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704 Fifth Company Of Destiny, The Last Chicken! (Below) (3/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After seeing this kill message, the remaining teams in the smoke couldn't help but were taken aback. They just heard the clear and sweet voice.

     Those who come to participate in the exhibition match are old players with ample experience, knowing that this is obviously unlikely to be self-destructive.

      in a flash, even though you can't see the specific picture, many people quickly made up the scene just now.

     This special cat is the "goalkeeper" of the king!

     Realizing this, another person who touched a point in the smoke and wanted to throw thunder couldn't help being scared all over one shivers, and quickly put away the thunder in his hand.

     And just after Misaka Kotomi pan-thundered, only four teams and seven people survived on the field.

     There are four in the guard tower and three outside.

     One of the two teams outside is Shroud and Chocotaco's team, but at this time Shroud has been killed, only Chocotaco is left;

      there is still one The team is Ubah from Navi and a female anchor from Russia.

     At this time, there were only 30 seconds left before the final reduction of the poison, and the team outside suddenly realized that they couldn't delay.

     Ubah and the female anchor Mao Mei took the lead and saw the two touch the main entrance on the first floor through the smoke.

     Ubah didn't go over and open the door, but directly raised the AK and swept over there!


     In an instant, a certain point on the wooden door was swept away, scattered and smashed,

     A hole was punched in an instant.


     "Oh! Navi's players want to flood thunder!" The commentary suddenly exclaimed!

     as expected.

     Under the director's God's perspective.I saw that when Ubah raised his gun to sweep the door, the hairy girl Ferlyn had cut out a thunder in her hand and warmed it up.

     However, in the next scene,

     But it exceeded everyone's expectations.

     The moment he was punched out of the door, Ferlyn had not had time to flood the mine, and a what thing flew out of the door of the black hole unexpectedly...



     It's a shock bomb!

     At that moment that I saw clearly, Ubah and Ferlyn's eyes suddenly became white!

     "Ula! What should I do with my grenade?" Mao Mei asked in a daze.

     It is obviously unrealistic to want to bomb people when blinded, and it may even bounce back and bomb yourself by accidentally hitting a wall.

     The AK in Ubah's hand immediately when he was flashed spit out toward the door in his mind, trying to use firepower to back down a wave of opponents.

     Hearing what Ferlyn said, Ubah hurriedly said,

     "Lost! Throw away!"

     After hearing this, Ferlyn realized that the grenade had been pulled just now, so she randomly changed directions and threw her hand away!

     And just when the two of Navi attacked the building.

     Chocotaco, who was lying on the ground and lurking on the side, heard the gunfire and couldn't help but a thought flashed through the mind!

     It's an opportunity!

     Chocotaco quickly climbed up from the ground with his hands and feet, holding the gun and rushing over.

     Unexpectedly, the moment he got up,

     Suddenly there was a what thing flew over in the distance, and Kang Dang hit his forehead all his life.

     hatisthat?As soon as this thought came out of his mind, a fire burst out of his forehead!


     A loud sound accompanied by ear-splitting!

     Chocotaco seemed to be struck by thunder in his head. As soon as he was together, he thumped on the ground again.

     But this time,

     He will never get up.

     "Ferlyn killed Chocotaco with a fragmentation grenade!"

     Seeing this scene of caught off guard, the viewers in the domestic live broadcast room were startled, and then suddenly laughed!

     "Puff! Grenade headshot! Be careful!"

     "Hahaha, this Lei is too spiritual!"

     "Distressed for a wave of Chocotaco, a thunder flew on my stomach."

     "If this Mao girl hadn't been caught, I would almost suspect that she was deliberate."


     In the game, Mao Mei Ferlyn didn't expect to throw away a trouble for her side.

     However, although the future troubles are removed, the previous worries remain.

     Although the Firepower Suppression of teammate Ubah was very fierce, it made the opponent basically unable to show up from the door.

     But how fast is the rate of fire of AK!

     Without letting go of the left button,

     In just a blink of an eye, all the bullets in the magazine were poured out!

     "Quick! You hit me!"

     Ubah, who emptied his magazine, yelled in his voice while dodging and changing.

     Mei Mao quickly raised her muzzle!

     However, compared to Vivian, who had been waiting behind the door for an opportunity, her movements were still a bit slower.

     Suddenly—!Vivian squatted on his body as a black holed muzzle came out from behind the door.

     A shuttle bullet screamed!

     Suddenly, I saw a "pupu" sound on Mei Mao's body, and a puff of blood mist!

     She had just pulled out the big gun, her knees softened and she knelt on the ground.

     And just as Vivian fought back.

     Liu Zilang, who was guarding the door on the second floor, listened to the gunshots close to his feet, glanced at the number of people in the upper right corner, and immediately acted decisively.

     I saw him holding a handful of M16 slamming open the door, rushed out in stride!

     "Ah! Wet and wait!"

     Seeing this, Misaka Kotomi was taken aback, and in a hurry, she actually followed with a pan.

     The second floor of the sentry tower leads to the ground by a spiral staircase.

     The moment he opened the door, Liu Zilang kicked his foot on the ground, his figure jumped out like an electric flash!

      At this moment, after Vivian on the first floor knocked down Mao Mei, she rushed out quickly and was about to knock out Ubah by the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums.

     But even though Ubah's ears are still humming, his vision has been restored before his eyes. Seeing Vivian rush out, how could he sit and wait for death?

     Just looking at him who happened to be replaced by a shuttle bullet, his body suddenly rose and fell, and the AK in his hand was shot directly from the waist!

     Happy New Year marksmanship!

     I never thought that when Vivian rushed out, he also chose to shoot the New Year with a waist shot.

     But think about it.

     After all, at this distance, frontal rigidity, marksmanship and posture are equally important, and compared to open shots, waist shots are undoubtedly more flexible and easier to display posture.


     Da Da Da—!Just a moment!

     The blood volume of the two turned straight down, to drop a thousand zhang in one fall!

     However, just as they "want each other New Year's greetings", a sharp gunshot suddenly came from the sky above!

     Da da da-!

     With Liu Zilang's extremely fast hand speed, M16's three-shot burst seemed to be fully automatic.

     In an instant, the muzzle shot fire, and the bullet swept down like a "Thunder Half Moon Slash".

     But Ubah and Vivian reacted at the moment the gunshots rang on their heads!

     Someone up there!

      beyond expectation of...

     Between this Life and Death Instant!

     The two of them actually made the same choice, directly raising the muzzle of one holding high up, and suddenly two ground-to-air firepower formed on the ground!

     However, the blood of the two is not much left after all.

     Liu Zilang jerked his muzzle in the air, drew an arc, and instantly cut the two of them in a wave of flying!

     However, the counterattack before the death of the other two also gave Liu Zilang's blood volume there is not much left.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang landed.

     He slightly supported the ground with his hands uncontrollably, and another bullet hit the door.

     This is naturally Vivian's teammate.

      unavoidable below...

     Liu Zilang fell down without surprisingly.

     "Stupid apprentice, come on!"

     When he fell to the ground, Liu Zilang loudly roared.

     "I'm coming wet!"

     The next moment, as soon as Liu Zilang, kneels down on the ground, raised his head, he watched in amazement as Misaka Kotomi jumped down from the second floor with a pan!

     What is Walt Areyou doing?......
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