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695 A Person With A Vast Mind Like The Mountains And The Sea! (3/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Obviously, Kim Dou-hwan at this time didn't know that his quasi-centeredness had been removed from the head of the man he regarded as "enemy of a lifetime"...

     In the safe zone, Se7en’s manager, A Zhuang, helped SSR up. SSR squatted on the ground while spraying medicine, while taking a deep breath with pain:

     "The fire this day... isn't it that evil?"

     "You have to ask the Dragon God about this." A Zhuang was also a little speechless and couldn't help shaking his head, "but he is already cold."

     "Forget it! Leave this alone, the bombing area is gone anyway." SSR looked at Liu Zilang who was behind the tree in the distance, "That person is still behind the tree, and we will kill him in this wave."

     "I think he is already dead."

     Although Ah Zhuang is not a professional player, he still has his vision. He glanced at the two people upstairs not far from next door, and touched his chin looking thoughtfully, "These two people... seem to be a bit powerful... "

     Not awesome!

     It's so cruel!

     When the opposite side was completely holding this side, Liu Zilang shrank back extremely quickly as soon as he flashed away.

     Whoops whoops—!

     Sawdust bark flies up,

     A row of bullet holes suddenly appeared in the trunk.

      At this moment, the surrounding radiation grids are about to burn their buttocks. This wave of poison is not like the previous two waves with a drink and a bandage. Everything is gone.

     Liu Zilang has a lot of medicine, but if he really wants to fight a war of attrition, he obviously won't be able to hold it for long.

     But seeing that Kotomi Misaka has already entered the circle, in his heart can't help but relax, as long as there is a fire to pass on.This place is obviously not his permanent typhoon shelter, Liu Zilang simply No More Hesitation, after a smoke bomb rolled out of his hand, he flung his hand to the front and began to spread smoke.

     Soon, a cloud of smoke appeared in front of him.

     After people in the safe zone realized that Liu Zilang wanted to break through the encirclement forcibly, all the guns blocked the tree for a while.

     Jin Douhuan, who was also outside the circle, saw Liu Zilang's actions, but couldn't help but think to himself:

     This person is quite decisive.

     The next moment, a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

     Only this kind of person is worthy of being my ally.

      At the same time, I saw that the smoke spread by Liu Zilang just sealed the gun line on the SSR side.

     Next, he did not directly rush out.

     But gain the upper hand by a show of strength, leaning out directly, holding up SKS is a very fast burst of shots!

     Bang bang bang —!

     A rain of bullets suddenly screamed.

     The two Karl in the building just wanted to show their heads, but in a blink of an eye they were directly pressed back by the other party.

     "Vic is very aggressive in this wave. Does he want to kill someone first?"

     "No! Vic has stopped his gun. He just wanted to suppress the opponent first."

     Liu Zilang squandered twenty bullets in the SKS magazine in just two seconds.

     The next moment, I saw him retract the spear with his backhand, rushing out from behind the tree like electricity, and plunged into the smoke.

     After the two of Karl slowed down, they hurriedly faced the smoke for a blind scan. SSR and A Zhuang, who were blocked by the gun line, immediately reacted when they saw it. Liu Zilang had already entered the smoke.So they quickly raised their guns, and a blind scan was in front of the smoke!

     In an instant, countless screaming bullets cut through the white smoke!


     Liu Zilang was hit by a stray bullet, and his body was bursting with blood, and a cloud of blood mist suddenly rose up.

     However, he did not stop to fight the medicine, and a smoke bomb slid out of his palm again and threw it forward!


     The smoke rolled in the clearing, and soon spread again!

     SSR and manager A Zhuang saw the smoke and couldn't stand eyes twitched at the same time.

     Because judging from the direction in which Liu Zilang's smoke spread, the other party clearly rushed towards them.

     "Are we... treated as a breakthrough?" Ah Zhuang asked in a daze.

     "How can it be repaired!" SSR gritted his teeth!

