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700 Floor Language And Small Abacus
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

If Misaka Kotomi heard Vivian, she would scratches head in confusion, thinking that she had never heard such a strange request.

     However, now that it is the third-to-last finals already entered, it is impossible for Skyfire to have Skyfire, which is why Vivian is secure in the knowledge that one has backing at this time.

     On the stage, the three commentators could not help but look at each other in dismay after seeing this scene.

     " it a cohabitation battle?"

     "Vic's wave is also a bit dark under the lights. He has been paying attention to people who are far away, but he didn't expect someone to climb over recklessly."

     "Then the situation now is very complicated. Even if they know someone below, they are basically unable to hit the other party."

     "Well, the same, if I'm not wrong, Vivian shouldn't plan to attack the second floor for the time being. Otherwise, the immediately they were touching just now don't need to enter the building. Just go straight up to attack the building from below. That's it. The best time."

     "But if the two teams are really peaceful coexistence here, even for a brief period of peace, with two guns on the top and two guns on the bottom, tsk tsk, then this guard tower is simply an invincible firepower point in the safe zone."

     "That's right, once the next lap can make another destiny, then I even feel that the chicken of this game has been decided by default."

     In the game.

     The director was really right. Although Vivian wanted to "revenge" this wave, it was not so eager.

     The reason why she took such a big risk to touch it was largely because she also took a fancy to the corner of this safe zone, but it was very conducive to the gun.And she was also thinking about using the enemy to control the enemy first.

     Let Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi on the second floor be their first protective umbrellas. If someone comes over, they can even steal a chicken.

     But when he came in, he didn't do anything, and if he was peaceful coexistence with the other party, Vivian obviously couldn't swallow that breath.

     Listening to the footsteps near her ears, she stared at the ceiling above her head for a few moments, her eyes moved slightly, and suddenly raised the M4 muzzle in her hand.


     Fire burst from the muzzle.

     A shuttle bullet "dinged" hit the ceiling, splashing a series of sparks.


     Liu Zilang above was taken aback.

     He still does not know that the team downstairs is Vivian, so naturally he does not know how high the opponent's hatred is.

     After all, think about if it’s him,

     Obviously it was about to win the double kill with "one hit two", but baffling was punished by a group of sky fire. Afterwards, the person said that sky fire was called by her...

     This Nima can't stand it at all!

     Heard the gunfire below,

     Kotomi Misaka couldn't help tilted the head, "It's wet~! The people below... are you saying hello to me? I understand! They want to form an alliance with us!"



     Liu Zilang couldn't help but look black.

     How can you tell that the other party wants to form an alliance? !

     This is clearly smashing the scene!

     At this moment, Kotomi Misaka suddenly picked up the gun and fired several shots at the ground.

     Liu Zilang was taken aback, and somewhat uncertain said, "What are you doing?"Kotomi Misaka had put away the gun, and elatedly replied, "I tell you we agreed."


     How did you convey this?

     Floor language?

     Are you sure the other party can understand?

     Downstairs, Vivian had just swept a few shots, and then heard the other party not to be outdone.


     I have a bad temper!

     She gritted her teeth suddenly and called to her teammate Angelia, "Fight! Let's fight together!"

     Da da da-!

     In an instant, two Gatlings braving blue fire fired at the ceiling again...

     Upstairs Misaka Kotomi heard the gunshots, eyes shined suddenly, and even excitedly said, "It's wet! They all agreed!"

     Liu Zilang: ...


     On the big screen behind the stage.

     At this time, the director's shot was locked on the side of the big power plant where the gunfire was raging.

     Because the next safe area was brushed to the small power plant, some of the teams in the large power plant were fighting desperately at this time, and some took the opportunity to escape.

     And these people included Shroud and Chocotaco in the blood.

     "Man! I solved it here, what about your side?"

     "I'm still here, it's a tough guy."

     "The radiation is about to shrink. I think it's time for us to go."

     "Wait for me to close the cigarette!"

      At this time, there are only twenty seconds left in the countdown of the surrounding radiation.

     At this time, not only Shroud and their team, but some lone wolves are also starting to run poison right now.But now that the circle has reached the small power plant, the people of the small power plant have angered against a common enemy and guarded their common home.

     In this case, those who rushed out of the big power plant and wanted to find a chance to enter the small power plant were like the water hitting a stone, and it suddenly spread to the sides.

     "Tsk tusk, the small power plant has been guarded as a copper wall, iron bastion, it is impossible for people outside to invade."

     "Now there are only 15 teams with 24 people left on the field. There are four teams guarding the small power plant. Except for the two teams living together in the outer guard tower, all the other teams will be in the wilderness."

     "Wait! A team touched the guard tower, and they seem to have taken a fancy to this place."

     "Tsk tusk! Then it's kicked to the iron board right now. They probably never expected that there are people on top and bottom of this small guard tower."

     Seeing the director's camera, a team actually walked around the small power plant and touched the guard tower.

     The audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but hey, their faces showed a good show.

     It seems that the next moment will see the two men melted in a burst of bullets.

     But then, the picture on the big screen was a bit incomprehensible to everyone.

     The two men trot all the way, only a hundred meters away from the guard tower.

     But the guard tower is still quiet,

     It seems not a soul in sight.

     This meow...what the hell?

     For a while, the commentators on the stage also looked at each other in dismay.

     "Why don't you fight?""Do you want to bring people closer?"

     "But this is too close!"


     In fact, not only the people off the court, but Kotomi Misaka on the second floor of the sentry tower also looked at Liu Zilang dumbfoundedly, "It's wet... why don't we... not shoot?"

     "Have you heard of lend sb a knife to kill sb?"

     "Knife? But we are holding guns."


     In fact, Liu Zilang doesn't hit people in this wave.

     It's because the people downstairs want him to be an umbrella, so he just wants to put people closer so that he can use this team to harass the team below them.

     He didn't believe that after the other party got close, he would check if he didn't go first, and he would naturally have a "snack" at that time.

     At that time, he can take advantage of innocence to get between the sheets and eliminate the hidden dangers downstairs in one fell swoop.

     Vivian also had her little abacus without firing a gun, but in her little abacus, it was obvious that Liu Zilang didn't play cards like this.

      At this moment, she was also a little confused.