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705 Double Row Exhibition Match Ended (4/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Zilang stayed!

     Kotomi Misaka was also surprised!

     In panic, she just wanted to cut the gun, but Liu Zilang fell to her knees but suddenly yelled.

     "Don't be afraid! Cut him!!!"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, at the critical moment, Misakakoto is very happy!

     At the moment she landed on the ground, she suddenly raised the pan in her hand and called towards the head of the person below!

     After Angelia knocked down Liu Zilang, she immediately turned upwards, but she obviously did not expect that it was not a bullet, but a scapegoat!


     There seemed to be a clear voice in the world!

     But this voice was so crisp and sweet to Liu Zilang's ears!

     "Menhera sauce killed Angelia with a pan explosion!"

     At the moment when this kill prompt was swiped, the game screen on the big screen suddenly freezes in this brief moment!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     Seeing this inconceivable scene, the audience in the live and broadcast room couldn't help but their eyes widened!

     Pan buckle lore? !

     Menhera sauce at what time is also so good?

     This is not scientific!

     Could it be that Vic was upset?

     However, the reality is here, no matter how unscientific it is, everyone on the court must also admit it.

     The last wave is indeed Misaka Kotomi on the "1V1 battlefield", holding a pan and blasting the opponent's head!

      At the same time, the three commentaries in the live room couldn't help but be amazed!

     "Congratulations to Vic and Menhera for the two consecutive chickens!"Su Changming shook the head and couldn't help sighing, "Their luck in this game is really good. Who would have thought of a small guard tower and finally got the fifth company of Destiny. The chicken of the game was stuffed in the pot."

     "Hehe, I think although the chicken is stuffed in the pot, it depends on the final player's performance." Rong Ye looked at the game screen and said, "You see that Vivian is also stuffed with a chicken. But in the end, only the chicken butt was eaten."

     "Thanks to Menhera sauce."

     Ruofeng said in a somewhat astonished tone, "Speaking of Menhera sauce, this game is more than just a mascot. In the end, if she didn't get the chicken back from this deadly pot, the chicken should fly to someone else's bowl."

     "Anyway, let us congratulate Vic and Menhera sauce!"

     "Three games and two chickens, it seems that in our double row charity exhibition today, Vic has become the biggest favorite to win the championship!"


     After the game, Liu Zilang walked off the bench with a look of excitement Misaka Kotomi.

     She followed Liu Zilang's ass and elatedly asked, "It's wet! I was just amazing, right?"

     "Awesome!" Liu Zilang did not hesitate to admire him this time.

     "Hehehe." Misaka Kotomi gave a smirk.

     After being praised by Liu Zilang, she walked like stepping on soft cotton candy.

     It seems that the whole person is about to float!

     Can't inflate! Can't inflate!Misaka Kotomi looked at Liu Zilang who was walking in front, and couldn't help but wake up. She shook her head quickly and suppressed the little swelling that had just appeared in her heart.

     Next is the usual interview during the game, but this time Misaka Kotomi had the last pot of chicken, and Liu Zilang naturally gave her the interview at home.

     Compared with Kotomi Misaka's last flying pot, the blonde wave in charge of the interview is obviously more curious about her ability to "Summoning Heavenly Fire" and the magical auspicious object quality.

     No one thought that Kotomi Misaka had set up his own theoretical system on this.

     After a wave of "interviews", the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms was almost crippled by her!

      "All right, thank you both for taking the time to interview us. Let us look forward to today's The last battle."

     After the interview, the blond wavy face holding the microphone was stiff and a little embarrassed.

     The politeness in embarrassment, and a crumbled smile in politeness walked off the stage

     However, Liu Zilang returned to the 4AM lounge. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the door, he was captured and pressed on the sofa by Wei Shen and Long Shenjue behind the door.

     "Say! Who leaked the wind!"

     "Aaaaaah! Tap tap!"

     "Is that you!"

     "What? Oh, you mean a secret code?"

     "Did you do anything else behind us?"

     "I didn't! Impossible! Don't talk nonsense!"

     "..."After a wave of severe torture by strong men locking men, the few people finally figured out that the problem was not internal, or they were spied on when they were cryptic.

     After some consideration, they quickly agreed to change a more complicated secret code and save it for later use.

     However, the short break ended,

     By the time of the third game, they had no chance to use this code anymore.

     Because in this game, Liu Zilang seemed to have really overdrawn all his luck. He jumped a holy mountain and ended up in the safe zone all the way to the south, and finally reached the airport.

     And without a B tree, he saw a three-wheeled car on the side of the road when he was running poison, so he didn't want to directly call Misaka Kotomi to ride it together.

     As a result, when passing through the Nanshan Mountain of P City, they encountered two teams, and then the three teams started a wave of sunset chase in the wheat field in front of Nanshan.

     Kotomi Misaka, who was sitting on the throne, was sweeping with "Blue Fire Gatling" in her hands!

     Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang's body that hit Tianlong suddenly leaned forward, and the tricycle instantly became unbalanced.

      The two people under high-speed driving fell directly into the harvest wheat field and turned them into two boxes of fertilizer...

     After seeing this scene with a grunting sound it stops, the audience in the domestic live broadcast room was stunned and couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

     "Two rounds of super gods, three rounds of super ghosts, really name is not in vain!"

     "66666, please let go of three rounds and let yourself go, this Nima has never seen you open it!"

     "Vic: One's life always surpass oneself."

     "Surpass oneself? You can pull it down! Haven't you seen three rounds blown up by you?"

     "..."In the end, the third game of the double row exhibition was a not-so-cold upset-Moon and Pig King Evermore from South Korea, both of them ate the chicken of The last battle.

     However, Thus, the poor performance of the South Korean players in the first two games eating chicken is good news for Liu Zilang and Kotomi Misaka who are already two.

     Because the opponents who only ate a chicken can not compete with them in the total points of the three games.

     After the third game,

     The points statistics were quickly made in the background.

     Liu Zilang scored 540 points in their first game and 500 points in their second game.

     Although the third game was low, he didn't get the head and only scored 60 points.

     But even so, the total score of the three games came down.

     Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi also topped the list with a total of 1,100 points, leading the second-placed Shroud and Chocotaco teams by more than 200 points.

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