     "This is Chi Guoguo's mockery!"

     "If you want to break through us, then see if your life is hard enough."

     In fact, thinking about it, Liu Zilang only wanted to spread the smoke over such a long distance.

     That is simply a fantasy story!

     However, just as Liu Zilang rushed towards the second cloud of smoke, Karl showed his body through the window again.


     A crisp sniper rifle suddenly exploded!

     Before everyone on the field could react, a striking blood mist suddenly burst from the flame-lit second-floor window!

     The second-level head on Karl's head was instantly pierced and shattered, and he threw himself to his knees under the window.

     "Azeael knocked down SKK-Karl with a headshot of Kar98K!"After losing a brutal output point in a blink of an eye,

     In the smoke, Liu Zilang immediately felt the pressure on his shoulders lighten. After he glanced at the kill prompt on the upper right of the screen, he couldn't help but be slightly surprised.

     This is not the Kim... what is it?

     But how could it be him?

     Liu Zilang can remember that this guy seemed to have been killed many times by himself, and he was hit to death by his "failure" overturning the bus during the last game.

     Unexpectedly, at the crucial moment, the other party actually return good for evil, showing a broad mind like mountains and oceans!

     Liu Zilang feels deep veneration for sb in his heart!


     In the game, when Karl fell down, the teammates under the same roof would naturally not let it go.

     The man ran into the smoke and tried to shoot a shuttle of bullets, and soon stopped his gun and rushed to help Karl.

      At this time, Liu Zilang naturally seized the opportunity and rushed forward in the smoke.

      At the same time, Kotomi Misaka, who ran into the safe zone, was not idle. She took advantage of SSR's attention to Liu Zilang's body in the smoke, she had already touched the close point of the two not a word or movement. Behind the grass slope.

     "Don't be afraid of being wet! I'll help you!"

     "Wait a minute! Don't move, let's be together."

     Liu Zilang called out to be eager to give sth a try Misaka Kotomi. After he rushed to Misaka Kotomi's position to meet, Liu Zilang, who was only half-blooded, did not hit the blood, but pulled out a grenade and threw it forward. .

      At the same time, Jin Douhuan took advantage of Liu Zilang's indirect cover to move towards the safe zone before the poison came behind him.But the shot he had just exposed himself.

     When he moved here, SSR couldn't hit Liu Zilang, so he naturally pulled the line and shot Jin Douhuan.

      But at this moment, Liu Zilang's grenade was thrown in the past. Although it was not very accurate, he was still scared that the other side quickly stopped and moved.

     From this point of view, Jin Dou-hwan's strategy still worked, it can be said to save others and himself.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Misaka Kotomi suddenly found something wrong.

     "It's wet~! Someone behind!" While she reminded her, the sister-in-hand suddenly lifted!


     A burst of extremely fast bullets shot past!

     At this time, Jin Douhuan, who was running in the open space, regarded Liu Zilang as an ally in his heart, and did not guard him too much.

     At the moment when the gunshots of the sister-in-law rang, he suddenly "ge-deng" in his heart, and immediately moved into position!

     However, the next moment, Jin Douhuan was shocked to discover that his position was already drifting without a resting place, but the opponent's bullet seemed to lock him firmly!

     Because he hadn't thought at all, Misaka Kotomi's marksmanship is also "drift without a resting place".

     Whoosh whoosh—!

     In a blink of an eye, the running Jin Douhuan shot several shots in his body. He staggered under his feet, and suddenly fell to the ground, his body rolled forward, and then he looked up at the sky a confused face...


      how can it be? !

     At this moment, a kill prompt appeared at the top right of the screen.

     "Menhera sauce used MK14 to kill Azeael!"

     Menhera sauce?Seeing the kill prompt on the black and white screen in front of him, Jin Douhuan couldn't help but stunned, and then suddenly something buzzed in his mind.

     All of a sudden, he couldn't help but feel a shock in his heart!

     The eyes are red instantly! !

     It's him! ! !


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