lone wolf appeared on the way from Liu Zilang.

     The man fumbled all the way to the diagonally in front of Liu Zilang, and happened to be stuck in the circle by the two teams in front of the opponent. "

     "Oh! It's a gold player!"

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong suddenly shouted.

     "Well, his team friendliness seems to have been knocked out during the second wave of poisoning, now there is only one left."

      When he spoke until here, Ruofeng couldn't help but touched his chin, "If Player Jin can ‘form an alliance’ with Vic, maybe the two of them have a chance to break through."

     "Alliance? Ahem..."

     Su Changming cannot help but laugh and said, "Excuse me, unless Player Jin's mind is as vast as the mountains and the ocean, otherwise this matter...I think it's fine."

     "I don't think it's impossible." Rong Ye rubbed his chin and suddenly said, "You think, Vic hasn't exposed himself until now. Player Jin doesn't know that the next door is Vic, then he just wants to enter Circle, the best choice this time is to join forces with Vic?"

     "Huh? You such a saying, it seems really possible!"

     During the game, Jin Douhuan was also leaning against a tree, holding a 98K in his hand.

     After losing the last game, this game lost a teammate again.At this time, Jin Douhuan had no obsession with eating chickens anymore. He just wanted to kill one to earn one, and kill two to lose his life.

     That's right.

     In this game,

     He is a killer of unreasonable feelings!

     And if you can kill that person...

     Jin Douhuan even thinks that his trip to the California Exhibition Tournament is "virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusion"!

     At this moment, he was hiding behind his tree and observed it, and quickly saw the situation on the court.

     In fact, in his position, if he wants to attack, he can perfectly hit Liu Zilang on his back.

     But Kim Doo-hwan has not revealed his position yet,

     He must cherish his first time.

     Once shot exposed.

     Then he would kill Liu Zilang at most, and then replace Liu Zilang and be framed by the people in the circle again.

     Thinking of this, Jin Douhuan's eyes flickered, and he made a choice in his heart.

     Because before I met that man,

     He doesn't want to die!