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702 Punch Man! (1/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The thunder will fly back again, there are only two reasons, one is to hit something and rebound, and the other is to catch the mine by the pan.

     But the former is obviously impossible, and the two of them watched Lei fly in.

     Although the latter is possible.

     But if this is really the case, why is there no "clam"?

     The sound of thunder in the pan is quite crisp!

      At this moment, when they saw the grenade flying over, all kinds of doubts flooded into the hearts of the two.

     But the next moment!

     Thousand thoughts turn into a vocabulary instantly!


      It should be noted, but the Kinguin grenade was preheated in the hand, and it would explode almost when it hits the ground.

     It would be fine if it was flying towards the enemy.

     However, the thunder is flew over directly at them right now. This scene is quite frightening!

     The moment I reacted,

     Mexy and Kinguin are like two cats with their tails stomping on, leaping to the side!

      but still a bit too late...

     In the big screen of the game, the grenade that had gone back and forth had not yet landed, and it exploded over the two heads, turning into a splendid firework.

     The huge impact was like mountain cry out and sea howl, and it poured down from the top of the two people's heads.

     Mxey and Kinguin staggered at their feet, and fell down abruptly toward the front.

     next moment...

     Two kill prompts appear from the upper right of the screen.

     "Kinguin used a grenade to blow up himself!""Kinguin used a grenade to blow up Mxey!"

     One thunder double kill!

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the audience was stunned in the live and live broadcast rooms.

     Because the scene just now directed to the ground is Kinguin's first perspective, so they don't know what happened just now?

     But they were sure that this must not have been photographed from the pan, because the sound of the pan was so crisp.

     The three commentaries on stage look at each other in dismay.

     "This is... what's going on?"

     "I think it must be a pan, the sound may be a bug but not coming out."

     "I also think there is this kind of possibility."

     "Oh! The director gave the replay of this wave just now, let's take a look first."

     In an instant, the eyes of the audience on the scene and in the live broadcast room lit up, staring unblinkingly at the game screen on the big screen with a truth-seeking gaze.

     The playback screen is naturally not the perspective of Kinguin throwing thunder, but a more comprehensive God's perspective, which can observe the actions of everyone on the field be very clear about sth.

     In the picture, when Kinguin pulled the lead and aimed at the iron fence on the second floor to warm up, Liu Zilang suddenly walked over to that window.

     At this time, he didn't hold anything in his hand, he obviously just noticed something was wrong, and wanted to take a look.

     At this moment, the thunder in Kinguin's hand outside the window downstairs was thrown forcefully.

     Suddenly flew in from the iron bars of the window.

     A moment of life and death!

     Liu Zilang's desire to cut the pan obviously comes without enough time.The audience at the scene was wondering, the next moment, everyone showed a ghost-like look!

     I saw Liu Zilang suddenly body paused, holding his breath, and blasting forward with a punch!

      has to say, this punch is extremely accurate!

     It happened to be unbiased and hit the grenade that flew in. The moment the grenade flew in, it suddenly flew back upside down.

     The fire flashed!

     The grenade exploded!

     Seeing this incredible scene, the audience and the commentator on the scene were shocked!

     And... this kind of operation?

     A grenade that is usually difficult to hit with a pan by himself, when he went to Liu Zilang, he was hit by a punch!

     This is too fake, no wonder why I didn't hear anything just now...

     During the game match, Kotomi Misaka behind saw this scene and couldn't help being surprised and poking there like a piece of wood.

      At this moment, she has not dared to say the phrase "I want to learn this because I am wet."

     Because at this moment,

     Misaka Kotomi suddenly felt that Liu Zilang sitting next to her was as vast as the mountains and the ocean, and she couldn't keep up with the other side even if she searched up and down...

     It's so wet!

     Just when Misaka Kotomi felt ashamed, the commentary stage was also filled with emotion.

     "Hiss—! My god grandfather! Vic's response is fast to make one's hair stand up in anger!"

     "Well... I think the reaction is the next best thing, the ultimate goal is his dare!""Well, Boss Su is right. You said that it looks like normal people see a thunderous face on the face. Even if you are holding a pan in your hand to estimate the first reaction, should you hide it first?"

     "But Vic was in an empty hand, empty fist situation. He dared to throw his fist at a grenade... Tsk tsk, I can't imagine how big this player's nerves are."

     "Hehe, I don't think it is thick-skinned, but a big heart with a pinnacle professional player."


     The commentary stage was amazed!

     However, as the person involved, Liu Zilang's big heart was throbbing wildly, like two elephants ramming in it.

     This Nima is too exciting!

     When he saw Lei just now, he didn't know which nerve was connected wrongly, and he punched him with a twitch of his head.

     At this time, after recovering his wits, I knew what I had just done... But I noticed that the silly apprentice on the side was staring at both eyes, and he looked at himself with admiration.

     Liu Zilang calmed down quickly, without a trace of waves on his face, full of mastery demeanor.


     Want to learn?

     Say if you want to learn!

     I won't teach you anymore!


     After killing these two people,

     The situation on the sentry tower calmed down again.

     Vivian on the first floor was quite regretful.

     She saw that the two people who had been in a stalemate with herself for a long time finally played "Zi Lei", and couldn't help thinking that she knew that the opponent was such a Muggle, so she rushed out with the gun.After all, I didn't hear the sound of the pan. If I only rely on my head to imagine, Vivian is simply unimaginable. The picture of a person thundering with his fist...

     One and a half minutes passed in an instant.

     The surrounding radiation grid soon refreshed again.

     There are still seven teams and twelve people left on the field, but everyone is in the circle, this wave of poisonous contraction does not cause too much conflict.

     However, even so, everyone on the court is still is nervous, and everyone is staring at the small map in the lower right corner without blinking.

     Waiting for the refresh of the Second Last finals!

     The next moment, the radiation grid and the borders of the safe zone overlap, and the hearts of everyone on and off the field are suddenly raised.

     Who is the Destiny?

     "Oh! Vic! Vic got the final circle of fate!"

     "My God! Vic actually swiped four circles of fate in the second half of this game!"

     "Although there is the lucky charm's extra layer of Menhera sauce, I guess it has exhausted his life's luck!"

     "Then their biggest enemy is the Vivian team below."


     Just as I was amazed on the commentary...

     Several teams from the small power plant also began to stir, and the situation on the field became tense again.

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