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701 The Lei For You Has Been Quiet
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Not far from the watch tower, Faze's assaulter Mxey and YouTube's well-known video producer Kinguin were groping forward cautious and timid.

     I saw Mxey's AK muzzle up and down, pulling the red dot to align his center from time to time.

     As soon as a figure appeared on either side, he would immediately aim his sight at it.

     However, the reality is that they did not encounter a person's silhouette until they reached the gate of the guard tower all the way.

     Kinguin stick one's head out and look around looked around and couldn’t help but said in a low voice:

     "Hey buddy! No one seems to be here?"

     "Be careful, I don't think I'm sure." Mxey's experience and intuition told him that it didn't seem to be that simple.

     The next moment, Mxey very skillfully threw a smoke bomb towards the watch tower window.

     His smoke bomb is not paving the way for oneself, but taking drastic action, which directly seals the opponent's gun line, so that even if someone is inside, he can't be hit.

     When Mxey and Kinguin took advantage of the smoke, they touched the guard tower.

     Listening to the faint footsteps in the watch tower, the two of them couldn't help being surprised, and then looked at each other in wonder.

      what is this situation?

     Why didn't someone shoot?

     and many more!

     Is there any conspiracy! ?

     Thinking of this, Mxey and Kinguin were wary again in their hearts. The two of them were shot into the tractor by Liu Zilang in a flick in the game before being burned into boxes alive by the fire.

     That kind of aggrieved feeling is hard to mention!

     So in this game, they have to be more careful and prudent.Thought until here, the two of them did not rush to occupy or throw thunder, but squatted to block the door on the first floor.

      Thus, I waited until the smoke cleared and there was no gunshot on the guard tower.

     This scene stunned all the audience who were waiting for the fight in the live and live broadcast. Would you show me this if you took off your labor and management pants?

     "By the way... Why didn't Vic just fight?"

     "How do I feel that this guy deliberately let people over."

     "There is shady! There is definitely shady!"

     "I can smell a dirty Py deal!"


     On the stage, the three commentators were inconceivable to see this scene. This time they obviously couldn’t "The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear", and they didn’t even understand the gourd of the two teams on the tower. What medicine are you selling?

     However, at this time, the director saw that there was no fight on the sentry tower, and the camera naturally didn't stop here much, and it quickly reached the small power plant and those who were stuck outside the circle.

     At this time, the surrounding radiation has begun to shrink,

     Those who have not been able to enter the circle hurriedly spread their cigarettes, wanting to do final struggle.

     But sometimes the smoke is a cover,

     But it is also a signal flare that tells people where are you very accurately.

     Especially when there are more enemies.

     It's like right now, those people who are rushing into the smoke have not been able to breathe, the bullets that hit like a tide around them quickly let them know what is called cruel.

     Wait until the radiation has spread,

     When the smoke cleared.On the uninhabited wasteland of Liao, there are only a few lonely boxes remaining silently talking about the desolation...

      At the same time, the borders of the Yabian and Ye safe zones overlapped, and the third finals from the bottom were refreshed.

     This circle is not brushed into concentric circles.

     It is slightly south, just to include half of the small power plant and the south tower.

     Only eight teams and 14 people remained on the field.

     A small guard tower occupies six people, five people in the small power plant, and three people are attached to the roots of the wall outside the power plant.

     "Tsk tusk! This wave of fighting is really intense, from fifteen teams to eight, and nearly half of the people on the field were reduced."

     "No way, too many teams have chosen large power plants. After all, from the perspective of probability, the probability of the next lap of large power plants is indeed higher."

     "It's a pity that our PUBG games often don't talk about probability, but metaphysics, so the current circle not only reaches the small power plant, but also continues to the south."

     "Wait a minute, how did I look at this circle, and I will probably get to the guard tower in the end. Then Vic has come from fate? Isn't it possible?"

     "I think if there's Menhera sauce, there's nothing about it, it's impossible."

     After Rong Ye finished speaking.

     Everyone is silent...

     Because from the perspective of metaphysics, Kotomi Misaka seems to have created too much impossible in this game!

     Under these impossibility, Summoning Heavenly Fire is still second. The most important thing is that she can let Liu Zilang, who has always been black-faced, enjoy several circles of heaven in the second half.This is nothing to describe as a miracle!

     Thinking about the last game, Kotomi Misaka lost an unbelievable grenade halfway through, and in the end Liu Zilang's face was blackened next time...

     But this game brings Misaka Kotomi,

     His life was different from then on.

     A small sentry tower located in a corner has even brushed three destiny circles in a row, and there is a momentum of continuous upset.

     If this is to say that Liu Zilang's luck is so good, it would be impossible. Only the existence of Kotomi Misaka, the koi, can make all this explanation.

     But what makes people speechless at this time is that a small guard tower hides three teams.

     Outside the tower.

     Mxey and Kinguin also found something wrong at this moment, because just now when they were sniping the "wilder nomads", Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi, who had a wider view on the second floor, also couldn't bear, and joined the team.

     The two succeeded in stealing a wave of chickens like foxes, grabbing two or three heads.

     As for the team below, Liu Zilang naturally knew that the opponent was at the wall, but seeing that the two teams did not fight as he wanted, he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, so he no longer be secretive.

     But Liu Zilangwan never expected...

     Mxey and Kinguin in the corridor heard the footsteps on the second floor, but they didn’t plan to cast aside all considerations for face on the first floor for the time being, but they had a thought flashed through the mind, so they decided to throw two grenade on it first...

     Under the God's perspective of the big screen director.

     I saw Mxey holding a grenade in his hand, leaning back slightly, and suddenly throwing it in from the window.

     Kang Dang—!Unexpectedly, this thunder hit the iron anti-theft window and bounced back!

     Boom a loud sound!

     Suddenly, fire and smoke burst out outside.

     "Sorry buddy, that was a mistake."

     But fortunately, Mxey immediately reacted and quickly reminded his teammates to avoid this grenade.

     "I think... can perhaps let me try." Kinguin cut out the grenade, and said some be eager to give sth a try.


     The string of the grenade sounded.

     After Kinguin counted down to three in his mind, he flicked his arm and threw the grenade towards the window suddenly!

     Suddenly, the grenade crossed a parabola, breaking through the iron fence, and then suddenly passed through the middle.

     Go in!

     Kinguin was excited!

     He just wanted to show off with Mxey beside him,

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, the grenade flew back from the window noiselessly.

     Everything seems so quiet.

     Quiet, a little weird!