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709 It's Hard For A Daughter To Buy A Sound!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Gun flames spit out, shots explode!

     Puff puff!

     In a blink of an eye, the fence of the rooftop was punched with dense and pitch-black bullet holes like a hornet's nest.

     But unfortunately, or fortunately, Liu Zilang jumped down before the bullet hit, and he didn't even touch a bullet.

     "Wow! It's so dangerous, it's almost cold."

     "But it's still not optimistic now, oh! King Billy jumped up too."

     "It seems that King Billy's murderous intention has been decided."

     "I think it's normal. We just got a gun and met someone who didn't have a gun when we landed on the ground. Then how many streets can we chase him?"

     The roof of this three-story small building is not high, and occasionally, even if it jumps down and drops blood, it is only slightly.

     After Liu Zilang landed, it was sensed that the bullet passed through the back of his head and brought a bit of chill.

     But before he could breathe, there was a rush of footsteps over his head.

     He raised the head to look.

     A black shadow to drop from the sky!


     I'm not in a hurry for syrup, are you chasing me?

     Liu Zilang was slanderous, but he dared not stay under his feet, and quickly climbed over to a wall next to him.


     After Billy landed behind him, seeing Liu Zilang turning over the wall, he didn't rush to chase him. Instead, he pushed a large 12-caliber lead bullet into the chamber and licked his lips.


     Hearing the sound of the bullet being loaded in the rear, Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel shocked after climbing over the gun!He originally planned to go to the next door to find a gun, but judging from the relative distance between the two sides, the time he ran to the house was enough time for the other side to climb over the wall and shoot him in the back.

     And even if he avoided the shot, Liu Zilang could not guarantee that he would find the gun immediately after entering the room, and loaded the bullet before the opponent caught up.

     In the midst of his thoughts, he quickly went over what might happen next in the mind.

     So the next moment, his figure who ran towards the distance gave a sudden, but turned around and ran back.

     Seeing Liu Zilang unexpectedly came to "the return of a prodigal son", the audience in the live and live broadcast room was a little confused.

     "Why is this back again?"

     "Fuck! Vic won't be going to take a sickle and other people's blowjob?"

     "This is a bit too swollen. If he can just pass King Billy's spray with a sickle, I will eat Yuexiang for a month!"

     "Tsk tusk! Haven't you watched Vic live broadcast? I really cannot understand the tastes of young people now..."


     The audience in the live broadcast room shouted.

     During the game, Billy saw Liu Zilang go and picked up the sickle, and couldn't help raising the eyebrow.

     Because of the lack of Sting!

     He likes challenging men, and he most despises those soft guys who run away when they see a gun.

     At this time, the two of them were holding S1897 and the other a sickle, and looked at each other on both sides of a wall.

     The next moment, Billy chose to take the initiative to attack.I saw him try to jump, but the height of the low wall was almost up to his neck, unlike those low walls, even if he jumped up to shoot bullets, he would be blocked.

     After a little try,

     Billy gave up his plan to jump.

     Immediately afterwards, he saw him climb with both hands and climbed over directly. This is about to go straight up!

     However, as soon as he turned over the wall, Billy suddenly stared!

     Just when he turned over, Liu Zilang turned over with his hands.

     The two landed and switched positions.

     There is a wall in the middle again.


     Billy was upset, and the moment he landed, he flipped over again extremely quickly.

     But he is fast,

     Liu Zilang's speed is not slow.

     The next moment, the two changed positions again.

     I'll turn it over again!

     I also turn!

     I still flip!

     Turn it over!


     Next, I saw the two flipping this back and forth four times in a row, and each time it was the moment Billy came over, Liu Zilang flipped over it very quickly.

     The positions of the two kept changing,

     The only constant is the wall in the middle.


      After silent for a moment, he turned to the other side again.

     Liu Zilang followed the rhythm closely.

     But this time, Billy just pushed up the wall with both hands, and quickly pressed back!


      One's hearth is happy Biily was about to say "Supo Asma Refak", but when she looked up, she was a little dumbfounded.I saw that Liu Zilang also retreated.

     In a moment, Billy was silent again, never did not have one man ever teased him like this!

     His eyes were slightly red, and his breathing became heavier.

     the man,

      you are dead!

     At the same time, the audience watched the two people flipping around, and finally they played "pull-ups".

     The barrage of the live broadcast immediately exploded, and all the audience members laughed out loud!

     "Turtle! Vic is too skinny!"

     "It feels like Billy King is a little broken, why did he meet such a leather opponent."

     "King Billy: Don't run if there is a kind!"

     "Vic: Come here!"

     "Please don't show off, puff haha!"


     Seeing that the situation is a little anxious,

     At this moment, there was a gunshot from the northern half of City R!

     Whoops whoops—!

     A series of bullets pierced the air,

     The scream came.

     "Oh...! It's SmaK from TSM. He found the roof of the building in the northern half of the area and just saw the situation here."

     "Hehe, after all, the two have been crawling around here for a long time, it's strange that no one saw it."

     "But the gun in Smak's hand is Vss, and the accuracy of this gun is not that good."

     "But it's good news for Vic right now. Smak's first goal is Billy with the sprayer."

     "Then Vic can take the opportunity to slip now!"

     "Wait? Vic is not leaving yet? What does he want to do?"


     Under the God's perspective of the big screen director.Billy was suddenly attacked. If it were an ordinary person, he might take a break, but he turned directly towards Liu Zilang, obviously wanting to guides the source of misfortune to the east.


     Billy climbed with both hands.

     Climbed up the wall vigorously.


     Smak's squirt gun on his body shot two blood lights in the north, causing Billy's health to drop a lot.

     He originally thought that Liu Zilang would turn over again this time and switch positions with him.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Liu Zilang walked quickly to him, drew a sickle with his backhand, and raised his hand as a "death cross" and cut it over!

     Oh Shet!

     Billy who hasn't landed on the wall,

     Can't help but stare wide!

      It should be noted, people cannot shoot when they are over the wall, otherwise Liu Zilang would have died several times earlier, so at this time, Billy could only watch the sickle and wave it at him!


      blade light flashes pass!

     A bloody flower burst out of Billy's body!

     However, the two sides are highly unequal, and Liu Zilang naturally couldn't make a headshot with this knife, which is why he didn't fight back just now.

     However, at this time, Biily was shot twice by people from the north, and his blood volume was not much. When Liu Zilang went down, his blood volume immediately became imminent danger.

     But at this moment,

     The spray in Billy's hands was also lifted very quickly!

     At the same time, Liu Zilang's sickle also waved backhand!

     Fast knife or gun fast?

      The common saying says can't be bought for one thousand in gold, a sound.If it sounds, it means that someone else reacts, which means your knife is slow.

     But this time...

     Billy's spray failed.