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708 Sixth Update Is Over, I Recommend This Book.
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Pretend this is a plus change, there will be a real plus change in the afternoon~ (Page 1/1)

     First of all, I will definitely not die this time.

     The above is a very important point.

     "Dad's Alien Restaurant"

      In the City of Chaos on Nolan continent, there is a strange restaurant.

     Here, the elves have to fight with the dwarves, the orcs are forbidden to make noise, the dragons can only sit in the small square in front of the restaurant, the demons even need to bring their own special stools...

     But for such a well-regulated restaurant, there are long lines at the door every day.

     The elves slapped the skewer regardless of manners, the dragons were sitting around the hot pot with the colander, the demons were eating the cute dumplings...

     "You can't find a second restaurant on the mainland! This boss is a genius!" A guest commented, and then secretly glanced at the direction of the door: "Also, don't think about taking the boss or dine and dash. , Or you will die miserably."

     "Eat, give money, or kill everything." A cute little loli was pacing at the door and said with a milky voice, her eyes fell on the dragon on the side, the five or six-meter-high dragon couldn't help but shuddered.

     Although there are some conspiracies and face slaps, this is indeed a two-dimensional book. After all, I am also a two-dimensional book. This is not cross-border~

     "I'm Really Not a Rich Second Generation"

     Yao Yi put down the keys to the mansion, returned the luxury car his mother had given as a birthday gift, took off his brand-name custom-made clothes, and looked at the young man in his glasses.

     The person in the mirror is saying: To live this life again, I don't want to be a rich second generation.Newcomer, uh, no, this is not a newcomer. Although I often call myself Mengxin, I can actually tell whether it is Mengxin or not. This author is not Mengxin~

     "This navy is not serious"

     What if I haven't watched "One Piece"? Waiting online, very anxious!

     Hailan crossed, but something went wrong while crossing.

     He traveled to a fantasy world dominated by the sea that he was not familiar with.

      Great Age of Piracy, heroes come out in large numbers, thousands of sails race, hundreds of horses compete...

     Confronting the pirates who glare like a tiger watching his prey on the sea, it is a group of navy that looks quite unreliable.

     Dealing with unreliable people cannot play cards according to routines.

     This is a story of a less serious navy who relied on the wisdom of the traversers to create the Great Age of Marines.

     "Even if I have traveled to a completely unfamiliar world, I still have to use this unyielding vocal cord to call out: Those who travel through will never be slaves!"

     In fact, this is a rigorous textual research, dignified with joy. (You just listen seriously)

     The navy stream does not defect.

     Now I am afraid that I can only push the second dimension to provide for the aged, and the big guys in history can't afford it~

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