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703 Fifth Company Of Destiny, The Last Chicken! (Top) 2/6
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The more the finals,

     The more hesitated and procrastinated.

      At this moment, except for the two teams Liu Zilang and Vivian in the Destiny Circle, no other teams are in the circle.

     So the first thing they have to do is to complete the transfer before the next wave of poison contraction.

     But if it is a mountain circle or a hilly circle, it is fine.

      Even if you are outside in the Second Last lap, as long as the timing is right and you can knock out the opponent on the way forward, you can stand in the lap.

     However, this circle is different. There is only a guard tower in the circle as a bunker, and the rest is a clearing.

     The key is that there are two teams on the upper and lower levels of the sentry tower, which are holding the surroundings like two machine gunners. Even if you enter the circle, you won't stand up at all!

     In this case, the five teams inside and outside the small power plant quickly reached a "consensus."

     That is to close the smoke.

     This time it is a real seal!

     In the game screen on the big screen, only one after another smoke bombs rolled down around the guard tower.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     After a burst of spit release, the circle soon became a vast expanse of whiteness, just like the chaos of Beginning of the Universe.

     Seeing this picture of beyond expectation, the two teams in the sentry tower who were preparing to shoot were also shocked!

     The corner of Liu Zilang's eyes twitched while watching this scene, and he thought that someone might block cigarettes in this wave.

     He even thought that the gun line on his side would be blocked, but he never expected that these teams would throw so much away.

     Actually think about it.Because when they really want to run into the circle, the enemy of these teams is not only Liu Zilang who threatens the most.

     They also threatened each other.

     Therefore, it is obviously not enough to seal the gun line on Liu Zilang's side. It is simply a hundred, and it is completely sealed. If you can't see it, everyone will not see it.

     After a minute...

     The radiation grid that had been silent for a while around suddenly shook and began to eat away at the last piece of pure land in the safe zone.

     The speed of this wave of poison is very fast, it only takes fifteen seconds to shrink and the damage is very terrifying.

     The commentator on the stage originally thought that Liu Zilang and Vivian of the sentry tower occupied absolute target shooting. After this wave of poison contraction, there are only two or three teams left on the field.

     But the reality is that everyone seized the time and sneaked into the vast safe area around the guard tower from different angles.

     Even the gunshots that sounded in the process were just sparse friction, and there's nothing about it violent equipment.

     In this way, we waited until the radiation grid and the border of the safety zone overlapped, and the poison circle was shrunk, and there were no less than one of the seven teams on the field.

     Seeing this scene,

     Everyone at the scene couldn't help being surprised!

     And wait until they see the refresh position of the last final point.

     Everyone was even more shocked that even their jaws were dislocated!

     Because the position of the last safe spot was unbiased and brushed to the guard tower!

     Fifth Company of Destiny!

     I'm so afraid that it is not just that you have used up your luck in this life, but you will also be overdrawn in the next life, right?In fact, not only the audience off the court, but the players on the court also looked like a dog.

     Are we so dark-faced?

     Can't this circle give a little bit of face?

     This is very hurtful! ! !

     But anyway.

     Although everyone on the field was angry, their bodies still leaned towards the guard tower honestly.

     You can't rely on it!

     The countdown to the last lap of reduced poison totaled three minutes and fifteen seconds, and now there are three minutes left.

     The poison circle will shrink within fifteen seconds, and the damage per second is about 12 points of blood.

      This time, it is impossible for everyone to make a step circle, of course it is a little bit closer.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Hehe, I think this circle tells us a truth." Rong Ye joked, "Those who get Menhera sauce have the world!"

     Su Changming smiled and nodded, "Well, this is a fact, otherwise, with the blackness of Vic's face, I think even if I have overdrawn the luck for two lifetimes, I might not be able to get this ‘five consecutive life’."

     "I there is a question."

     Ruofeng looked at the game screen and frowned slightly, "If the fate circle on the sentry tower, Vivian on the first floor should also be fate, right?"

     "Yes." Su Changming nodded, "But it's too early to think about this. We can see that the five teams in the smoke are getting closer. This wave of destiny is correct, but it depends on whether they can keep this destiny. "

     Under the God's perspective of the big screen director.

     As time passed by every minute, everyone around knew that they couldn't wait any longer.If you really wait until the last wave of poisonous contraction before acting, then there will be wolves before and after tigers, they will be more passive.

     For a time, from all around, like a ghost in the smoke, he gradually fumbled towards the guard tower according to the guidance on the minimap.

     At a certain moment,

     The two teams suddenly met in the smoke.


     Da Da Da—!

      In the blink of an eye, the number of survivors on the field instantly changed from twelve to ten.


     This is just the beginning.

     Next, the surroundings seemed to have been lit by sparks, and the gunshots were loud, and they soon became a piece.

     The number of survivors on the upper right of the screen has also been visible to the naked eye's speed, one after another reduced, as if death was waving a giant sickle mercilessly.

     The second floor of the guard tower.

     "It's wet! It looks like someone is coming below us!" Misaka Kotomi said nervously, "What we do?"

     She looked at the window bouncing and vivaciously with the gun in her hand, only to find that there was nothing to see in the vast white outside.

     Hearing Misaka Kotomi's words, Liu Zilang thought a little bit in his heart, and started talking, "Stop holding the gun, and let's change to a pan."

     "Frying pan?" Misaka Kotomi asked in a daze.

      "Un." Liu Zilang explained, "There must be someone else throwing thunder later, can you help the teacher call out thunder then?"

     "Call out?"

     Misaka Kotomi repeated it, and then said solemnly, "Wet and rest assured! Mission Completion guaranteed!"


     Don't just set up a Flag if you don't agree!I am even more worried when you say that!

     The corner of Liu Zilang's eyes twitched, cannot bear saying, "Don't stare, just shake the pot up."

     "Shake it up?" Misaka Kotomi quickly reacted.

     Then I saw her "hulahula" waving the pan in her hand, which looked like a five-speed electric fan, which made people feel cold.

     Liu Zilang held the M16 in his hand and held the door firmly.

     After a while, I just listened to the window "Duang", and there was a crisp sound.

     Kotomi Misaka was startled slightly, and then shouted happily, "Wet wet! Hit! I hit!"

     As soon as the voice fell, a loud sound came from the smoke outside the window!

     "TSM-Break used a grenade to blow up himself!"