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696 Bet Big And Small, Buy And Leave! (1/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"It's wet! I killed him!"

     In the voice, Kotomi Misaka said joyfully satisfied, she was head high, chest out, and her expression came to compliment me.

     However, Liu Zilang's mouth twitched, and finally turned into a helpless sigh in his heart...

     That's it! This can be considered fulfilled the promise of the last game, let you finally die under the gun...

     Then, while Karl had not been lifted up, Liu Zilang quickly cut into M16, and with having high fighting spirit Misaka Kotomi launched a death charge!

     "Oh! Vic is very active here! They chose to face up!"

     "The two sides met, this is a wave of frontal guns that are almost face-to-face!"

     "Menhera sauce is poured, she rushes too fast!"

     "But Vic played perfectly, one, two! Beautiful! Vic completed a wave of double kills!"

     Amid a wave of real-time commentary from the three people on the stage, the assault battle between the two sides quickly came to an end.

     MT Misaka Kotomi grabbed the two elite monsters with a taunt in front, Dps Liu Zilang took the opportunity to give a wave of extreme output. In the end, although T fell to the ground, but luckily he could still help.

     After knocking out the two people, they were already in the safe zone. Seeing that there was no movement in the small building not far away, Liu Zilang hurriedly closed Yan and helped Misaka Kotomi who was "eyes brimming with tears".

      At the same time, the surrounding poison circle finally overlapped with the safe zone, and the next circle was refreshed.

     After seeing this circle, Liu Zilang in the smoke couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     This circle is not too damned, it just includes the large and small power plants on the map.And they are very close to the small power plant, move forward to get into the circle.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "This circle is interesting. It actually happened to include two power plants, large and small, which is quite for everyone to bet."

     "Hehe, I have the same feeling, place your bets and hands off the table, this is a kind of gambling."

     "We can see that there are still 29 teams with 50 people left in the safety zone. Compared to the usual game, there are still that many people when the fourth lap is brushed out. This shows that although the game circle is condemned, But the pace is not as fast as we expected."

     "Well, but when the next wave of poison starts to shrink, all teammates will have nothing about it. It's possible to avoid the battle. The first two or even the third laps are OK, but after the fourth lap, it is constant. Collision and friction."

     "Yes, and in this constant collision, it is also a duel of strength. Only those who win can survive, and those who lose can only fall."

     "Let’s take a look at the situation in the circle. At present, the large and small power plants are occupied by people. However, in the double row, a double team obviously cannot hold such a large place. Foreseeable, other teams will be a steady flow into these two points."

     The commentator was analyzing the situation on the court. Liu Zilang had already pulled Misaka Kotomi up. He first glanced at the safe zone and quickly made a choice in his heart.

     "It's wet, let's bet big and small?" Misaka Kotomi asked suddenly excitedly.

     "None of us bet." Liu Zilang declined to comment.

      "Ah?" Misaka Kotomi was taken aback."Elementary school monks do multiple-choice questions." Liu Zilang suddenly smiled lightly, "The real winner is never a gambler."

     "It's wet, what you said..." Misaka Kotomi scratched the head embarrassedly, "I don't understand..."

     "See that point?"

     Liu Zilang didn't say much. He glanced at the two-story building where Karl and the two were located. He quickly opened the map and marked a point on the second-story guard tower at the entrance of the small power plant, "Wait for me to count 1, 2 , 3..."

     "Ah! Counting again?"

     When Kotomi Misaka heard this, she asked nervously, "Wait, shall we run together?"

     "Of course, how could you abandon you as a teacher?" Liu Zilang asked rhetorically.

     "..." Misaka Kotomi's face suddenly went black.


     You have said this many times!

     However, even if there is a B-tree in the heart, the teacher's order is hard to violate.

     But she learned to be smart this time, and first secretly spread a hand of smoke forward.

     Liu Zilang didn't care about that much.

     In fact, if it were to be said, the second-story guard tower at the entrance of the small power plant was not far from their side.

     If he really wants to get into the circle, he can seal the cigarette with Misaka Kotomi.

     But the problem is that he already knows that there is an opponent like Karl in the building next door. If such a big hidden danger is allowed to follow behind, sooner or later it will be trouble.

     Therefore, what Liu Zilang has to do in this wave is to let one person in to take the spot, and he is stuck on the other side.

     Even if 1 vs. 2, but Liu Zilang's SKS at this time has been replaced by Kim Doo-hwan's Kar98K, he is completely confident to hold the opponent.The most important thing is that there are people in my circle and no one in your circle. When the poison shrinks, they are naturally passive.

      has to say, Liu Zilang's strategy in this wave is very good, and the implementation is rarely successful.

     There was Liu Zilang holding an eight-fold 98K gun in the back. Kotomi Misaka sullied her head and sprayed forward in the smoke, and she managed to get into the circle without a shot.

     Karl and the two wanted to play the same old trick at first, just like the last wave behind the tree.

     Let go of one, stand one to death.

     But the moment after Misaka Kotomi rushed into the tower, Karl glanced at the map and suddenly felt something's wrong in his heart.


     Because Karl quickly realized...

     The biggest difference between this wave and the last wave is not Liu Zilang, but themselves.

     The prerequisite for them to kill Liu Zilang in the last wave was that the opponent was outside the circle and they were in the circle. However, at this moment, they and Liu Zilang are all outside the circle.

     So in other words, when they killed Liu Zilang, Liu Zilang also killed them here.

     The key is that one of the opponent's teammates has already entered the lap and opened the gun line. When the next wave of poison begins to shrink, the advantages and disadvantages of both sides on the field are obvious at a glance.

     At this time, there is only a minute left before the next wave of contractions. This wave of poison will be faster and more painful than the previous wave, and they will bear the brunt of the poison.

     Realizing this, Karl in the small building suddenly decided not to sit and wait for death.


     The two looked at each other, and quickly jumped down from the side window on the second floor. The next moment, they also began to seal the cigarette and move forward.

     boom!At this time, the distance between the two parties was very close. As soon as the sound of broken glass sounded, Liu Zilang realized it immediately.

     "The response is very quick."

     He raised the eyebrow, with a smile curled up at the corner of his mouth, and said quickly, "The two people on the other side have passed by, can you make a call over there?"

     "Yes, yes!!" Misaka Kotomi quickly replied, and then she was somewhat difficult, "but they got in the cigarette, I can't see them!"

     "It's okay, you just have to sweep towards the smoke." Liu Zilang immediately encouraged her in his voice.

     "Believe in yourself, it makes no difference."